October 6, 2016
Office of Vehicle Management (OVM)
Operational Services Division (OSD)
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
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Important Dates
By the 10th business day of each month
Provide monthly odometer reports to OVM

Check State inspection stickers and passenger plates for renewal

Fall Fleet Event
Leicester Town Hall
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
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Statewide Contract VEH102  Begins
October 2016

Statewide Contract VEH98 Renewal    
December 1, 2016

Stay tuned to the OSD blog for November vehicle auction dates!

Contact OVM
Director of Fleet Policy & Administration
Alex Giannantonio
Fleet Response Packets / Violations & Mileage 
Raphaela Miller

Registration / Surplus Property
Ted Bunnell
Required Stickers / Maintenance & Accident Repair 
James Guerrier
Fuel Card (WEX) / Owned Vehicle 
Cheryl Cushman

Lease Process / Vehicle Requests
Karen Rasnick

Surplus Property / Turn-in Vehicle (Westborough Vehicle Lot)
Tim Morrissey

Surplus Property / Turn-in Vehicle (Auction Coordination)
Paul Guerino

Vehicle Management Auditing
Michael Duplan
OVM is your liaison to the following vendors; however, should you need to speak with one of them directly:

Fleet Response (Maintenance & Accident Management)
WEX (Wright Express Fuel Card Management)
How has OVM impacted you? 
Do you have a story about a positive experience you had with the OVM team? We want to hear from you! Please click here to answer a short survey to provide candid feedback on your experience!
OVM's Impact on an Executive Branch Agency
The Department of Revenue (DOR) was in dire need of two new vans. The Agency lost one van to accident damage and their second van was nearly twenty years old, plagued with rust and mechanical problems, and becoming unreliable. Since these vans are essential to the Agency's operations, they needed to take immediate action to replace the vans.
The task of replacing the two vans was the responsibility of DOR's Director of Procurement, Mary Murray. With other duties recently added to her plate, Murray needed help obtaining the vehicles and she reached out to OVM for assistance. OVM offered to obtain the quotes for two new vans, based on the described need. DOR accepted their offer with the understanding that DOR would have final say on whether to move forward with the recommendation and quote from OVM. After careful review of DOR's needs against the available vehicles on contract, OVM obtained a quote for two mini-cargo vans, which would meet the transport needs of DOR while increasing fuel efficiency, resulting in lower spend for fuel and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
DOR approved the purchase and OVM moved forward with the process, coordinating delivery by the end of the fiscal year. When one of the vans was found to have been damaged during transport, OVM worked quickly with the vendor to have it repaired, at no cost to the Commonwealth. Murray describes her experience working with OVM:

"My overall experience with OVM was exceptional. Any time I had a question, it was answered right away. Whenever an issue arose that I needed any help with, it was taken care of quickly. We now have two vans that the drivers are quite happy with. Although the lease process itself was daunting, Karen bid it out for us and quite literally 'saved the day.' Thank you, OVM!"
If your Agency has a vehicle need that you're unable to address, please feel free to reach out to OVM and ask for assistance. OVM is not just an oversight Agency --  we are here to provide services to help make running the Commonwealth's fleet easier. You can find an overview of our services on the  OVM homepage .

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Policy Highlight
Traveling Out-of-State and/or Overnight
Do you need to travel out-of-state for official state business using a state-owned, leased, or rented vehicle? Will you need to stay overnight? Read on to find the answers!
Out-of-State Travel

Overnight, out-of-state business travel in a state-owned, leased, or rented vehicle requires an approved Overnight Travel form be on file with the driver's Agency and with OVM, prior to the vehicle leaving the state. See Overnight Travel section below for further instructions.

No approval form is required from OVM for same-day business travel to a state bordering Massachusetts (e.g. New England states or New York) in a state-owned, leased, or rented vehicle. Approval from the Agency still may be required.

Overnight Travel (in or out-of-state)
Employees may be permitted to drive a state-owned, leased, or rented vehicle home on a given day(s) if the employee is conducting official state business away from his/her designated state office/facility during normal business hours or before and/or after normal business hours. The employee must fill out an Overnight Travel form, which must be:
  • Reviewed, approved, and signed by the Agency Head
  • Signed by, and the original copy held by, the Agency Fleet Manager
  • Kept (a copy) in the vehicle during the overnight travel period
  • Forwarded (a copy) to OVM 
Any employee found using a vehicle outside of normal business hours without the proper approval may lose his/her privilege to drive a state vehicle. OVM will conduct random vehicle reviews to determine if employees have the proper approval to use a vehicle after Normal Business Hours or to take it home with them. This pertains to non-domicile vehicles. Refer to the Overnight Travel Request Form on the  OVM Forms page for further instructions.

