As Shell cracker nears 'peak construction' point of 6,000 workers, promoter in D.C. pushes 'petrochemical Appalachian Renaissance'
Over the coming decade, it’s very possible to realize 100,000 plus jobs,”
Bechtel wins contract for PTT Global cracker project management 
Bechtel, the project manager for the massive Shell Chemicals plant under construction in Beaver County, is going to be the project manager for a similar project in Ohio if it is built. Read More
Contractors should make sure that contract language is as detailed as possible to clarify which items qualify for the reserved funding. Read More
The modern jobsite's move to simulators, controllers, VR headsets and more is bucking the perspective that careers in the industry are all grunt work. Read More
WV Commerce Secretary optimistic after meeting with China Energy
The details of that deal have always been a little sketchy. State officials said China Energy wanted to invest in the state’s natural gas industry with projects including power generation, chemical manufacturing and underground storage. Read More
The project labor agreement fight has reached the federal level as unions and private associations plead the case for and against. Read More
A recent study found most contractors believe the industry is widely misunderstood by those outside of it, which hampers efforts to draw people into careers in construction.  Read More
Roads are economic development
There’s been a lot of talk in West Virginia this year about roads, yet there’s little talk about why the roads need to be repaired and maintained.
Scour the research and it becomes obvious after a few thousand pages that roads go hand in hand with economic development. Read More
Safety and Risk
June is National Safety Month
Each year, the National Safety Council, an OSHA  Alliance partner and key  Safe + Sound Campaign  organizer, designates June as  National Safety Month  – to highlight leading causes of preventable injuries and fatalities. Topics for 2019 are hazard recognition; slips, trips and falls; fatigue; and impairment. Read More
The quality, frequency and curriculum of safety training are important considerations in preparing supervisors and workers to get the job done the right way....  Read More
The key to a successful safety philosophy is incorporating it into the company's everyday culture. KBR's safety journey, Zero Harm 24/7, translated into increased employee performance....  Read More  
By revisiting and strengthening worksite safety practices, owners, CMs and GCs can avoid costly OSHA penalties and reduce accident-related liability exposures....  Read More
Safety Tool Box Talk

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