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Project BEST hosts Construction Awards Gala
The first annual Construction Awards Gala was held Thursday evening. The event highlighted the importance of the construction industry and what it means for the economy. FULL STORY...
Woody Thrasher expected to enter Governor’s race
Woody Thrasher, who Governor Jim Justice forced out as Commerce Secretary last year, is said to be seriously considering running for Governor.  READ MORE...
Construction employment rises to end 2018; DOT allocates $1.5B in BUILD grants to revitalize infrastructure; Salaries on the rise in construction industry. READ MORE...
Wheeling Taxpayers Investing $650,000 Into 1107-1109 Main St. for Private Developer
With a signed agreement, city taxpayers’ investment in the purchase and rehabilitation of 1107 and 1109 Main St. will grow to $650,000 — all so the properties could be sold for a minimal price to private developers in the hopes they will be rehabilitated. READ MORE...
Digital trends can help contractors stay competitive, particularly for those who can show prospective customers how their technology tools give them an upper hand on budget, delivery and safety requirements....  READ MORE  ...
Department of Highways claims near-monopoly has inflated prices, stretching resources thin.  READ MORE...
  A shortage of liquidity can put a contractor in jeopardy, experts say, offering financial advice for juggling new and existing business. READ MORE...
The U.S. Department of Labor is seeking to raise the current minimum salary for exemption from $455 per week ($23,660 annualized) to $679 per week ($35,308 annualized)....  READ MORE 
Here's a look at the most popular construction job titles, top skills and length of typical employment ads, as well as tips for contractors to find the right employees....  READ MORE  ...
I nstead of waiting for a seat at the table, women in construction have to ask for one and create space for other women once they are seated....  READ MORE ...
Legislative & Regulatory Update
The 116th Congress got off to a relatively slow start with the House transitioning to Democratic control and the political posturing and brinksmanship over President Trump's demand to fund the border wall. A second government shutdown was averted when the President signed a $325 billion seven-bill appropriations package, and legislative activity has significantly picked up. 
As the new Congress finally gets down to business, here is an exclusive update on policy and regulatory issues of vital interest to contractors and the union construction and maintenance industry. Read More...
South Korean Company Invests $300M in Blue Racer Midstream
The below press release is yet another clear reason why Charleston needs immediately to acknowledge, endorse, & fund highway infrastructure investments in our Shale Crescent Region like WV Route 2 and the I-68 ENERGY CORRIDOR asap! - Bob Miller, Executive Director of the WV Route 2 / I-68 Authority.

"South Korean, SK Holdings, Invests $300M in Blue Racer Midstream
March 29, 2019 Blue Racer Midstream, Energy Services
Blue Racer Midstream assets
SK Holdings is one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea, and the 57th largest company in the world. Bet you didn’t know that! SK is composed of 95 subsidiary companies with 70,000 employees and has its fingers in many pies, including telecommunications, manufacturing and chemicals. One of SK’s core businesses is energy. Yesterday the company made a major investment in energy by investing in Blue Racer Midstream, a gathering and processing system with 700 miles of pipelines in Ohio and West Virginia, the heart of the Marcellus/Utica."
Naylor Solutions Partnership
I want to share with you that we have proudly partnered with  Naylor Solutions , a leader in Membership Directories and Industry Resource Guides to produce a new membership directory for the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council. So if you're receiving phone calls, emails or mail from  Naylor Solutions   on behalf of the OVCEC. I encourage you to have a conversation with them . As a member you will STILL have a free membership listing but our new directory will provide you with some new opportunities to market yourself and your organization. With the phenomenal growth we are witnessing in the construction industry that only promises to increase with the much-anticipated announcement of the PTT Ethane Cracker, now is the time to promote yourself and I can think of no better place to advertise and market your company than in the OVCEC's Membership Directory. We are the Voice of the Construction Industry! 

Upcoming Events
Business Networking Event
Ways to Communicate With and Understand Generation Z
If you still believe millennials are the new kids on the job market, you’re not alone. It can be easy to feel as though the youngest members of the workforce are the millennials that are oft-discussed and seldom praised—but that’s no longer true.  READ MORE...
How early should kids think about their careers? Gov. Wolf has an idea Gov. Wolf says career options explored as early as first grade
Surrounded by the 4,500 middle and high school students attending Build On: Careers in the Construction and Allied Industries career fair event Friday, Governor  Tom Wolf  said these efforts need to be encouraged among an even younger crowd. READ MORE...
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Safety and Education
Contracts should specify that technology requirements are in addition to other safety requirements, and that compliance with relevant codes and regulations is required....  READ MORE...
Employers faced with OSHA violations may rely on the defense of “unpreventable employee misconduct” but they are not relieved of responsibility simply because an employee did not follow the rules....  READ MORE  ...
As substance abuse increases in the United States, compounded by acceptance of medicinal and recreational marijuana, contractors need to adopt programs to help workers fight addictions... READ MORE  ...
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Project of the Week
$55 Million Bridgeport Indoor Rec Complex
Construction is projected to begin this summer on the long-awaited Bridgeport Indoor Recreation Complex off W.Va. 279.
Architects from Omni and Associates presented a short video during Monday’s Bridgeport City Council meeting, walking viewers through a digital rendering of the facility.
The $55 million, 150,000 square-foot facility will be located near the current recreation complex at Charles Pointe and is set to be complete in 2020. READ MORE...
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What Is the OVCEC Plan Room?
  • It is a conveniently located source of construction plans for the Ohio Valley area
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  • It provides online access to plans and specifications for your review and downloading
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The Plan Room will:
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  • Help you get addenda out to bidders
  • Reduce your cost of blueprint duplication by allowing electronic submission to Plan Room Online