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Safety 101: 
Educational Tools
OVM promotes safe driving by all Commonwealth Agencies and their drivers. To assist Agency Fleet Managers in promoting safe driving habits, OVM offers the following links and educational tools, from the NETS (Network of Employers for Traffic Safety)  website :
The above links will provide fact and tip sheets from the 2016 Drive Safely Work Week™ (DSWW), the annual safe-driving campaign sponsored by NETS. 
While the campaign is scheduled to run during the week of October 3-7, it is important to note that these tools may be used throughout the year, with varying degrees of emphasis, based on individual Agency or driver needs. For example, if you know that distracted driving is an issue for your drivers, you can spend a full week/month reviewing and reinforcing the information in that educational tool.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driver behavior contributes to 94% of traffic crashes in the U.S. This campaign is an opportunity to share valuable information and reinforce good driving habits, helping to keep drivers safe on the road.

Maintenance Tip:
Fall Checklist & Repair Approvals
With summer gone and winter just around the corner, now is the time to perform your seasonal fleet maintenance check. Items that should be checked for the fall season include:
  • Heater and Defroster - Check to ensure both are working properly, for both comfort and safety.
  • Lights - Check all headlights, taillights, and turn signals. With evening starting earlier each day, it's important to replace burnt out or weak lights before the lack of illumination becomes a danger.
  • Fluids - Check all fluid levels and transition to cold-weather fluids, where applicable (i.e. washer fluid, antifreeze, etc.)
  • Batteries - Clear any corrosion and ensure connectors are stable. Test and replace old or weak batteries, especially those more than four years old.
  • Tires - Check for tread wear and proper inflation, including the spare, as tire pressure can drop one PSI for every 10 degree drop in temperature. If the spare is held in place by a cable or other system, test it to ensure the system works smoothly.
  • Wiper Blades - Windshield wipers tend to be used less often in the summer, but the hot and dry temperatures can lead to deterioration and cracking of the blades. Replace them if visibility is compromised.
  • Leaves and Debris - Open the hood and check the area at the bottom of the windshield, below the wipers, where leaves and debris tend to build up. This may restrict water from draining off of the windshield and lead to ice dams in cold temperatures, which could damage wiper blades and even crack windshields. Be sure to remove any leaves or debris as needed. Finally, a clean air filter is important to keep dust and debris from entering your engine.
Important Reminder - Approval on Repairs
Drivers always should consult with their Agency Fleet Manager or supervisor before authorizing repairs. Drivers may authorize charges for scheduled preventive maintenance service and repairs up to $100. The facility must call Fleet Response to receive authorization for repairs over $100. The links below provide overviews of OVM procedures:
New Vehicle Delivery
When you order vehicles from Statewide Contract VEH98, they are delivered to the OVM Westborough Vehicle Lot. They are delivered with license plates, vehicle registration, MA inspection sticker, and a full tank of gas. New plates are obtained for all new vehicles, and plate transfer/swap is not permitted.
New vehicles are reviewed upon arrival to ensure they match the specifications of the original order. OVM places the two required stickers on Executive Branch vehicles and a Vehicle Status Report (VSR) is started for each new vehicle. The Agency Fleet Manager is notified when the vehicle is ready for pick-up, and asked to either provide or confirm the vehicle Unit Code for billing and reporting purposes. Pick-ups must be scheduled with Tim Morrissey, the OVM Westborough Vehicle Lot Coordinator. For each new vehicle received, a used vehicle must be turned in to the OVM Westborough Lot.
Agencies are required to look over their vehicles thoroughly prior to signing a VSR. The completed VSR is sent to OVM and the vehicle will be added to our inventory. A Fleet Response Vehicle Packet is requested and a WEX gas card ordered.
Vehicle Turn-In
When should vehicles be turned in to the OVM Westborough Lot?
  • If an Agency takes delivery of a new vehicle
  • If an Agency no longer has a need for a vehicle
  • If an Agency decides to not repair a vehicle that requires mechanical repairs in order to be driven
  • If an Agency decides to not repair a vehicle with accident damage or if totaled
All vehicle turn-ins should be scheduled with Tim Morrissey. Because the lot is small, no vehicles should be left in the lot without prior approval from Tim or direction from him on where to leave the vehicle. If a vehicle cannot be driven to Westborough, arrangements should be made with Fleet Response to have the vehicle towed there.
When turning in a vehicle at the Westborough Lot, remember to:
  • Remove all property including any trash or unwanted items from the vehicle.
  • Do not remove License Plates from the vehicle.  OVM is responsible for canceling and returning or destroying all plates.
  • Leave the vehicle registration in the glove box.
  • Return the WEX fuel card with the vehicle. OVM will cancel it.
  • Remove and destroy the Fleet Response Vehicle Packet.
  • Provide the Vehicle Title, if you have it.
  • Remove theE-ZPass MA transponder.
    • Be sure to add the new vehicle information to your E-ZPass MA account before picking up the new vehicle and transferring the transponder to the new vehicle.This will allow you to use the transponder when driving the vehicle back to your location.
    • Don't forget to remove the old vehicle information from your account afteryou have dropped off the vehicle in Westborough and transferred it to the new vehicle.
Tim will complete a VSR for each vehicle that is turned in at the Westborough Lot in order to properly document and update the vehicle status in our database.

