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January 11, 2017
Office of Vehicle Management (OVM)
Operational Services Division (OSD)
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
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ImportantDates Important Dates
February 10
Final order due date for Ford Model Year 2017 Transit Connect vehicles

March 3
Final order due date for Ford Model Year 2017 Fusion vehicles

April 27 (corrected)
MASSBUYS 2017 at Gillette Stadium

By the 10th business day of each month
Provide monthly odometer reports to OVM

Check State inspection stickers and passenger plates for renewal
FederalSurplusFederal Surplus Property Program
Available to Executive Branch Agencies
Is your Agency in need of a hard-to-find item? Are you looking for a heavy duty truck or snow removal equipment? With the recent budget constraints, the Federal Surplus Property Program may be your best option! Since 1949, many State departments, municipalities, and pre-approved nonprofit organizations have benefited from the Federal Surplus Property Program.

When the federal General Services Administration (GSA) determines that federal property is surplus, it is made available to all fifty states. By participating in the Federal Surplus Property Program, you will have access to thousands of items eligible to be transferred by the federal government to your Agency. Items declared surplus by the GSA are free to qualifying Agencies. The only costs are for transportation to retrieve the items, and a nominal administration fee paid to the State Surplus Property Office (SSPO).
Throughout the years, the SSPO has transferred a large assortment of items through the Federal Surplus Property Program - from tools to trucks to tractors, backhoes to boats to barges, helicopters to Humvees! Interested Agencies should contact the SSPO for access to the federal website. Take a look to see if there is something you need!

PolicyPolicy Highlight
Required Stickers on State Vehicles
Some State vehicles still are not compliant with the required sticker policy. As a reminder, all OVM-managed Commonwealth vehicles, except law enforcement and undercover vehicles (e.g. vehicles with confidential or conventional plates), must display two stickers:
  1. 1-800 How Am I Driving sticker must be displayed on the left side of the rear bumper.
  2. POW/MIA (Prisoners of War/Missing in Action) sticker must be affixed on the inside of the rear window in the lower right hand corner. If there is no rear glass, the rearmost passenger side window in the lower left hand corner should be used.
To comply with Policy, stickers must be affixed in the appropriate locations and be whole and visible, as shown below. To secure stickers, clean and dry all surfaces before applying.  Be sure not to cover any sensors when applying the stickers. Failure to comply with Policy may result in immediate loss of State vehicle privileges by the Agency or the suspension or termination of State vehicle usage and/or disciplinary action. 

Image depicts correct placement of stickers_ described in text above

If you require additional stickers to ensure compliance with policy, please contact  Alex Giannantonio at OVM.  For additional information, please refer to the OVM policies and procedures on the  OVM homepage .

SafetySafety 101
Recall Notes
Because OVM (through the Executive Office of Administration and Finance) is the registered owner of State vehicles, our office receives recall notices from manufacturers. We identify the Agency where the vehicle has been assigned and forward the notices accordingly.  This typically is done via email with PDF attachments.  Following is the language provided in this email to Agencies:
Please review the attached recall notices that OVM received regarding vehicles that are assigned to your Agency (Region, District, etc).  According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the attached recalls have not been addressed.  Please provide OVM with a follow-up within ten business days from the date of this email confirming that these issues have been rectified.  If a response is not received within the allotted time frame, OVM will proactively reach out to confirm follow up.
Recall notices often are issued for safety reasons and it is imperative that repairs be completed as soon as possible. If you have questions on this process, please contact OVM. For assistance in locating a dealership that can complete the recall, please contact Fleet Response at 1-800-338-0619.

MaintenanceMaintenance Tip
Seasonal Checklist & Preventative Maintenance Schedules
It is important to schedule preventive maintenance (PM) for all vehicles. Certain services, such as oil changes and tire rotations, must be completed at regular mileage or time intervals to keep the vehicle running well. 

Executive Branch Agencies whose light duty vehicles are under the oversight of OVM must utilize the Fleet Response network of vendors to complete PM services.   A copy of the schedule of services and their mileage intervals may be found here.

A similar schedule of services also should be adhered to for all vehicles that fall outside of OVM's purview. If you have questions or need assistance with maintenance coordination, please contact OVM .

AnnouncementsFleet Announcements & Reminders
Megaphone icon
Change of Staff at OVM
James Guerrier has changed positions within the State and no longer manages maintenance for OVM. Please direct all maintenance correspondence to Cheryl Cushman, via email or at 617-720-3109.
Fleet-Related Statewide Contract Handbook Now Available
Need to find all of the information about vehicle-related Statewide Contracts?  
Click here to view, download, or print the Statewide Contract Vehicle Handbook!

