Contractors can maximize their bonding capacity by managing risk effectively, two accountants write. They also can benefit from conducting proper planning, understanding key ratios that sureties use as benchmarks, and ensuring they provide sureties with accurate information, the accountants write. Read More
Transforming the Construction Industry Using a Cooperative Approach
Family businesses can be found throughout the remodeling industry, whether it’s flooring, tiling, furniture, contracting or interior design. As is the case with many other industries, however, big box retailers and consolidation in the industry have taken a big piece of the market, making it anything but a fair fight for local or regional businesses. Read More
Eight Ways to Protect a Construction Company Before a Claim Is Filed
Claims are inevitable in the construction industry. They can take on a life of their own and come with the burden of legal fees, wasted executive time and a possible judgment. Too often the only winners are the lawyers.   Read More
Resources for Contractor License Requirements
Becoming a licensed construction contractor is often the next step toward career growth for many construction professionals. For those who have construction experience combined with a desire to work on more projects, getting a contractor license is a necessary part of moving forward. A construction contractor must hold a license to be able to take on public and private jobs over a certain amount in nearly all states, but there are other required components such as  surety bonds  and insurance that help protect customers and job owners along the way.  Read More
Six Tips for Maintaining Heavy Equipment
Heavy equipment operating on a construction jobsite presents unique challenges to operators and maintenance personnel. Breakdowns are expensive, estimated at roughly  2% to 3% of asset replacement costs per year . Not only is the cost high, but lost days means possible slippage of schedule with its attendant problems.
As a result, establishing a cost-focused, carefully planned heavy equipment maintenance program means fewer equipment failures, less downtime, improved schedule attainment and lower costs. Read More
What Do You Want Customers to Say About Your Company, and How Are You Working to Earn It?
You’ll hear other companies talk about building healthy, two-way partnerships from the start. In our case, we mean it. In an industry where adversity among key players is common, candid conversation is the disruptor. Communication is the difference between a project running smoothly, and one pain point after another at a high price to budget and the integrity of the relationships we value. Read More
Risk management is much more than insurance. A prudent construction executive will utilize the following three strategies for proactively managing risk and protecting the company’s right to payment.  Read More
Returning Injured Employees to Work
Having an employee injured on the job is a major concern to all employers; no one wants to see someone get hurt. But of equal concern is the fallout that often ensues from a workplace injury, such as lost production, low morale, rising insurance costs, potential lawsuits and so forth. Read More
Surprise! An OSHA inspector just showed up at your door. Take this quiz to see how knowledgeable you are about OSHA inspection visits.
To address emerging workplace safety and health issues, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has launched a “Future of Work” initiative, according to Director John Howard, MD. Read More

Check out this free infographic highlighting the top 10 most frequently violated OSHA standards for FY 2017, and the average penalty associated with each citation, to improve your compliance obligations and avoid common safety errors and costly fines. Read More
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