To contact Tim Morrissey, please call 617-835-3216 or email timothy.morrissey2@massmail.state.ma.us. T he OVM Westborough Vehicle Lot is located at 288 Lyman Street, Westborough, MA 01581.

OVM said farewell recently to two of its team members, Venus Fan and Turhan Shepherd.
During Venus' time as a Vehicle Auditor, she made a lasting impact by leading several vehicle reviews for Executive Branch Agencies. Her contributions directly led to a safer and more efficient fleet. Venus left OVM to take a position in Quincy, to be closer to home.
Turhan was OVM's most tenured employee, responsible for vehicle registrations and renewals. He also assisted Agency Fleet Managers with the proper registration documentation, updated the Fleet Information Management System, and contributed to countless team projects. Turhan retired at the beginning of September, and plans to relax for a bit before planning his next project. Turhan leaves a legacy with OVM, as his knowledge was spread across the entire team.
The OVM team would like to wish both Venus and Turhan the best of luck in the future! Moving forward, please contact  Michael Duplan  for all audit-related questions and  Ted Bunnell  for all registration-related questions.

Fall Fleet Event!
Learn about OSD's fleet-related Statewide Contracts and how they can save you time, money, and resources.  Click here to register!  
Agenda topics include:
  • Vehicle purchasing
  • Maintaining your fleet
  • Green fleet options - EV charging stations, alternate fuel options, and grants
  • Fleet accessories and equipment
  • Surplus property
  • Vendor networking
This event is FREE and open to the public. Please feel free to forward this invite. Call or email Lana Gunaratne or  Lisa Westgate  directly with any questions.
All Vehicle and Vehicle Service Related Contracts are listed below:
Contract ID#
Contract User Guide Link
Maintenance & Accident Repairs
Heavy Duty Vehicles
Sodium Chloride (Road Salt)
Light, Medium & Heavy Duty: Parts, Oil, Lubricants
Light Duty & Passenger Vehicles, with upfit options
Fleet Information Management System
Fuel Cards
Maintenance & Accident Repairs
Contract in process
Will replace 84A
Advanced Transportation Technology
Contract in process
Indirect Fleet-Related Contracts
Diesel: Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) & Biodiesel
Lawn & Grounds Equipment, Parts & Services
Equipment Rentals
Homeland Security, Public Safety & Traffic Safety Supplies
*not PunchOut
Additional highlights, changes or additions to contracts will be noted below.
VEH84A - Maintenance & Accident Repairs
Contract has been extended through February 28, 2017.
VEH96 - OEM & non-OEM Light, Medium, Heavy Duty Vehicle Parts & Refined Motor Oil & Lubricants
Category 1 remains a rolling enrollment to add a greater depth of both manufacturer and geographic coverage. Daniel J. Quirk is the most recent addition to VEH96.
VEH99 - Fleet Information Management System
Municipality configuration currently is under development. Demos will be available in October. For those interested please contact  Lisa Westgate  or  Ron Katz .
VEH100 (previously VEH84) - Fuel Cards
A new Contract User Guide has been posted, with new account forms, a "how to" pull an invoice from the WEX system, and an overview of their free app, WEX Connect (which shows the current price of gas by location).
VEH103 (previously OVM08) - Glass/Windshields
New contract effective July 1, 2016. Two vendors, JN Phillips and Safelite, are now on contract.

