April 24, 2017
Hard hats recalled due to risk of head injury
Honeywell is recalling three types of hard hats made over the last two years because they may fail to protect users from impact. This recall involves Honeywell’s type 1 Fibre-Metal E2 and North Peak A79 hard hats. They were sold in a variety of different colors. The Fibre-Metal E2 hard hats have a manufacture date of April 2016, May 2016, December 2017 or January 2018.
Approximately 82,500 hard hats are affected in the U.S Read More...
How to boost construction equipment productivity
With some 1,500 pieces of equipment – nearly 400 of them heavy equipment – highway specialist  Hubbard Construction  has adopted the following process to boost machine productivity and reduce costs. 
Don't buy it if it isn't used 70% of the time
Equipment utilization is key. When we look at our fleet, we want to own any machine that has 70% utilization on a regular basis. Anything else we rent as needed. The core machines we own give us control over critical site tasks and reassure clients about how we are going to deliver projects when tendering. Read More...
How to Make a Great First Impression: 9 Powerful Tips
Want to make the people you meet instantly feel more comfortable?  Want to make the people you meet  instantly feel immediately valued and respected ? In short, want to  make a great first impression? " To make a great first impression, first show that you're someone who can build and maintain great relationships -- and make people feel better about themselves." Read More...
Construction, Trades and The Women Who Love It
With the advent of the #MeToo Movement, many women expressing their experiences are from entertainment, professional sports, Silicon Valley and the political landscape. The predominantly male-dominated construction industry is largely silent. National employment numbers for women in the trades is under four percent, despite decades of federal policies aimed to increase that number. Read More....
Attitude matters more than IQ in achieving success
Your attitude is more important than your IQ when it comes to achieving success, a new study shows.
Psychologist Carol Dweck, who studies attitude and performance, found that people either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset, and that outlook on life affects how much they achieve.
People with a fixed mindset think they can’t change, while people with a growth mindset believe they can improve if they try.  Read More...
Environmentalists Object to EPA Proposal to Weaken Rules on Power Plant Coal Ash
Dozens of environmentalists and others are speaking out against a proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency that would roll back regulations governing the disposal of ash generated by coal-burning power plants.
The EPA held its one and only public hearing about the proposal Tuesday at an Arlington, Virginia , hotel. The Trump administration says the new rules could save utilities $100 million annually in compliance costs and give states more flexibility in enforcement. READ MORE...
Caterpillar 1Q Profit Surges on Strong Equipment Sales
A boost in equipment sales propelled Caterpillar's first-quarter profit, as a strong global economy helped support construction and energy industry projects.
The maker of heavy equipment and machinery also greatly increased its outlook for the year, citing an upbeat global markets, better pricing and demand. Read More...
This Is What Amazing Leaders Do Differently
In  my work  over the last eight years, I’ve been fortunate enough to find myself surrounded by some incredible leaders, be mentored by a few wise executives, and learn first hand just how far I have to go in my leadership skills.
It’s been humbling, but awesome.
As I’ve attempted to step into the role of leader myself, and fumbled repeatedly along the way, I’ve come to appreciate great leaders who make what turns out to be a very hard thing look easy.
And I’ve noticed that the leaders that I look up to the most often do things a little counter-intuitively.
Here are seven patterns I keep seeing in the best leaders in my life, despite the natural pressure for powerful people to do otherwise: Read More...
Congratulations ECMS for being featured on Fox Business Network!

Triadelphia, WV-based East Coast Metal Systems (ECMS) was recently featured in an episode of Manufacturing Marvels on the Fox Business Network. Filming took place in mid-March at the company’s 60,000-square-foot metal fabrication facility to create a two-minute video highlighting their product offerings and capabilities. “This video does a great job of showcasing who we are and what we do,” said ECMS VP John Trifonoff.

East Coast Metal Systems positions itself as the company that turns metal design concept into reality, and they strive to help their customers realize the potential of every project. From concept and design to fabrication and installation, ECMS is a full-service metal resource with a full range of customization options backed by experience in markets across the United States.

The Link to ECMS Webpage with Video:

OSHA has Unlimited Repeat Violation Authority
Thanks to a recent federal appellate court decision, OSHA now has even more leeway to issue costly repeat citations to employers. As many employers know, there are different classifications for civil violations of OSHA regulations, including other-than-serious, serious, repeat, and willful. Penalties, both monetary and non-monetary, increase with higher classification levels. OSHA recently increased the maximum penalty for repeat violations to $129,336, and additional increases to the maximum penalty are expected. Read More...
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