Fleet Managers to Gain Access to Fleet Database
FleetWave is the database system used by the Office of Vehicle Management (OVM) to maintain the inventory of Executive Branch vehicles. In an effort to enhance the visibility of the fleet inventory, OVM will be granting Fleet Managers “read only” access to the system. OVM aims to alleviate confusion and verify the integrity of our data by sharing our current inventory with Fleet Managers. Fleet Managers now will be able to view the following information for vehicles owned or leased by their Agency:
  • Vehicle Information (Year, Make, Model, VIN, etc.)
  • Owner Information (Secretariat, Agency, Unit Code, etc.)
  • Plate Number
  • Vehicle Status
  • Owned vs. Leased
  • Usage Type
  • Garage Location
  • Current Odometer
  • Service History

Fleet Managers will be contacted in the coming months with login credentials and training materials. OVM asks Agencies to review their data and report any inconsistencies between FleetWave and their internal inventory to John Martin (617-720-3178). Please forward questions or issues regarding access or use of the system to Karen Rasnick (617-720-3196).

FY18 Lease Program Now Available

OVM has obtained capital bond funding through the Executive Office of Administration and Finance to provide a vehicle lease program to certain Commonwealth entities. Through this program, OVM purchases vehicles on an Agency’s behalf and “leases” them back to the Agency in return for a monthly lease fee. This allows participating Agencies to spread the acquisition, administration, and certain preventive maintenance costs throughout the lease term.

Interested Agencies should review the Sample FY18 Master Lease & Assignment Agreement to understand the full terms and conditions of this program. Those with questions or wishing to move forward with the program should contact the OVM Lease Administrator,
Karen Rasnick (617-720-3196).

Several vehicle models are in the midst of changing from model year 2017 to model year 2018. For summer ordering, please see the following reminders:

  • Certain model year 2017 vehicles may not be available for factory ordering. The model year 2018 version should be available, but production (and subsequent delivery) may be delayed.
  • Price changes occur in December for VEH98. Take advantage of pricing benefits by placing model year 2018 vehicle orders prior to the pricing update from the vendors.
Reminder: Maintenance Approvals

OVM has noticed an increase in the occurrence of vehicles being repaired without prior authorization from Fleet Response. 
Drivers should be familiar with the tri-fold Vehicle Maintenance Schedule pamphlet located inside the Fleet Response vehicle packet that should be stored in the vehicle glove box. This pamphlet provides driver instructions as well as service provider instructions. Drivers should present the pamphlet when going into the shop. Drivers also should inform the shop that they are not to perform any repairs on the vehicle without first calling Fleet Response for authorization.

rivers are authorized to approve any scheduled preventive maintenance listed on the pamphlet plus up to an additional $100. Anything else must go through Fleet Response for authorization before any work is performed. If a shop repairs a vehicle without prior authorization from Fleet Response, they risk not being paid for the services performed.

Coming Soon! Preventive Maintenance Reminders
OVM will send out reminder notices soon to all Agencies that are overdue on preventive maintenance on vehicles. 

Preventive maintenance performed on a vehicle or equipment while it is still operational lessens the likelihood of it failing. The goal of a successful preventive maintenance program is to establish consistent practices designed to improve the performance and safety of the vehicle and/or equipment at your Agency. Any asset with a Fleet Response packet should be adhering to the preventive maintenance schedule included on the Fleet Response tri-fold pamphlet.

Benefits of adhering to a preventive maintenance schedule include:
  • Decreased equipment downtime and numbers of major repairs
  • Increased life expectancy and reduction of sidelined/out-of-service time of vehicles/equipment
  • Timely, routine repairs avoid certain larger scale repairs
  • Improved safety and quality conditions for drivers

Starting in Q2 FY18 (October 2017), OVM will issue reminder emails to Agency Fleet Managers that outline the vehicles or equipment within their Agency that are noted as being overdue for preventive maintenance, according to the OVM database.

Agency-Managed Accounts with Vendors
Agencies may have separate accounts with third-party vendors, such as WEX for fuel cards or Fleet Response for maintenance and accident repairs, for vehicles that do not fall under OVM purview (such as heavy duty trucks or equipment).

Please confirm with these vendors that your Agency’s contact information is accurate. It is the responsibility of the Agency to manage this relationship, as OVM is not involved with these accounts.
Vehicle Reassignment Forms

Reassignment forms must be submitted to OVM when any vehicle is reassigned within an Agency (either to a different assigned driver or a different Unit Code) or when Agencies are reassigning owned vehicles between each other (this also requires OVM approval). Properly filling out the reassignment form before any internal or external vehicle assignment is mandatory practice for good record keeping and documentation. OVM has discovered many instances where fuel cards, unit code, annual OVM fee, and invoices from vendors have not been accurate due to agencies not filling out the reassignment form.
Surplus Property: Start Fresh in FY18!

The Surplus Property Office handles the disposal, sale, and reallocation of all State owned vehicles and equipment across the Commonwealth. If you have vehicles or equipment that your agency no longer uses, we can post them to the Current Surplus Property Listing or sell them using our online auction site. After the items sell, buyers will remove them, helping you get back much needed space.

Listed below are additional programs and contracts to help you get rid of unwanted items or find a replacement for an old piece of equipment, helping you to start fresh in FY18!  Contact the Surplus Property Office for more information.

  • The Federal Surplus Program is available to State agencies and municipalities. There is an administration fee (typically 5% of the original value of the property) attached to any transfer of property that occurs using the federal program. This nominal fee supports program operations and has been deemed very reasonable by participating entities. 
  • The State Surplus Property Office also has established a statewide scrap metal contract that can be used by all public entities to rid themselves of scrap metal waste. Review the Scrap Metal Contract User Guide for more details.

Grant Funding Available: New Alternative Fuel Vehicles or Upfits to Existing Vehicles

A new grant program has been established by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) that provides financial incentives for specific vehicle technologies acquired through VEH98 or VEH102 which support standard or alternative compliance with the Fuel Efficiency Standard (FES).

Any state agency subject to the requirements of the FES is eligible for a grant award, including all Executive Branch agencies or any state entity acquiring vehicles through OVM. Where applicable, state entities must procure eligible technologies through the associated Statewide Contract and work with OVM in their vehicle acquisition process.

Note: There is a minimum dollar amount required for grant requests when making direct purchases.  Through an agreement between DOER and OVM, the minimum is waived when acquiring vehicles or technologies through the OVM Lease Program.

Vehicle-Related Statewide Contracts