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Friday, May 18 - State Police Vehicle Auction in Ayer, MA
Saturday, June 23 - OVM Vehicle Auction in Westborough, MA
Online auctions held on an ongoing basis, as needed. Details at www.auctionsinternational.com.
Will We See You at MASSBUYS?
The State Surplus Property Office Will Be There!
The State Surplus Property Office (SSPO) is presenting once again at the 20th Anniversary of MASSBUYS on May 10, 2018. This interactive discussion and training session will detail both the State and Federal Surplus Property Programs. The SSPO will introduce programs and initiatives that may help attendees save money and generate efficiencies for their agency, organization, or municipality. In addition, this workshop will contain a training element geared toward State Agency and Local Government end users to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations and policies associated with the program.

Be sure to sign up early as last year the workshop booked fast! Register for MASSBUYS and the State Surplus Property Workshop here .
FleetWave Training for OVM- Managed Agency Fleet Managers
FleetWave is the online database system that OVM utilizes to track the Commonwealth fleet of vehicles that falls under its purview. Agency Fleet Managers may obtain view access to this platform and utilize the system to review their fleet inventory, run reports, etc. Several Fleet Managers have taken advantage of this training so far, and OVM is now opening up regularly scheduled dates for others to attend. The sessions will be held in the OSD Training Room on the 10th floor at 1 Ashburton Place in Boston. Seating is limited, so register early. We've scheduled nine sessions from April 17 through the end of the year. Click here to view available dates and register.
Vehicle-related Contract News
  • VEH98 (Purchase of Vehicles) is continuing to expand to include heavy duty and other unique vehicle offerings, including tractors, fire trucks, ambulances and buses. Refer to the Contract User Guide for more information.
  • VEH102 (Advanced Vehicle Technologies) has additional vendors! Refer to the MBPO for more information.
  • VEH104 (Fuel Management Systems) has launched with contractor Syntech Systems! Refer to the MBPO in COMMBUYS for more information.
  • VEH106 (Telematics) is available through contractor GPS Insights and more vendors are anticipated! Refer to the MBPO or Contract User Guide for more information.
  • Check out VEH108 (Inventory Management Services) news from Buy the Way, p. 4.

If you have questions about these contracts, contact Lisa Westgate at 617-720-3112.
The Impact of the Fuel Efficiency Standard
Since the implementation of the Fuel Efficiency Standard for the State Fleet (FES), significant changes have been made in the way vehicles are ordered by affected Agencies.

As a result, the Commonwealth fleet is becoming more cost effective and fuel efficient. The stats to the right provide a high-level overview of the impact made by OSD/OVM, in conjunction with the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and we expect the trend to continue.

While all Agencies made efforts to meet or exceed the new standard, OVM would like to recognize three Agencies for adopting new technology as part of their alternative compliance plans. Through grant funding offered by DOER, the Department of Correction, Department of Youth Services, and Department of Developmental Services each installed after-market hybrid-electric technology into several larger vans, increasing their fuel efficiency by as much as 20%.
Reminder: Inspection Stickers
Agencies should coordinate annual inspections of all their vehicles, including seasonal vehicles, in accordance with Massachusetts laws. To assist Agencies with coordination of large numbers of inspections at one time, there are mobile inspection service providers within the state.

Agencies that utilize Fleet Response for maintenance services should contact them at 1-800-338-0619 to request information on mobile inspection services that can be done on-site. Other Agencies may contact OVM for additional information.
Monthly Odometer Submissions
In preparation for monthly odometer submissions, Agencies may request an inventory listing of their ACTIVE vehicles, as they appear in the OVM database.

To eliminate unrecognized vehicles in our database and to ensure the accuracy of the odometer reporting, Agencies should submit the plate numbers exactly as they are shown on the inventory listing. Please contact OVM with questions about this process.

As an alternative, Fleet Managers may obtain view and reporting access to FleetWave to ensure they match OVM’s records when submitting their monthly odometer reports. Sign up for FleetWave training here .
Commonwealth Registration and Plate Types
Most state vehicles typically are issued a registration and license plate designated for state use. Some state vehicles may be issued confidential registrations if such vehicles are in the possession of law enforcement personnel or have received the appropriate approvals through the Executive Office for Administration and Finance and such registration is necessary either for undercover investigatory work or to protect the physical safety of law enforcement personnel using the vehicle. Such registrations will be issued on an individual basis for the sole use of the approved employee and the corresponding license plate will have the appearance of a conventional plate.

