Ten Tips to Help Contractors Make More Money
Not many people would turn down an opportunity to earn more money doing what they love. However, it is common for construction contractors do that indirectly every day because of the way they operate their businesses. Whether a contractor is a sole proprietor or part of a team, there are easy ways to generate more money in a construction business without taking on more projects or gaining new skills. Here are a few things to do, starting today, to be more profitable as a construction contractor. Read More

Construction companies are more than builders; they are developers of people. They should keep evolving their recruiting approach, so as the industry continues to change they are prepared.... Read More
It's not uncommon for general contractors and subs to make costly errors that prevent them from getting paid on time, which experts say are often avoidable. Read More

Here’s a look at employment moves that occurred in the construction industry this month....  Read More
7 trends that will shape commercial construction in 2019
Is a trend really a trend if it repeats year after year? That's a valid concern in the commercial construction world. For a competitive and fragmented industry that happens to be resistant to some of the rapid evolution noted in others, participants and observers are continually seeing some of the same glacial movements take center stage. Read More
With a mandatory mediation provision in the contract, contractors will prepare their claim with an early opportunity for settlement, saving time and money and helping maintain relationships....  Read More
Given the availability of analytics applications, even small contractors can collect data digitally to optimize operations, increase efficiency and improve the bottom line to stay competitive.  Read More
New Voices Emerge in Industry's Push for Workforce Growth
Gender issues still hinder women’s advancement in construction, according to new data from management consultant McKinsey & Co. and comments shared by male and female executives late last month at one of the industry's largest talent management forums. Read More
Project of the Week
$24 Million Conotton Valley Community Center
Conotton Valley Community Center
This project is valued at $24,000,000 and will have a competition pool, family aquatic facility, 8 lanes of bowling, a gym with indoor running track and a fitness center.
We expect the building packages to be available later in August, but we will have an early earthwork and site utilities package out next week.
Potential bidders will be required to prequalify. That form can be found at  and click on the Conotton Valley link.

*Plans ARE Available in the OVCEC Plan Room
The rendering featured above is "conceptual"

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Safety and Risk
Contractors are not immune from risks associated with cyberattacks and data breaches. Cyber events may result in litigation, so cyber insurance may make sense....  READ MORE 
Did You Know?

Safe + Sound Week  is quickly approaching. Learn how to get involved and plan an event or activity for your workplace or community. Read More
Sleeping (Off the Job) to Improve Performance and Mental Wellness
Much has been written about the adverse effects of fatigue in the workplace. According to the  National Safety Counci l, “13% of workplace injuries can be attributed to fatigue.” Moreover, more than “37% of employees are sleep-deprived. Those most at risk work the night shift, long shifts, rotating shifts or irregular shifts.” This erratic schedule characterizes the work schedule for many construction workers.  Read More
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