July 5, 2016
Office of Vehicle Management (OVM)
Operational Services Division (OSD)
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
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New Partnership Streamlines State Fleet Registration

Important Dates
By the 10th business day of each month
Provide monthly odometer reports to OVM

July 1
VEH103 (Statewide Contract for glass) begins

VEH102 (Statewide Contract for EV Charging Stations/AltFuel Tech) begins

Check State inspection stickers and passenger plates for renewal
Vehicle Auction Dates
State Police
Thursday, July 7
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Friday, July 8
10 a.m.*

Wednesday, July 6
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Saturday, July 9
10 a.m.*

State Police
Thursday, August 4
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Friday, August 5
10 a.m.*

Wednesday, August 3
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Aucti on
Saturday, August 6
1 0 am*

*The lot opens at 8:30 a.m.

Contact OVM
Director of Fleet Policy & Administration
Alex Giannantonio
Fleet Response Packets / Registration Questions
Turhan Shepherd
Fleet Response Packets / Registration Questions / Surplus Property Questions
Ted Bunnell
1-800 How Am I Driving & POW/MIA Stickers or Maintenance & Incident Repair Questions
James Guerrier
Surplus / Turn-in Vehicle Questions
Tim Morrissey (Westborough Vehicle Lot)

Surplus / Turn-in Vehicle Questions
Paul Guerino (Auction Coordination)

Questions on Citations (toll, parking, etc.), Recalls, Mileage Reporting & Excise Tax
Raphaela Miller

Vehicle Management Auditor
Michael Duplan
Vehicle Management Auditors
Venus Fan
Fuel Card (WEX) or Owned Vehicle Questions
Cheryl Cushman
Lease Process or Vehicle Requests Questions
Karen Rasnick
NewPartnershipNew Partnership Streamlines State Fleet Registration
Thanks to an exciting collaboration between the Office of Vehicle Management (OVM) and the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), Executive Agencies are able to get their State vehicles on the road more quickly!

This partnership will allow OVM, which oversees the Commonwealth's Executive Branch Light Duty vehicle fleet, to conduct the fleet's registration process internally. Following protocol and performance measures set by the RMV, OVM now has authority to issue registrations, plates, and decals, as well as manage renewals and plate cancellations.

What once was a weeklong process now is a 10-minute transaction! With the simplified and more efficient process, a fleet manager may visit OSD's office, complete the required paperwork, and receive their registration on the spot. Previously, a fleet manager would ship the paperwork to OVM, which then would process the paperwork, physically deliver it to an RMV location, and wait several days for the transaction to be completed. With more than a thousand OVM fleet registration transactions processed each year, the time saved for all parties involved is significant.
OVM's Business Specialist Ted Bunnell led the initiative, which launched on July 1. Bunnell says, "We wanted to make our services more customer-oriented -- and the RMV did, too. Cutting out unnecessary steps in the process makes everyone's experience better. The ease of doing business with OVM is dramatically increased, and that time savings truly is important for fleet managers."
This mutually beneficial partnership is a fantastic example of innovation in government processes -- one that results in time and cost savings for the Commonwealth!

For specific questions about the partnership with the RMV, email Ted Bunnell .
PolicyHighlight Policy Highlight: Required Stickers on State Vehicles
OVM has discovered State vehicles that are not compliant with the required sticker policy. As a reminder, all OVM-managed Commonwealth vehicles, except law enforcement and undercover vehicles (e.g. vehicles with confidential or conventional plates), must display two (2) stickers:
1. "1-800 How Am I Driving" program sticker
a. Must be displayed on the left side of the rear bumper (see below)
b. Refer to the January 2016 OVM Quarterly Newsletter for additional information about this program
2. POW/MI A (Prisoners of War/Missing in Action) sticker:
a.  Must be affixed on the inside of the rear window in the lower right hand corner (see below); if there is no rear glass, the rearmost passenger side window in the lower left hand corner should be used 
b. Required on Commonwealth vehicles as an act of legislation in 1987

To comply with policy, stickers must be affixed in the appropriate locations and be whole and visible, as shown below.  To secure stickers, clean and dry all surfaces before applying.

If you require additional stickers to ensure compliance with Policy, please contact James at OVMFor additional information, please refer to the OVM policies and procedures on the OVM homepage.

