OVM Onsite Meetings
OSD's Office of Vehicle Management (OVM) and the Surplus Property Office plan to host Quarterly Outreach Meetings, which will be in-person “town hall” style sessions. The OVM Quarterly Newsletter will continue, but topics will be coordinated in conjunction with those being discussed at the meetings. Topics for this quarter include:

  • Fuel Efficiency Standard Implementation and Success Stories
  • New Vehicle Ordering
  • Maintenance Information
  • Accident Information
  • Fleet Manager and Driver Training Presentation
  • Recall Management

Our first Quarterly Outreach Meeting will be held during the first quarter of 2019. We will contact you with the confirmed date shortly. Due to similarities between Secretariat fleets, invitations for this meeting will be issued to EHS Agency Fleet Managers and the meeting will be open to EHS Fleet Managers and Drivers, staff from EHS Finance, Procurement, HR, or other EHS personnel that may touch their Agency fleets. If space allows, additional Secretariat Fleet staff also may be invited to attend.  

Future meetings will be coordinated and announced in the Quarterly Newsletter. Please also complete this brief survey  to help us plan the topics for these sessions.
Fuel Efficiency Standard Implementation and Success Stories
Since the Fuel Efficiency Standard (FES) was established in 2016, the Green Fleet Committee (OVM, DOER, and MassDEP) has collaborated with Executive Branch agencies to reduce vehicle fuel consumption in the State fleet by replacing conventional fuel vehicles with hybrid, alternative fuel, and electric vehicles.

In the two years since its implementation, some notable successes in meeting the FES have been achieved:

  • The Executive Branch added one plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and 14 hybrid-electric vehicles to its fleet.

  • The Mass. Department of Environmental Protection and the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs purchased six Chevy Bolts, the fleet’s first battery-electric vehicles.
Since then… “MassDEP staff love the new Bolts that were provided to each of our four regions last summer. It’s quickly become one of the most popular choices for field inspections and meetings. Bolt performance has been excellent, and we have no issues with the range. Acceleration has been a most positive feature. Also, the large display screen for the backup camera is excellent and has made parking in urban areas a lot easier. We would like to see more Bolts added to the regional fleets, as well as more charging stations.”
Chris Voss, Director, MassDEP

The pictures left and below depict several MassDEP staff inspecting one of their new Bolts in July 2018. A representative from the dealership was on hand to explain how these vehicles operate and the differences drivers are likely to notice between the Bolt and a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle.
  • 55 vans underwent hybrid conversions with Statewide Contract VEH102 vendor, XL Hybrids. These conversions allowed agencies to fulfill the unique operational needs of their vehicles, while incorporating hybrid technology to increase fuel efficiency and reduce fuel costs. These vehicles have been driven more than one million miles and achieved a 17% overall improvement to their MPG. We recognize the Department of Youth Services (DYS), the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), the Bureau of the State House (BSH), and the Department of Correction (DOC) for supporting uptake of this new technology and illustrating how agencies may employ innovative approaches to achieve FES compliance.
Alan Simons, Capital Projects and Procurement Coordinator of DYS adds, "We're pleased to be able to contribute in a small way to reducing the carbon intensity of our operations while also reducing emissions and fuel costs."
Jim Millins, Director of Facilities and Core Services at DDS , says, “We have the XL Hybrid up-fits on some of our 2017 Ford Wheelchair vans. They have performed fantastic and given us substantial fuel savings. The best part is that it has been a seamless transition, staff notice no changes in the vehicle performance and do not need to do anything different, just enjoy the vehicle and the added fuel savings.”
The Green Fleet Committee thanks all agencies for their efforts and collaboration thus far, and looks forward to continuing support throughout the vehicle acquisition process to help move the Executive Branch toward a cleaner and more efficient fleet!
New Vehicle Ordering
Our last survey indicated Fleet Managers require additional information to find vehicles on VEH98, tips for completing the vehicle request workbook, and a better understanding of order-to-delivery timing.  Click here to view some tips and details.
Maintenance Information: Procedures and Dollar Thresholds
OVM encourages all drivers in need of maintenance to first contact Fleet Response to identify the most appropriate network facility in their area. Fleet Response contact information may be found on the vehicle packet located in the glove box.  

Upon arrival, drivers should identify themselves as a Fleet Response customer, provide the vehicle packet, and instruct the shop not to perform service without proper authorization.

OVM, in partnership with Fleet Response, implemented a series of maintenance authorization thresholds designed to minimize vehicle downtime while providing agencies the ability to control larger expenditures. 
Drivers should review all work performed, sign the service invoice, and return the vehicle packet to the glove box. Any issues should be reported immediately to the Agency Fleet Manager and OVM .
Accident Information: Reporting, Repairs, and Follow Up
In all instances, drivers involved in an accident while operating a State vehicle are required to contact Fleet Response within 24 hours to fully report the incident, whether or not damage was incurred. Subsequently, a report is created and acts as a record of the incident; this First Notice of Loss (FNOL) is logged by OVM and supplied to the Agency Fleet Manager for review.

Fleet Response will assign a body shop to the claim and schedule an appointment with the driver for a vehicle evaluation. Agencies MUST have damages inspected and an estimate prepared within thirty (30) days of the accident. OVM will review the estimate and obtain Agency Fleet Manager approval to proceed with repairs. If no damage was incurred, the Agency Fleet Manager must notify OVM in writing.

Upon completion of repairs, drivers should fully inspect the vehicle and report any unsatisfactory work to their Agency Fleet Manager and OVM. It is important to note agencies are responsible for providing decals and signage to the shop, when required. Please contact Vincent Micozzi for replacement POW/MIA or “How Am I Driving” decals.
Fleet Manager and Driver Training Presentation
OVM has created an informative presentation that outlines several policies and processes for fleet-related activities. Use this link to view the slide content.
Recall Management
By statute, the Operational Services Division’s Office of Vehicle Management (OVM), under the direction of the Secretary of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance (A&F) and the Assistant Secretary for Operational Services, is responsible for the registration and management of State-acquired vehicles within Executive Branch Agencies. As a result, all State vehicles acquired, whether by an Agency or through OVM, shall be issued Official State registration and license plates through A&F.

Because A&F is the registered owner of all State vehicles, OVM receives recall notices from manufacturers. Upon receipt, OVM identifies the agencies to which the vehicles have been assigned, then forwards the notices accordingly.

All recalls should be addressed in a timely manner; when visiting agency sites, OVM auditors will address any outstanding open recalls with Fleet managers.

Recall notices often are issued for safety reasons, so it is imperative that repairs be completed as soon as possible. Agencies must provide OVM with a follow-up within 10 business days from the date of receipt of the recall to confirm that the recall issues have been rectified.

OVM provides a link to NHTSA’s recall search engine on the OVM webpage .
Statewide Contract Updates
Click this link to get the latest information about OSD's Vehicle-related Statewide Contracts, join a Sourcing Team, and provide your feedback on the Windshield and Glass Replacement for Vehicles contract.
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