Conotton Valley giving back to community with oil and gas proceeds
The Conotton Valley High School football team will begin its 2019 season on a brand-new turf field, but it's not the only new project on the way for the community -- and it is not costing tax payers a dime. Read More
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The First Step Act, which aims to reduce prisoner recidivism and increase workforce readiness, may affect contractors' hiring processes and background check procedures. Read More
The financial risks of doing work in the built environment are significant. A more collaborative, up-to-date approach reduces the risks inherent to capital projects and improves the industry as a whole.  Read More
T he Plastic Paradox: W.Va. must embrace petrochemical potential
In some circles, “plastic” has become an almost verboten term because of growing concerns about waste. But addressing waste around the globe while growing West Virginia’s economy are not mutually exclusive goals. Read More
Project of the Week
$24 Million Conotton Valley Community Center
Conotton Valley Community Center

This project is valued at $24,000,000 and will have a competition pool, family aquatic facility, 8 lanes of bowling, a gym with indoor running track and a fitness center.
ICON expects to have bid documents to issue o/a Sep 9 th  for the concrete and structural steel packages . Letters of interest from firms interested in bidding those trades are welcome and encouraged.

Potential bidders will be required to prequalify. That form can be found at  and click on the Conotton Valley link.

*Plans ARE Available in the OVCEC Plan Room
The rendering featured above is "conceptual"

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Safety and Risk

Despite detailed control measures, the agency believes some workers can still be exposed to the breathable hazard and wants field experts to weigh in. Read More
Trained professionals are a fundamental part of excavator work. However, with great machinery comes great risk. Here's a look at important safety tips all excavator operators should follow.  Read More
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