Newly added to this list:
ENE40 - Diesel Fuel
Offering both winter and summer blends, four types of biodiesel, and pricing based on OPIS Oil & Daily Diesel Index prices including a differential by zone, this contract ensures users benefit from drops in prices. No additional service charges for Truckload (>= 8,000 gal) or Less-than-Truckload purchases. The state is divided into eight zones and each zone is assigned a vendor.
ENE41 - Gasoline Contract
Offering Regular (87 octane), Mid-Grade (89 octane), and Premium (93 octane) gasoline, with pricing based on OPIS Oil Daily Index prices including a differential by zone, this contract ensures users benefit from drops in prices. No additional service charges for Truckload (>= 8,000 gal) or Less-than-Truckload purchases. The state is divided into eight zones and each zone is assigned a vendor.
FAC97 - Equipment Rentals
Adopted from the U.S. Communities cooperative contract with Herc Rentals (formerly Hertz Equipment Rentals). Exclusive to rentals only (no purchases), with daily, weekly, or monthly terms, at guaranteed gold-tier pricing. Categories include, but are not limited to: lifts, trucks, trailers, air compressors, pumps, earthmoving equipment, generators, and light towers.

HLS05 - Homeland Security, Public Safety & Traffic Safety Supplies
Replaces HLS01 (previously the New York Hazardous Incident Response Equipment contract) and VEH92 for traffic safety products. Adopted from the U.S. Communities cooperative contract awarded to Safeware, whose portfolio of products covers a range of law enforcement, fire rescue, hazmat, and traffic safety equipment. Customers may shop from the HLS05 PunchOut available on COMMBUYS.
Massachusetts Electric Vehicles Incentive Program (MassEVIP):
Offers grant funding for the acquisition of electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles and charging stations to municipalities, public universities, public colleges, and Commonwealth Agencies, resulting in additional savings to contract prices. Contact Sejal Shah or visit the MassEVIP website for more details.

Sourcing Contact Info
Lisa Westgate
Strategic Sourcing Services Lead
VEH96, VEH99, VEH100, VEH101
Lana Gunaratne
Strategic Sourcing Services Lead
VEH93, VEH97, VEH98, VEH102, VEH103
Steve Lyons
Deputy Strategic Sourcing Lead
VEH95, HLS05, FAC97
John Walsh
Strategic Sourcing Services Coordinator
ENE40, ENE41
Katherine Morse
Deputy Strategic Sourcing Lead
Sejal Shah
MassDEP - Transportation Management Programs (Grants)

Announcements & Reminders
Fuel Efficiency Standard (FES) Approved
To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize tailpipe emissions of other pollutants, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) and the Executive Office for Administration and Finance (A&F) have approved the Fuel Efficiency Standard (FES) for the Commonwealth's Fleet.
Effective immediately, all new vehicle acquisitions made through OVM or acquired by Executive Branch Agencies must meet an average combined fuel efficiency of  32 miles-per-gallon (MPG) for passenger cars and 22 MPG for light-duty trucks, vans, and SUVS.
Additionally, at least 5% of all agency acquisitions must be Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), and/or Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs that run on propane, CNG, biodiesel, etc.). Agencies requesting 10 or more light duty vehicles in a given fiscal year must acquire at least one HEV, PHEV, BEV, or AFV. Post-acquisition conversions to alternative fuel or hybrid status will meet the requirement.
Federal & State Surplus Property Available
A new pamphlet has been created to provide an overview of how the State and Federal Surplus Property Offices work. Request a copy from  OSD_SSPO@state.ma.us .
How to Avoid Toll Violations
Did you know that MassDOT is changing to  All Electronic Tolling (AET)  as of October 28, 2016? To ensure your drivers aren't incurring toll violations, please refer to the  January 2016 OVM Quarterly  article on transponder use.
Accurate Odometer Entries at Fill-Up
Accurate odometer readings are an essential and critical data point for managing a vehicle. It is mandatory to correctly enter the current vehicle odometer reading during each fuel purchase (do not include tenths of miles). Failure to enter accurate odometer readings will affect various vehicle reporting and tracking stats and possibly jeopardize the future eligibility for a replacement vehicle. Please be sure to enter the actual vehicle odometer reading each time you purchase gas.
Required Stickers on Executive Branch Vehicles
OVM consistently discovers vehicles that are not compliant with the required sticker policy. As a reminder, all OVM-managed Commonwealth vehicles, except law enforcement and undercover vehicles (e.g. vehicles with confidential or conventional license plates), must display two stickers:
  1. 1-800 How Am I Driving? program sticker must be displayed on the left side of the rear bumper.
  2. POW/MIA (Prisoners of War/Missing in Action) sticker must be affixed on the inside of the rear window in the lower right hand corner. If there is no rear glass, the rearmost passenger side window in the lower left hand corner should be used.
If you require additional stickers to ensure compliance with policy, please contact   James Guerrier at OVM.