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Harnessing the power of data is the future of construction. To do so, it is important for all members of a team to be data aware and data literate.... Read More
West Virginia Senate Back in Session Saturday To Discuss Education Reform
Leadership of the West Virginia Senate wants to call the upper chamber back into special session Saturday to start working on the 144-page update to its regular session omnibus bill. Read More
Ohio County Development Authority Reports Plans are Cooking for Chick-fil-A at The Highlands
ty Development Authority approved construction of a Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant at The Highlands in Ohio County on Tuesday. Read More
“You can’t tell whether a bridge was built by a Republican or a Democrat,” he said, but each parties’ agenda is standing in the way of a deal. “The American people just want infrastructure that’s safe, that’s reliable. Read More
Without a proper understanding of the ratios specific to the construction industry, contractors run the risk of compromising their financial strength.   Read More
Four Common Mistakes That Hurt a Construction Company's Cash Flow
Experienced construction business owners may think that only beginners suffer from cash flow woes, but this is far from the truth.   Read More
How Veterans Can Help Build a Stronger Construction Workforce
Companies understand that working in the military provides access to unique training in real life situations that is not typically available in the private sector world. Read More
For many years, a lack of qualified tile and stone installers have plagued the construction industry. The shortage has become even more apparent with today's demanding economy.  Read More
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Safety and Risk
It has never been more affordable or easier to implement automation in a construction business, and it will result in more efficient employees and reduced manhours—which means less strain on the workforce.  Read More
The Business Case for a Drug-free Workplace Program
Numbers don’t lie, and the statistics regarding substance abuse within the construction industry are startling.  Read More
Three very different companies have one thing in common: a safety-first culture that permeates the very fabric of the business. This passion translates into teamwork on safety issues, satisfied employees and a thriving business. Read More
Under federal law, marijuana remains illegal. Thus, it is critical for employers to evaluate the law in their state and determine how they will address marijuana in the workplace....  R ead More
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