Confidential Registrations and Plates
  1. If applicable requirements are met, each request for a confidential registration must be submitted on an OVM-Confidential Registration Form at least 30 days before the proposed effective date of the registration. The form must be filled out in its entirety, signed by the Cabinet Secretary and Agency Head, and approved by the OVM Fleet Administrator.
  2. Once submitted, OVM will review the request and forward to the Executive Office for Administration and Finance for final review and approval. If a request is denied, OVM will return the application to the requesting Agency with the reason for denial.
  3. The confidential registration will be valid for a two-year period from the date of the original registration. If the Agency wishes to renew the confidential registration, it must submit a new request to OVM on the applicable form at least 30 days prior to the expiration date. If the Agency does not renew the confidential registration, the license plate must be returned to OVM immediately. In this instance, the Agency should request a new registration and attach a State license plate.

Conventional Registrations and Plates
Plates for passenger normal registrations (conventional) feature either a white background with red lettering or a white background with green lettering (issued prior to 1989). Agencies may request a passenger normal plate by contacting OVM . Be aware that issuance of conventional plates is at the discretion of OVM.
Updates Coming for the Federal Surplus Property Program
Most people who log into the federal surplus property website ( https://gsaxcess.gov ) often access the site using a generic username. Due to recent federal regulation changes, effective April 30, everyone using the site will be required to log in using a unique username and password.

If you have a current application on file for the Federal Surplus Property Program, you should have received an email from the SSPO recently alerting you of this change.

Please keep an eye out for an email from gsaxcess@gsa.gov , which will provide instructions to log into the website and view available property. If you did not receive an email or if you would like to learn how to receive a log in, please contact the SSPO or call 617-720-3170. 
Windshield and Glass Replacement
As we enter into spring, it’s not uncommon to find small cracks or chips in our windshields -- another reminder of the harsh New England winter. Statewide Contract VEH103 provides agencies a wide array of auto glass services, including replacement and repairs.

In the event of glass damage, not resulting from body/structural damage to the vehicle, agencies should contact JN Phillips or Safelite to schedule an appointment. Both vendors offer a percentage discount off the National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) list and set service pricing, which may be found in COMMBUYS .

It is the responsibility of the driver to follow their Agency’s procedures for providing purchase order numbers and billing addresses to the vendor at the time of service.

As a reminder, these transactions should be documented in COMMBUYS as an RPA Release Requisition . Agencies should refer to the VEH103 Contract User Guide for more information, or contact the Contract Manager, Katherine Morse .
Reminder: Report Recall Services to OVM
As the registered owner for many Commonwealth vehicles (through the Executive Office for Administration and Finance), OVM receives recall notices from the manufacturers, which are forwarded to the appropriate Agencies for direct resolution. Recall notices typically are issued for safety reasons and it is imperative that repairs be completed as soon as possible. OVM asks Agencies to follow up with us within ten business days to confirm that the issues have been rectified.

If you have questions about this process, please contact OVM . For assistance in locating a dealership to complete the recall, contact Fleet Response at 1-800-338-0619.
1-800-How Am I Driving
The “How Am I Driving” hotline was established to promote safety and provide an outlet where constituents may voice compliments or concerns regarding observed driving behavior of state operators. Calls to the hotline are monitored closely and verifiable complaint data is communicated back to Agencies for resolution.

Constituents of Massachusetts hold state drivers to the highest of standards and look to us as the example of safe driving for all others to follow. OSD/OVM encourages all drivers to be cautious and courteous at all times while remaining mindful of their perceived driving habits.

All Executive branch vehicles, except law enforcement and undercover vehicles, must display a legible “How Am I Driving” sticker on the left side of the rear bumper. Please contact Vincent Micozzi at 617- 720-3185 for replacement stickers.
E-Z Pass and Transponder Reminders
To ensure drivers are not incurring toll violations, please refer to the January 2018 OVM Quarterly policy highlight on Transponder use. Additionally, please review the list of the most common issues below:
  • Transponders may not be positioned correctly in the windshield;
  • The windshield may not be completely cleared off so that the transponder is visible, especially during winter months with snow and ice;
  • Transponders may be getting old and are no longer recognized when going through the tolls.

To replace a transponder, visit one of the PaybyPlateMA / EZDriveMA offices in Boston, East Boston, Lee, Ludlow, Natick, or Saugus. For more information, visit their website .
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