Here’s a look at employment moves that occurred in the construction industry this month. Read More
Capito, Manchin announce $2.4 million for environmental remediation in WV
Funding will support the remediation of environmental hazards present at several properties in the state, as well as assessments to determine further sites that need to be remediated in the future to be put back into productive use. Read More
The Department will make up to  $29.2 million available  to expand the impact of workforce development initiatives in the Appalachian and Delta regions. Read More
Bringing Ormet Site Back to Life
Fortunately, the site of the old Ormet Aluminum plant at Hannibal never was abandoned entirely. Since the facility closed in 2013, there has been some activity on the property continuously. Read More
Getting Benched: Why We Need Key Performance Indicators in Construction Now
The most successful data-centric, metric-driven companies are diving deeper, identifying Key Performance Indicators critical to successful outcomes. For most industries, determining the KPIs that drive profitability isn’t a herculean task. Why is it such a challenge for construction?  Read More
How Contractors Can Thrive Despite Tariffs and Labor Shortages
With a 22.4% rise in the price of U.S. steel, developers can now expect to spend between 5% and 10% more on overall core and shell construction.  Read More
Focus on Quality Over Quantity in Today’s Candidate-driven Market
“Where are all the candidates?” That’s been the question on many construction executives’ minds over the past several years. As the construction industry has continued its rapid growth rate, companies have found themselves struggling to bring in the skilled labor they need to meet market demand.  Read More
West Virginia’s construction industry continues to be among the most robust in the nation, with consistent additions of jobs over the last 12 months, according to data from the Associated General Contractors of America. Between April 2018 and April 2019, West Virginia added the highest percentage of construction jobs in the nation, with an overall increase of 33.7 percent, or approximately 12,200 jobs. The numbers show a persistent need for qualified, well-trained workers, said Ken Simonson, chief economist for the association. .
Safety and Risk
Keep the Experience Modification Rate Under Control With Jobsite Safety
When Isaac Newton proclaimed in the 18th century that “What goes up, must come down,” he obviously wasn’t referring to the experience mod. Read More
Three very different companies have one thing in common: a safety-first culture that permeates the very fabric of the business. This passion translates into teamwork on safety issues, satisfied employees and a thriving business....  Read More
Five Steps for the Construction Industry to Take to Build a Drug-free Workplace
As the opioid epidemic continues to rage, the construction industry is in desperate need of a cure. 
Illicit drug use, and not just opioids, has replaced alcohol abuse as one of the sector’s biggest concerns. Read More
Construction Takeaways from OSHA's Updates

In 1995 OSHA began its Standards Improvement Project with the goal of streamlining its own rules, increasing compliance and taking some of the financial and regulatory burden off employers.  Read More
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