December, 2015
OVBI Wishes you happy holidays!

December is the month of  Giving and Sharing.
World Culture Festival
India hosts the biggest cultural extravaganza on 11-13th March 2016, New Delhi.  OVBI proudly supports the largest Peace Gathering in the world which will be witnessed by 3.5 million people from 155 countries. People from across the globe from diverse culture will come together and showcase their music, dance and art in this unique platform. In these challenging times the world faces today; India will host an event to unite minds and hearts of people across the globe.  More Info

OVBI invites you to attend this event and also help us support this Initiative in India for World Peace and celebrating the diversity of the world.

The World Culture Festival is a celebration of achievements and a vision to do better. - Sri Sri      
Project Udaan  

A pilot project creating a "Safe Haven" for children of sex workers in the Sonagachi red light area in Kolkata. OVBI is working for them to lead a normal childhood, safe from the real dangers of the flesh trade. 

Latest update: World renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar laid down the foundation stone on Dec 20, 2015 for the 18,000 sq.ft. residential school building for Project Udaan

We will be able to house about 100 girls between ages of 3-12 under this roof and take care of them till they can join the mainstream of life.
To meet the goal of $170,000 we have divided them as 8500 Bricks of Hope for $20 each. Each donor by donating a few bricks is helping the project to its final destination.

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Project Adopt a Village - Shambhugarh (Rajasthan, India)

Adopt a village project started in Shambhugarh has been noticed and appreciated by the Government of Rajasthan. Government is planning to start water related programs in 3000 villages in and around Rajasthan. Seeing our work in Rajasthan and Karnataka, the government has invited us to partner in River Rejuvenation project. A detailed discussion about the same happened between  OVBI volunteers and the Honorable Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Sunder Goyal when he came to New York.

Plan: After the successful YLTP course, OVBI is starting a Training Center for sewing activities for women and other vocational training.
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Project Surajya

OVBI has partnered with SSU ( Sri Sri University, Orissa) for their program - School of Good Governance to provide full two-year scholarship to brightest young political aspirants who want to bring positive change in policy making and politics in India.
Last year we gave 3 scholarships. One of our students received an award from IIT Ahmedabad at their Annual Confluence for the Campaign for a Cause on Farmers Suicide.
Project Surajya is also supporting the Good Governance Week starting from 25th December.

Project - Know our India

Know more about India's untold history, scientific outlook, vedic traditions, amazing facts and mo re on our educational portal. The land of diversity with rich history has lots of information to share and take pride in. 

Topics include: Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Untold  History, Science and Innovation, Vedic Maths etc.

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Project Ujas  
Many of the rural India is without electricity. Their future is jeopardized due to the lack of light, no education and are thus forced into poverty.
OVBI is donating solar lamp for every kid to study and progress to bring their family out of darkness.
You can help us by promoting the project and donating 
  • $10 puts a light in ONE child's hands.
  • $20 you can DOUBLE your impact!
  • $50 provides FIVE kids each a lamp!
  • $1000 gives a lamp to ALL the children in an Entire School. 

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    Greetings from OVBI 
    We wish you all A Happy New Year.

    Lets move together in 2016 and continue to make India of our Dreams.