Important Reminder
When driving a State vehicle, employees and contractors are representatives of their Agencies and the Commonwealth as a whole. Public perception of drivers’ actions when behind the wheel, or near their vehicle, can directly impact the Commonwealth.

Some examples of behavior that violates state law or could simply invite criticism appear in the graphic below:
Inappropriate Vehicle Behaviors
These examples do not represent all inappropriate actions, but they are examples of complaints reported to the 1-800-How-Am-I-Driving line. On average, OVM receives approximately 25 calls per month to the 1-800 line, including both compliments and complaints.

Drivers must obey all rules of the road and should practice common sense when driving and representing the Commonwealth. Remember: it never is acceptable to practice any of the behaviors shown here.
Upcoming Events
FleetWave Training
Would you like to view your fleet inventory in real time? Register for FleetWave training and discover how!

Tire Contract (VEH97) Training
August 2, 2018, for Executive Branch fleet managers Register

State Police in Ayer - Friday, August 17, 2018
Registration: 8:30AM/ Auction Start: 10:00AM
Preview: Thursday, August 16, 2018 (10:00AM - 1:00PM)

OVM Lot in Westboro - Saturday, August 18, 2018
Registration: 8:00AM/ Auction Start: 10:00AM
Preview: Wednesday, August 15, 2018 (10:00AM - 3:00PM)
Surplus Property
Learn more about the Surplus Property Program auctions through a Q&A with OSD’s own Ted Bunnell that was featured in the most recent Buy the Way . Read more
Safety 101: NHTSA Report on Injury Severity and Vehicle Age
A recent research study completed by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) examined the correlation of vehicle age (by model year) and the severity of injuries sustained in fatal crashes. The graphic shows that the percentage of occupants who were fatally injured was higher among occupants of older vehicles than those of newer vehicles: 55 percent for MY 1984 & earlier vehicles vs. 26 percent for MY 2013–2017 vehicles.
Read the full report here .

As we enter FY19, OVM reminds Agencies of the importance of replacing vehicles that no longer are safe to operate or sufficient to meet the needs of the business. The OVM Lease Program is available to Executive Branch Agencies again this fiscal year. Please contact Karen Rasnick for further information.
Maintenance Reminder
Preventive Maintenance (PM) should be performed every 5,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. Note: This is an extended time frame from what is included in the Fleet Response packet (every 3,000 miles), but should cover most vehicle PM needs.

It is important to note that an oil change alone is not considered a PM and will not be sufficient to “reset the clock” for the next PM that becomes due.

OVM recommends the following PM schedule:
Maintenance Reminders
All items within the schedule must be included for the service to be considered a PM.
VEH97 Tire/Service Purchase Instruction Brochure for Executive Agencies
The following information is applicable only to those Executive Agencies purchasing tires on statewide contract VEH97. All other Eligible Entities should continue to follow instructions outlined in the VEH97  Contract User Guide .

OVM and Agencies have experienced billing issues due to confusion at time of purchase between the driver and the vendors. These issues most often relate to the correct billing address that should be used.

OSD is actively working with the three manufacturers (Michelin, Bridgestone/Firestone, and Goodyear) to ensure that their corporate stores and authorized dealers are educated and understand the process to prevent confusion.

In addition to partnering with the vendors, OSD has developed two brochures for Agencies to include in their vehicle glove boxes that clearly outline the buying process for drivers depending on whether the vehicle is agency-owned or OVM-leased.

The brochure instructions and customizable templates are attached to each vendor Master Blanket Purchase Order (MBPO) in COMMBUYS. Please see links below:
Please join us for a webinar on Thursday, August 2, at 10:00AM, during which we will review the purchasing process including new instructional brochures. OSD highly encourages all fleet personnel in your agency to attend the webinar.  Register here.
Car Washes: Mobile and At-the-Pump
Car Wash
Mobile Car Wash Pilot Program Available to Southeastern MA Agencies:

Fleet Response recently on-boarded two vendors in the Southeast region of Massachusetts to provide exterior maintenance solutions. Agencies interested in washing/detailing 10 or more vehicles at a given time are encouraged to  contact OVM for further details.

Car Washes Using the WEX Gas Card:

Car washes have been added to the VEH100 WEX Fuel Card and Fuel Management Services contract.

Important to Remember - the car wash must be purchased when the transaction is paid at the pump, at an outside payment terminal. Payment can not be made at an inside payment terminal.

Drivers always should be aware of the height of their vehicle and the clearance height of the car wash facility to determine whether it may be accommodated.

For more robust detailing, we suggest you use your internal department process for obtaining and paying for these services.

WEX provided a partial list of car wash locations that offer car wash services and accept the WEX gas card. The gas stations on this list were identified through purchases made by WEX clients in Massachusetts over a 90-day period earlier this year.

We hope these additions will help Agencies properly maintain their State vehicles.
Statewide Contract Updates
Dump Truck
VEH98 Purchase of Vehicles
Expansion! Now offers heavy duty vehicles, including buses, vans, loaders, sweepers, etc. New vendors include:
  • Tri State Truck Center Inc.
  • Boston Freightliner Inc.
  • Monroe Tractor & Implement Co Inc.
  • Dario Diesel Service Inc.
  • Silver Star Inc.
  • Ballard Mack Sales and Service Inc.
  • Barry Equipment Co Inc.
  • Equipment East LLC
  • New England Wheels Inc.
  • Andco Inc.
  • Marcotte Ford Sales Inc.
  • Colonial Ford Marlboro Inc.
Commercial Bus
VEH84A Maintenance and Accident Management
This contract is going out to bid soon! A Strategic Sourcing Team has been assembled and the new contract is planned to begin January 1, 2019. To help ensure a successful bid, we welcome your feedback, comments, questions, or concerns during this process . Contact us!
VEH96 Auto Parts
Contract has been renewed through June 30, 2020, with rolling enrollment through November 14, 2018, for new vendors.
VEH102 Advanced Vehicle Technology Equipment, Supplies and Services
Re-opening as a rolling enrollment! Starts in July and will be open for four months. Watch for new categories!
Gas Pump Capturing Data
VEH104 Fuel Systems
FuelMaster is now on contract, offering modernized on-site pumps. Track your fuel usage, either through their system or by incorporating it with your WEX cards and VEH99’s Fleet Information Management System (requires additional hardware). Watch your email for more information.
VEH106 Telematics Offerings
Learn more about the Commonwealth’s new telematics (GPS tracking) contract here .
Vehicle Lift
VEH105 Vehicle Lifts
Interested in Vehicle Lift Inspection/Repair Services?
Your thoughts please…

OSD is exploring an amendment to the Vehicle Lifts Statewide Contract that, if implemented, would add vehicle lift inspections, repairs, and related services to current VEH105 offerings.

In an effort to understand buyer need for these services, OSD has drawn up a brief survey and would appreciate your feedback.

Note : We encourage you to take the survey and share the survey link with coworkers or colleagues at other organizations who may have feedback to share. We ask that you forward your responses no later than Friday, July 27. TAKE THE SURVEY!  
Refer questions to Katherine Morse at 617-720-3153.
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