Clay Carnival Registration is OPEN!

Plan to attend this VERY popular OVCAG workshop!  Clay Carnival is happening on SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 2014, from 8:30 am till 4:30 pm.  Designed to inspire and excite you, we're offering these 90-minute mini-workshop sessions packed with fabulous demos and hands-on opportunities! 

Member: $40     Non-Member: $50
Register online:

Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014  8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Place: Clay Planet, 1775 Russell Avenue, Santa Clara, CA

Dress warmly, bring a lunch, and plan to have a whirlwind day collecting all sorts of new techniques and inspirations to apply to your clay art!



This year's presenters:

Jamie Meador: Tips and Techniques for Using Plaster Molds
Have some plaster molds that aren't quite working for you? Jamie will show you how to work with plaster molds to create some beautiful pieces. There will be time to create a small piece using some of the tips you just learned.

Chic Lotz : Tricks for Fantastic Glazing
Chic will demonstrate her special tricks for dipping and pouring glazes as well as a few of her intricate glazing and waxing techniques. You will be inspired to use your existing glazes to achieve amazing results!

Linda Mau: Tricks of the Trade
You know that piece that didn't quite come out right? Linda will show you what you can do after it comes out of the kiln. Linda will include information on cold finishes, repairing cracks and adhesives for clay.

Marcia Davis: Whimsical Critters
Marcia will show you how to use basic shapes to sculpt whimsical fantasy creatures. She will also show how to finish your pieces with ridges, wrinkles, horns and texture.

Kim Cook: Configuration!!
With a focus on the sculptural form, Kimberly will demonstrate a variety of surface treatments and techniques that are unique to her process in transforming a common figure into a distinct piece by using embellishment, texture and surface treatment.

David Johanson: Throwing Large
Learn how to make those big pieces without fighting the clay or hurting your body. David will cover the best techniques for wedging, centering and pulling large amounts of clay.

Matt Hoogland: Electric Kiln Maintenance and Repair
Matt will discuss how electric kilns work and how to use them safely. As well as how to perform regular maintenance, change out elements and relays and tune your kiln-sitter kiln. And if you've been wondering how to program your electronic kiln, bring your questions! Matt will take us through that process.

Panel Discussion: Alternative Firing Methods
Come see the results of the wood and pit firings from 2013. This discussion will give you the inside scoop on the next round of alternative firings, what's involved and what you need to do to prepare. If you've wanted to try either of these methods, this is the workshop for you! 



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