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Safety101Safety 101:  Following Distance
The Commonwealth does not include an exact following distance in its driving  manual; however, most road safety specialists advise that the "three-second rule" should be followed:
  • As the vehicle in front of you passes a stationary landmark (e.g. a telephone pole, street sign, etc.), start counting, using clear enunciation of each syllable: "one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand."
  • You should not pass the same landmark before you finish counting the three seconds.
    • If you do, you are following too closely and should increase your following distance.
    • Once you've slowed, try the exercise again, and repeat until you reach the full three seconds before passing the chosen landmark.
Volume of traffic, road conditions, and traffic speed constantly demand adjustments in following distance. Drivers should actively monitor their driving environment and adjust their following distance accordingly. OVM considers it best practice to at least double following distance (six seconds) under any adverse circumstances, such as:
  • Slippery roads (for any reason)
  • Driving at night or in poor visibility
  • When following motorcycles, trucks, or other vehicles that may act differently than traditional passenger cars
  • When towing or trailering
  • When other drivers' behavior is erratic or distracted
  • When driving through active work or school zones

Please remember that the three-second rule should be followed even when driving in heavy traffic.  Regardless of what other drivers are doing, Commonwealth drivers must set the proper example and remain safe on the road. 

For specific direction regarding safe driving in State vehicles, please refer to the OVM policies and procedures on the OVM homepage.

MaintenanceTipMaintenance Tip: Summer Checklist & Inspection Stickers
One of the major causes of breakdowns, especially in summer months, is coolant problems and overheating engines. To prepare for the summer:
  • Check all fluid levels, including oil, antifreeze/coolant (including color), brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid.
  • Test and replace old or weak batteries, especially those more than four years old.
    • Inspect for and clean corrosion on the terminals and cables.
  • Ensure proper air pressure on all tires to maximize fuel economy.
    • Find the tire pressure specification on the inside of your car door.
    • Don't forget to check the spare (or inflator kit).
  • Review tire tread depth
    • If you can see the top of Abe Lincoln's upside down head when a penny is placed in the groove, the tire may need to be replaced -- use Statewide Contract VEH97 for tires.
  • Increase air flow around the radiator by clearing out any debris (leaves, etc.) accumulated in the fins of the radiator and AC condenser.
    • If the AC is running hot, is very loud, or has an unusual smell, have a mechanic check it out. The system may need cleaning, have a leak, or need to be recharged.
  • Check your toll transponder batteries and placement (windshield, not dash), as maintaining transponders will help reduce toll violations.
When completing your seasonal checklist, be sure to check the expiration date on your State inspection sticker, as  OVM Auditors have come across several vehicles with expired or rejected stickers during their reviews.  The list of items that are checked during inspection may be found by clicking here If you do not properly maintain these items, you likely will receive a Rejection Sticker. 

  • Emissions failure results in the black "R" and the vehicle may be driven during the grace period provided to correct the issue(s) that caused the vehicle to fail inspection.
  • Safety failure results in the red "R" and the vehicle should not be driven until the failure(s) are corrected.
    • The safest thing to do is have the car towed to your local mechanic -- use VEH84A contract for repair.
Click here  for more FAQs from the RMV site regarding inspections.

StrategicSourcing Strategic Sourcing: Current & Upcoming Statewide Contract Information
VEH96 -- OEM & non-OEM Light, Medium, Heavy Duty Vehicle Parts & Refined Motor Oil & Lubricants Statewide Contract
Enrollment Update!  Due to the ever-changing needs of our users, this Statewide Contract now offers rolling enrollment to OEM vendors. Direct your OEM vendor(s) to COMMBUYS for registration and bidding.
VEH97 -- Tires Statewide Contract
The top three tire manufacturers are now on contract (Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone, and Michelin). See the extensive list of authorized dealers in COMMBUYS to make your purchase.

VEH98 -- New Light Duty Vehicles Statewide Contract
Vendor Update!  VEH98 will re-open seeking Toyota vendors. Please direct your Toyota Dealer contacts to  Lana Gunaratne .

As you start to receive your new vehicles, be sure to review section  3.6 Contractor Expectations on Vehicle Order Receipt and Delivery  of the VEH98 RFR for delivery terms and requirements that vendors must adhere to, including financial remedies. If there are any questions, contact Lana Gunaratne.

Click here to search for  COMMBUYS List of Dealers and their MBPOs.

