October, 2016

# OVBI salutes the Government of India for #SurgicalStrike in response to #UriAttack. We are thankful for t he step taken and continue to work for the country and its development.

We thank you for supporting Army Martyr Fund. We have collected $4172.00 for the betterment of their family's future. We are supporting 2 families in West Bengal and 1 family in Rajasthan. Let's continue to work together to support the families of our Jawans.

# OVBI is proud to associate with School Of Good Governance at Sri Sri University. 2 of their graduate students have reached a great milestone in their lives making all of us proud.

Abhishek Jagini from SSU who completed his two years Masters program in Good Governance and Public Policy (Political Governance)  has been chosen as the India representative in the 3rd BRICS International Youth Forum in South Africa

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Rajan Dawar, 
MA Good Governance & Public Policy student, joined University of Akron- International campaign fellowship for the forthcoming Presidential Election in USA.

OVBI with SSU are planning to take it to next level by setting up research in policy making which will need lot of funding. please support efforts by donating.

# Yahoo runs special CSR program where they fund projects supported by Yahoo employees.
140 NGOs applied for 2M fund. OVBI submitted formal proposal to support Halgara Jal Jagruti Initiative for $50,000. YEF has awarded $25000 for the Halgara Project. We thank our OVBI Leader Mr. Datta Patil for getting us the grant.

# US Postal Services (USPS) honors Diwali Festival with the postage stamp. Its available at USPS office now.


Project Indian Army Martyr Funds

OVBI takes the initiative to help our soldiers and their families as a small gesture towards the heroic lives and sacrifice for the country.

Help educate the children of brave Indian Soldiers who gave up their lives protecting our families and homes back in India. OVBI is a 501 c3 organization based in US and the entire money raised will go to support the education of these children.

Project Gift A Tshirt To the Needy on Diwali

Celebrate this Diwali by gifting a new Tshirt to the needy in slum areas of Dharavi, in Chennai , naxal areas of Andhra etc.

Lets light a lamp of joy in life of others.

Each Tshirt costs $3 only.

Project Adopt a Village 

Adopt a village and help them provide basic necessities and uplift the lives of the people. OVBI has been instrumental in starting these projects in more than 10 villages. Below is an example of how an NRI made a significant change in his own village.

Madoor Village, Telangana
Mr Raghu Daripalli , a serial entrepreneur from NJ decided to adopt his own village and made a difference in Madoor villag,Telangana.
Abhishek and Ravi Kumar visited and met with the seniors of village. They had a 3 hour meeting and discussed the needs and requests for the future. The villagers very happy and excited to work together for upliftment of their people and the village.

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Project India Water

OVBI Silicon Valley Team started with the weekly meeting for water initiative. They will be working on
  • e-learning knowledge center
  • Marketing and PR
  • Fundraising
  • Streamlining the documentation
We welcome you to join us for this unique project.

Project Surajya

OVBI has partnered with SSU ( Sri Sri University, Orissa) for their program - School of Good Governance 

SSU is in the process of signing MOUs to develop partnerships with various MPs and MLAs so that the graduate students can get the practical training and experience. 
Eg. - East Delhi MP - Mr Maheish Giri's office gave an internship opportunity to many students for the training on the policies and work culture in the political offices.

OVBI with SSU are planning to take it to next level by setting up research in policy making which will need lot of funding. please support efforts by donating.
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Project - Know our India

Know more about India's untold history, scientific outlook, vedic traditions, amazing facts and more on our educational portal. The land of diversity with rich history has lots of information to share and take pride in. 

Topics include: Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Untold  History, Science and Innovation, Vedic Maths etc.

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Project Saarthi

Become a mentor to a student or professional aspirant and help them achieve their goals by teaching them to navigate through the obstacles of professional life. One will mentor in the area of their expertise and share the knowledge and experience with the student.
This project has so far provided mentors to many students from the MBA batch at Sri Sri University. It is uniquely positioned to support other universities in remote parts of India, where students truly need a helping hand to launch themselves in the professional world.

Project Udaan  

A pilot project creating a "Safe Haven" for children of sex workers in the Sonagachi red light area in Kolkata. OVBI is working for them to lead a normal childhood, safe from the real dangers of the flesh trade. 

Festive Greetings from OVBI

Happy Deepavali
 Happy Halloween