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Justice announces dismissal of Transportation Secretary Tom Smith
Gov. Jim Justice announced the immediate termination of Transportation Secretary Tom Smith on Sunday afternoon.
“I want a new direction to be taken with our Department of Transportation, a return to the core mission of maintaining the quality of our secondary roads and bridges,”  Justice stated. Read More
Wheeling Suspension Bridge Concerns Hanging Over Interstate 70 Project
The I-70 project, which is scheduled to begin this fall and be completed by the summer of 2022, includes the rehabilitation of 25 bridges and total replacement of one bridge in Ohio County between the Ohio state line and Middle Creek. Read More...
Wells Fargo: Nonresidential construction industry growth continues
A healthy level of optimism on the part of construction executives, or among leaders in any industry for that matter, is very telling. Read More...
W.Va. Legislative Session Ends With Bill Successes and Failures
The West Virginia Senate and House of Delegates wrapped up its 2019 legislative session Saturday night with more than 260 bills having passed both bodies.
More than 14 percent of the 1,823 bills introduced in the Senate and the House have passed since lawmakers gaveled in Jan. 9. Read More...
An Educational Change Order
Technology and Diversity Drive Innovation in Construction Management Programs
The great recession, advancements in technology, and the rise of millennials and generation Z have made permanent impacts on the business of construction. It’s no longer faced solely by caucasian, middle-class men reviewing blueprints and faxing change orders. Read More...
Technology Solutions to Prevent Theft of Construction Equipment
Many construction companies and private contracts report annual statistics of theft taking place at construction sites, where valuable equipment and assets were stolen and never tracked or found. Investigations into many cases has revealed that construction equipment—being much sought-after valuables in the illegal market—has opened a whole network of illegal trade. Read More...
Trump FY 2020 Budget Has Construction Cuts, Some Increases
Plan also seeks $8.6 billion for border wall
President Trump’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2020 seeks to cut overall nondefense discretionary spending by 5% from this year’s level, a plan that, if carried out, wouldn’t bode well for most federal infrastructure and construction programs, which fall into that category.  Read More...
Four Trends to Watch for the Construction Industry in 2019
By most accounts, 2017 and 2018 were successful, but balanced, years for the industry. Many companies recognized the benefits of strong backlogs and growth in a number of the industry sectors, while also seeing challenges in cost containment, product availability, talent and preparing for an anticipated overall downturn.  Read More.. .
The Four-part Plan to Achieve Client Satisfaction and Increase the Probability of Repeat Business
Businesses are built on the satisfaction of their clients. Unhappy customers directly impede a company’s success, yet satisfied clients lead to business growth and strong profitability. Read More...
Women in Construction Week: Peggy Marker touts the industry's small but strong sisterhood
Women enter the construction industry in a variety of ways. Some might find they have a talent for a particular trade such as woodworking while others might come from a background in design or engineering. Read More...
West Virginia judge tosses state GOP’s right to work law – again 
In yet another win for workers in West Virginia, Kanawha County (Charleston) Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Bailey has tossed out much of the state GOP-enacted “right to work” law – again. Read More...
Naylor Solutions Partnership
I want to share with you that we have proudly partnered with  Naylor Solutions , a leader in Membership Directories and Industry Resource Guides to produce a new membership directory for the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council. So if you're receiving phone calls, emails or mail from  Naylor Solutions   on behalf of the OVCEC. I encourage you to have a conversation with them. As a member you will  STILL  have a free membership listing but our new directory will provide you with some new opportunities to market yourself and your organization. With the phenomenal growth we are witnessing in the construction industry that only promises to increase with the much-anticipated announcement of the PTT Ethane Cracker, now is the time to promote yourself and I can think of no better place to advertise and market your company than in the OVCEC's Membership Directory. We are the Voice of the Construction Industry! 

The    NEW  OVCEC Membership Directory will be produced annually to ensure all our new members have ample opportunity to be featured. Historically the OVCEC membership guide has been the industry's 
go-to since its original printing in 1954. In our new guide, you will find contact information for general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, as well as companies that provide support services, like wealth management, insurance, and more. It's not unusual to find well-worn, dog-eared copies on the desks and in the work vehicles of building managers, project managers and superintendents. It is the #1 resource for West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania contractors!
More than 6,000 printed copies of this comprehensive construction industry directory are distributed each year. The  NEW  Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council Membership Directory will offer  Advertising Opportunities  available through a special classified section. List your company information today, along with goods, products and services to the construction industry. 

The    NEW  Membership Directory will also be featured in digital form on the new OVCEC website providing your company even more exposure

Contact Ken Kepler at (352) 333-6022 or kkepler@naylor.comfor more information.
Upcoming Events
Project BEST 5th Annual Construction Job & Career Fair

Project BEST will be hosting the 5th Annual Construction Job & Career Fair on May 2nd at the Wheeling Park Ice Rink in Wheeling, WV. The career fair is meant to provide opportunities for students and their parents to gain a better understanding of the construction trades careers available and the path to pursue one.

With thousands of skilled workers in the construction trades set to retire this decade, more and more opportunities are arising for today’s youth to take advantage of the future of this industry. The construction trades offers students the opportunity to develop the hands-on skills and understanding necessary to continue on to high paying careers (construction and its related trades are projected to be the fastest growing industry through 2024 for employment opportunities.) 

The career fair will run  Thursday, May 2 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m
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Safety and Education
Keeping Construction Sites Safe From Workplace Violence
Safety first (and second and third) has always been the tune in the construction industry. 
However, the recent rise in the number of violent events, some involving disgruntled employees, demonstrates that violence in the workplace is an increasingly problematic issue that employers must learn to effectively minimize and prevent.  Read More...
How to Build a Culture of Ethics
One of the most critical functions of a leader is to influence the team’s culture. With this in mind, it is essential that leaders in the construction industry build team cultures that are founded on ethics.  Read More...
Speaking at the  National Association of Counties' legislative conference , Secretary Acosta discussed how the Trump Administration is helping more Americans secure family-sustaining careers through apprenticeships, the Pledge to America's Workers, occupational licensing reform, and more.
Safety Tool Box Talk
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What Is the OVCEC Plan Room?
  • It is a conveniently located source of construction plans for the Ohio Valley area
  • It publishes a weekly Construction Report listing projects out for bid, due dates, apparent low bidders and contracts awarded
  • It provides updates on projects throughout the week by email
  • It provides online access to plans and specifications for your review and downloading
  • It provides bidders lists
  • It has staff that will get the plans you need whenever possible

Submit Plans & Specs
As an Owner or Architect of a project, placing your project plans in the OVCEC Plan Room will help to insure the success of your project.
The Plan Room will:
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  • Help you get addenda out to bidders
  • Reduce your cost of blueprint duplication by allowing electronic submission to Plan Room Online