April 3 2018
Acero Junction sold for $81 million

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio — The Acero Junction plant in Mingo Junction has been sold for nearly $81 million.

India-based JSW Steel announced Thursday it had finalized the stock purchase agreement with Acero.
The stock deal is for the Acero plants in Mingo Junction and a site in Delaware. 

Both companies said this purchase agreement will help strengthen steel in the Ohio Valley.
Back in October, the steel coil production company was in debt to local contractors to the tune of nearly $8 million, but that situation may now clear up. The company presented to the Ohio Public Utilities Commission two weeks ago, and part of Acero's argument to the PUC for lower electric rates is they will be hiring dozens more workers in Mingo Junction. Read More...
Outlook 2018: The Year of the Construction Worker
Solving the labor shortage with technology
Today there is a skilled labor shortage in the construction industry that is impacting nearly every business.
Looking at the preliminary November numbers, the industry employed 6.9 million workers, up by 184,000 throughout the past year, but it is still 568,000 below its peak in 2007, according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics),  www.bls.gov , Washington, D.C.
What’s more, the most recent job openings and labor turnover report from the BLS shows that total job openings in all industries have been at or near record high levels since June. In October, job openings increased in construction by 48,000, bringing the total number of job openings in construction to 227,000.

This impacts the construction industry in a number of different ways. Project timelines need to be extended and wages need to increase at a faster rate. Basically, the labor shortage is costing construction companies both time and money. Read More...
Four Ways to Grow Team Strengths
Leadership principles are invaluable to teams in the construction industry and construction executives must go back to the basics of understanding the dynamics of culture, leadership and followership. Here are four back-to-basics principles that are critical for construction executives when growing team strengths. Read More...
Two local businesses donate to area school districts
WHEELING — More than a dozen area schools located in Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel and Belmont counties will be in much better shape to take care of their lawns or equipment hauling needs thanks to the generosity of ERB Electric and Bridgeport Equipment & Tool Sales and Rental.

As a way to show their appreciation and longtime continued support for the communities they service around the Upper Ohio Valley, ERB Electric and Bridgeport Equipment hosted a community appreciation event on the Linsly School’s campus Thursday, where the two businesses donated 21 John Deere 560E Gators and X570 tractors to area schools. All of the equipment combined totaled more than $125,000, according to ERB Operations Manager Justin Klempa. Read More...
Majority of worksites could be violating OSHA's electronic record-keeping rule
Legal experts told Bloomberg that the low compliance rate for Form 300A could be because some employers thought they were exempt based on their size or industry. In other cases, experts said, some employers may have expected that the compliance date would be  delayed again  or that they would be better off withholding their summaries than giving OSHA the information on which the agency could base future inspections. In addition, some employers might not have wanted their summary information to be posted online  as the rule mandates . Read More...
Avoid Discrimination Claims by Understanding Pre-employment Screening
The term “employment discrimination” is frequently tossed around by workers and employers, but what does it really mean and how can employers limit their exposure to these types of employment claims during the pre-employment or hiring phase?
Contractors would be well advised to understand pre-employment screening and hiring laws and how to comply.
All employees are entitled, as part of their civil rights pursuant to the Constitution of the United States and most state constitutions, to employment free from unlawful discrimination. At the federal level, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulates, promulgates and enforces federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee based on a variety of factors. Read More...
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