Five Ways Executive Coaching Drives Success in Construction
In today’s business world, coaching has become a cornerstone of leadership development, particularly for executives. It’s not only a transformative process for personal and professional awareness, discovery and growth, but coaching also helps executives uncover their blind spots, improve leadership skills and achieve real business results. Read More
Using Mobile Technology To Save Time And Maximize Profits
The face of the construction jobsite is changing as advances in technology help workers to become more efficient, productive and mobile. It’s now the norm, rather than the exception, to see construction industry professionals using mobile devices to do work onsite that would have once required a trip back to the office.  Read More
Lenders Won’t Cover Rising Construction Costs on Multifamily Projects
To make up for rising materials costs, apartment developers are being forced to put more equity into their projects. 
Low interest rates are not enough to make up for the  rising cost of construction on new apartment building projects . “The drop in interest rates will not make a bad project look good,” says Matthew Swerdlow, director of capital services for Ariel Property Advisors, a real estate and advisory services firm based in New York City. “If it didn’t work with higher interest rates, it might not work with low.” Read More
Employer Health Benefit Costs to Rise 6.5% in 2020
A focus on managing chronic conditions, and education to improve health care utilization can help employers manage cost increases.
U.S. employer-provided medical benefit costs are forecasted to rise 6.5% in 2020, outpacing general inflation by 3.8%, according to the   2020 Global Medical Trend Rates Report  released by Aon plc. Read More
Water leaks can cost building owners big money, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Just one leaking toilet can cost up to $2,100 a year, and a broken distribution line — leaking up to 648,000 gallons during a 12-month period — can add as much as $64,000 to a water bill. Read More
With up to 6% of annual construction revenue lost to fraud, contractors are arming themselves with tech-enabled protection. While it might seem like there are new cases of construction fraud reported practically every week, the good news is that the construction industry is pretty far down on the list of businesses affected by fraudulent acts by employees and subcontractors. Read More
Iron Workers' Be That One Guy: Diversity, Harassment and Retention
The Iron Workers' Be That One Guy (BTOG) program addresses diversity matters and nondiscrimination rights in the workplace. Be That One Guy also highlights the safety issues surrounding bullying and harassment on construction jobsites and trains individual members and leadership to step up and intervene appropriately to address worksite discrimination and abuse like the safety issue it is. Read More
Key causes of engineering and construction insurance claims
Engineering and construction projects around the world have experienced significant growth spurts in recent years. Project sites are now much larger, more expensive and much more complex, meaning more is at stake if things go wrong. Read More
Adapt to change with a culture of coaching
Coaching is still relatively new to organizations. Although coaching came to corporations in the late 1960s and early 1970s, it didn’t become an established practice until the late 1990s and early 2000s. One thing we’ve learned, however, is that the coaching relationship is key, especially when we consider that organizations are in need of resonant leaders who can motivate and engage others. Read More
Making Strategic Investments In Employee Development Is Crucial For Success
The pressures of everyday business weigh on shoulders of all professionals, and leaders feel like they can’t afford to invest in their employees as much as they’d like — it’s just not realistic. When employers take this viewpoint, they fail their employees and their company. The backbone of the company is its employees. Read More
New  c ompliance assistance opinion letters address questions about the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Consumer Credit Protection Act. Read More
The Department announced a new  medication safety and improvement initiative  to protect injured federal workers from dangerous drug interactions, potential opioid misuse, and more. Read More
Legislative Update
What Congress Will Focus on This Fall
Here’s a quick look at what the Congress will be focused on over the next month and a half:
  • Gun control legislation: specifically regarding expanding background checks, mental health and the impact of video games. Passing a bill that President Trump approves will be critical.
  • Government funding: Congress has until Oct. 1 to fund the government or punt the fight into FY 2020 with a short-term continuing resolution that would temporarily extend current spending levels. The House has passed 10 of its 12 annual funding bills. The Senate, who has been waiting for congressional leaders and President Trump to strike a two-year budget deal, has not passed any appropriations bills.
  • Impeachment: while impeaching President Trump is not on the House’s fall agenda, debate on the topic will likely loom over the chamber the next few weeks.
  • Trade: President Trump’s trade deal with Mexico and Canada will be a top priority this fall.
  • Surveillance: specifically regarding three provisions related to collection of metadata from domestic text messages and phone calls in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that is set to expire in mid-December.
  • Saudi Arabia: the Senate is expected to vote on a resolution this month regarding arms sales and U.S. security assistance to Saudi Arabia.
  • Defense: Congress will finalize the National Defense Authorization Act (viewed as must-pass legislation), which has successfully been passed 60 consecutive years. Read More
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Women in Construction, Tax Cuts & Job Act, Safety Cultures and more in our August publication.
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