VEH99 -- Fleet Information Management System Statewide Contract
The demonstrations were successful --  if you were unable to join, please contact Lisa WestgateConfigurations are being developed, and there still is time to join the Governance Committee.
VEH100 (replacing VEH84) -- Fuel Card Statewide Contract
An NJPA collaborative contract with WEX has been established and begins on September 1, replacing the current contract with WEX. There are no changes to processes, nor are card replacements required.  If you've been holding off registering a new account, please contact Janet Wood (contact info may be found in the Contract User Guide). 

Also, please check the set-up of your account with  WEX. A municipality believed they were under Statewide Contract, only to find out they potentially had missed out on thousands of dollars in Prompt Payment Discounts. Confirm today with either with WEX or Lisa Westgate.
VEH101 (replacing VEH84A) -- Maintenance & Accident Repair Statewide Contract
Currently out for bid. Please contact Lisa Westgate if you're interested in being a part of this team. This contract will include services for both light and heavy duty vehicles.

VEH102 -- Advanced Transportation Technology Statewide Contract
Coming this fall! Categories include electric vehicle charging stations, idle reduction technologies, and fuel conversion technologies.
VEH103 (replacing OVM08) -- Glass/Windshields Statewide Contract
New contract effective July 1, 2016. Two vendors, JN Phillips and Safelite, are now on contract.
FAC88 -- Lawn & Grounds Equipment, Parts & Services Statewide Contract
This Statewide Contract offers a large selection of lawns and grounds equipment spanning 11 categories.  A recent update to the contract adds leasing and rental options for utility vehicles, golf carts, and snowmobiles. Available vendors and associated pricing are located in COMMBUYS .

Massachusetts Electric Vehicles Incentive Program (MassEVIP)
MassEVIP offers grant funding for the acquisition of electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles and charging stations to municipalities, public universities and colleges, and State Agencies, resulting in additional savings to contract prices. Contact  Sejal Shah or visit the  MassEVIP website for more details.
Lisa Westgate
Strategic Sourcing Services Lead
VEH96, VEH99, VEH100, VEH101
Lana Gunaratne
Strategic Sourcing Services Lead
VEH97, VEH98, VEH102, VEH103
Katherine Morse
Deputy Strategic Sourcing Lead
Sejal Shah
MassDEP - Transportation Management Programs

Announcements Announcements
Maintenance and Policy Compliance: Your drivers are the first line of defense in preventing unexpected accident, maintenance, and repair costs. They also play a major role in making sure that your fleet is in compliance with OVM Policies and Procedures. To ensure compliance during a Vehicle Review with the OVM Auditors, it is crucial that your drivers are immediately reporting any issues that might keep your vehicles off the road. Listed below are some helpful tips from the OVM Auditors: 
  • Track inspection sticker renewal dates and make sure registrations have correct information. Incorrect VIN, plate number, or vehicle color on a registration could cause your vehicle to fail inspection.
  • Pay attention to your dashboard warning lights -- they indicate preventive or immediate maintenance issues requiring your attention.
  • Ensure the 1-800 How Am I Driving and POW/MIA stickers are properly displayed.
  • Place the following items on the passenger seat of any vehicles scheduled to be reviewed:
    • Registration;
    • Driver's Log;
    • Fuel Card;
    • Fleet Response packet; and
    • OVM Overnight Travel Form, if applicable.
Federal Surplus Property Program: Since 1949, many Massachusetts State departments, municipalities, and pre-approved non-profit organizations have benefited from the Federal Surplus Property Program. When the federal General Services Administration (GSA) determines that federal property is surplus, it is made available to all fifty states on a fair and equitable basis. Looking for that hard-to-find vehicle? Have a need for a piece of equipment but don't have room in the budget? The Federal Surplus Property program might be the answer! By participating in the Federal Surplus Property Program, you will have access to thousands of items eligible to be transferred by the Federal Government at minimal cost to your agency. Interested agencies should contact the Surplus Property Office for access to the federal website.
OVM Lease Funding Available for FY17: Through an Interdepartmental Service Agreement with the Executive Office for Administration & Finance, OVM has secured capital bond funding to purchase vehicles through Statewide Contract VEH98 and lease them back to Executive Branch Agencies. A communication will be sent to all Secretariats advising of funding availability and it will include a list of recommended vehicles for replacement. Departments must submit their initial vehicle requests to OVM by close of business on Friday, August 26, to be included in the first phase of ordering.

For more information on the OVM Lease Program, please visit the OVM homepage.

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