Vehicle Order Reminders
Due to fiscal year constraints (e.g. taking delivery of vehicles by June 30), purchasers should be aware of the lead time expected for new vehicles when placing factory orders.
  1. Dealer inventory of vehicles on SWC VEH98 should be considered when acquiring a vehicle. "On-lot" vehicle purchases may incur an additional fee.
  2. OSD still has funding available for leased vehicles.
Due to the recent publication of the Fuel Efficiency Standard for the State Fleet (FES), an updated Vehicle Request Spreadsheet with FES Calculator has been created in collaboration with DOER to be used by Agencies wishing to purchase or lease vehicles from VEH98.
  1. DOER has created a grant funding opportunity for Executive Branch Agencies to assist in meeting the FES. Please contact Jillian DiMedio for additional information on DOER grant funding and compliance with the standard.
  2. The Massachusetts Electric Vehicles Incentive Program (MassEVIP) also is available to assist in meeting the FES and recently drafted DEP 3D Regulations regarding fuel consumption reduction targets. Please contact Sejal Shah or visit the MassEVIP website for more details.
How to Avoid Toll Violations
MassDOT changed to All Electronic Tolling (AET) as of October 28, 2016. State vehicles that drive on toll roads should have a Massachusetts E-ZPass transponder installed. When renting a vehicle through OVM09, please refer to the All Electronic Tolling guidelines.
To ensure your drivers aren't incurring toll violations, please refer to the January 2016 OVM Quarterly article on Transponder use. Additionally, please review the list of most common issues below:
  • Transponder may not be positioned correctly in the windshield.
  • Windshield may not be completely cleared off so that the transponder is visible, especially during winter months with snow and ice.
  • Transponder may be getting old and no longer recognized when going through the tolls.
    • To replace an old transponder, visit one of the PaybyPlateMA / EZDriveMA offices in Boston, East Boston, Lee, Ludlow, Natick, or Saugus. For more information, visit their website.
Accurate Odometer Entries at Fill-Up
Accurate odometer readings are an essential and critical data point for managing a vehicle. It is mandatory to correctly enter the current vehicle odometer reading during each fuel purchase (do not include tenths of miles).  Failure to enter accurate odometer readings will affect various vehicle reporting and tracking stats and possibly jeopardize the future eligibility for a replacement vehicle.  Please be sure to enter the actual vehicle odometer reading each time you purchase gas.

  SourcingStrategic Sourcing
Current & Upcoming Statewide Contracts
All Vehicle and Vehicle Service Related Contracts are listed below:
Contract User Guide
(must log into COMMBUYS)
Vehicle Maintenance Management and Accident Subrogation Services
Heavy Duty Vehicles
Sodium Chloride (Road Salt)

Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty OEM and Non-OEM Motorized Vehicle Parts, Refined Motor Oil, Lubricants

Tires, Tubes, and Services
Light Duty Vehicles - Passenger Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Vans, SSVs, and PPVs, with upfit options
Fleet Information Management System
Fuel Card and Fuel Management Services
Advanced Vehicle Technology Equipment, Supplies, and Services
Windshield and Glass Replacement

Indirect Fleet-Related Contracts

Diesel Fuels: Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and Biodiesel


Lawn and Grounds Equipment, Parts, and Services
All Vendor MBPO
Equipment Rental
Homeland Security, Public Safety, and Traffic Safety Supplies
(not the PunchOut)
Hazardous/Universal, Medical, and Electronic Waste Disposal and Emergency Response
Scrap Metal

A dditional highlights, changes or additions to contracts are noted below.
VEH84A - Vehicle Maintenance Management and Accident Subrogation Services
Contract has been extended through December 31, 2017. Repairs for medium and heavy duty vehicles have been added.
VEH96 - Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty OEM and Non-OEM Motorized Vehicle Parts, Refined Motor Oil, Lubricants
Category 1 remains a rolling enrollment to add a greater depth of both manufacturer and geographic coverage.
VEH100 - Fuel Card and Fuel Management Services
Effective immediately, a discount of $0.02 per gallon has been added to the Gulf stations on the Massachusetts Turnpike.
VEH102 - Advanced Vehicle Technology Equipment, Supplies, and Services
Contract is now in place with multiple vendors for three categories of technology:
Category 1: Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), Hardware, Software, and Ancillary Services
Category 2: Idle Reduction - Heavy, Medium, and Light Duty Vehicles; and Heavy Duty Equipment
Category 3: After-Market Conversion Technologies - all vehicle categories

Massachusetts Electric Vehicles Incentive Program (MassEVIP)
Offers grant funding for the acquisition of electric vehicles or plug in hybrid vehicles and charging stations to municipalities, public universities, public colleges, and State Agencies, resulting in additional savings to contract prices. Contact Sejal Shah or visit the MassEVIP website for more details.
FAC88 - Lawn and Grounds Equipment, Parts, and Services
Ice Resurfacers has been added as a new category to this contract (Category 12). The awarded vendor for this category is Frank J Zamboni & Co., Inc.
Newly added to this list:
FAC82 - Hazardous/Universal, Medical, and Electronic Waste Disposal and Emergency Response
Should be used when disposing of various materials, including hazardous materials, electronics, etc. Vehicle parts and fluids disposal may fall under this contract.
SSP1601 - Scrap Metal
Should be used when disposing of excess metal, including certain vehicle parts.
Sourcing Contact Info:
Lisa Westgate
Strategic Sourcing Lead
VEH96, VEH99, VEH100, VEH101
Lana Gunaratne
Strategic Sourcing Lead
VEH93, VEH97, VEH98, VEH102, VEH103
Steve Lyons
Deputy Strategic Sourcing Lead
VEH95, HLS05, FAC97
Sara Urato
Strategic Sourcing Lead
ENE40, ENE41
Katherine Morse
Deputy Strategic Sourcing Lead
Jodi Paris Anastos
Strategic Sourcing Lead
Sejal Shah
Transportation Management Programs (Grants)
Ted Bunnell
OVM - Business Specialist

Director of Fleet Policy & Administration
Alex Giannantonio
Fleet Response Packets / Violations & Mileage 
Raphaela Miller
Registration / Surplus Property
Ted Bunnell
Fuel Card (WEX) / Owned Vehicle / Maintenance
Cheryl Cushman
Lease Process / Vehicle Requests
Karen Rasnick
Surplus Property / Turn-in Vehicle (Westboro Vehicle Lot)
Tim Morrissey
Surplus Property / Turn-in Vehicle (Auction Coordination)
Paul Guerino
Vehicle Management Auditing
Michael Duplan

OVM is your liaison to the following vendors; however, should you need to speak with one of them directly:
Fleet Response (Maintenance & Accident Management)
WEX (Wright Express Fuel Card Management)

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