Updated Driver Log available
OVM has created an Excel version of the Driver Log, which allows additional trips to be included on each page. Please use this link to review, print, and, utilize the new form.  Contact OVM if you’d like to provide feedback on the new version.
Start vehicle review and budget process
As many Agencies define or finalize their FY2019 budgets, Fleet Managers should take the opportunity to review their vehicle inventory to determine:
  • Utilization rates, for optimal fleet size and type;
  • Vehicles that meet replacement criteria; and
  • Budget to meet FY19 replacement goals.

OVM recommends replacement of light duty vehicles as follows:

Replacement Criteria:
  • Age: 10 or more years (model year 2008 or older)
  • Odometer: 100,000 or more miles
  • Maintenance Spend: $10,000 or more over vehicle's lifetime
  • Percent of Spend: 50% or higher during last three years

Number of Criteria Met:
  • 4 - Potentially unsafe vehicle - replace immediately
  • 3 - Review for replacement this year
  • 2 - Review for replacement this year or next
  • 1 - Review for replacement next 2-3 years

Contact OVM if you need assistance with this process.
Monthly accident report announcement
Starting in October, OVM began sharing monthly preventable accident data directly with fleet managers of Agencies within our purview. This report provides a brief overview of the prior month’s avoidable claims and the estimated losses incurred by the Agency. By bringing preventable accident data to the forefront, OVM hopes to instill a culture of safety and responsibility within Commonwealth Agencies and Drivers leading to fewer accidents, lower operating costs, and less vehicle downtime.
Who to contact at OVM
Do you need to replace a lost fuel card or maintenance packet? Did a license plate get destroyed in an accident and do you need a new one? Did you receive a toll notice that wasn’t yours? Here’s who to call for these situations and more:

Alex Giannantonio , Director of Fleet Policy and Administration, 617-720-3171
Raphaela Miller , Fleet Response Packets/Violations and Mileage Questions, 617-720-3136
John Martin , Registration/Plate Questions (also Surplus Property Questions), 617-720-3178
Cheryl Cushman , Fuel Card (WEX) or Owned Vehicle Questions, 617-720-3109
Karen Rasnick , Lease Process or Annual OVM Fee Questions, 617-720-3196
Vinny Micozzi , Maintenance and Accident Repair Questions or Required Stickers, 617-720-3185
Michael Duplan , Vehicle Management Auditor, 617-720-3177
Bert Buckley , Vehicle Management Auditor, 617-720-3154
Tim Morrissey , Surplus Property/Turn-in Vehicle Questions (Westboro Vehicle Lot), 617-835-3216
Ted Bunnell , Surplus Property (State & Federal) or Registration Questions, 617-720-3170
Watch out for snow plows on the road!
With winter in full effect, we wanted to share some tips from MassDOT about encountering storm response vehicles. Click on the picture to the right to review their recommendations for sharing the road with snow plows.
Dual plate information
Did you know the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) no longer allows dual registrations on vehicles? If your Agency currently operates a vehicle that has multiple sets of plates, at least one of those sets is not valid. Please notify OVM if you have any vehicles with multiple sets of plates or registrations so that we may assist you in rectifying the problem. This will help keep you in compliance and avoid any violations for operating an improperly registered vehicle.
Fuel card exception reporting
WEX provides exception reporting for all OVM-managed Agencies to help better manage fuel transactions and costs. Exception reports will be forwarded to Agencies that appear on the report. There currently are seven categories for exception reporting. If an exception appears on your report, review the notes in blue :
  • Adjusted odometer – Occurs when an odometer entered at the time of fuel purchase does not correlate to a previously submitted odometer reading and is deemed to be inaccurate and adjusted by WEX. Fuel purchases must be made only for the vehicle plate number that is embossed on the gas card; the actual odometer reading must be entered for that vehicle at each purchase.
  • Holiday – Occurs when fuel is purchased on a holiday. Is the vehicle allowed to operate on a holiday?
  • Multiple transactions – Occurs when fuel is purchased more than once a day using the same gas card. This may be permitted if there is sufficient time and mileage driven between the transactions. However, transactions occurring within minutes of each other may indicate the gas card is being used for equipment and not the vehicle. Separate equipment gas cards are issued for this purpose. Gas cards assigned to a vehicle never should be used for equipment.
  • Non-fuel – Occurs when any non-fuel purchase is made (car wash, vehicle services, food, etc.). According to SWC VEH100, non-fuel purchases currently are not allowed.
  • Off hours – Occurs when fuel is purchased outside normal business hours (7 am – 6 pm). Is the vehicle allowed to operate between 6 pm and 7 am?
  • Premium fuel – Occurs when mid-grade (88-90 octane) or premium grade (91-94 octane) are purchasedAll transactions should be for either unleaded (87 octane) or diesel.
  • Weekend – Occurs when fuel is purchased on a weekend. Is the vehicle allowed to operate on weekends?
Agencies are asked to review their exception report and address issues with the driver(s) involved. The report will be sent to you weekly in an effort to lower the number of reported exceptions. Questions on the WEX Exception Reporting should be directed to OVM.
Monthly odometer readings
Agencies submitting monthly odometer readings to OVM should provide plate numbers that match the plate numbers (exactly) as listed in our FleetWave system. If you are unsure of the correct plate number to use, please reach out to OVM for an updated vehicle/plate report. Using plate numbers that match what is in our FleetWave system ensures a smooth upload of the odometer information.
License plate reminders
  1. OVM is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the license plates issued to state vehicles within our purview. If you have any license plates belonging to vehicles that were sold via live or online auction, please mail them to the following address for destruction: OSD/OVM, ATTN: Tim Morrissey, 167 Lyman Street, Westborough, MA 01581.
  2. Once a vehicle is retired from an Agency’s fleet, the plate should not be used on any other vehicle without first consulting OVM.
  3. Moving forward, only one plate shall be issued for trailers and non-vehicle related equipment, as only one plate is necessary for these items. Please make an effort to turn in all duplicate plates for items within your fleet where one is sufficient.
  4. If an Agency is in need of a duplicate plate, please contact OVM.
Do you have assigned drivers? Let OVM know!
As more Agencies gain access to view their fleet in OVM’s database, FleetWave, the Assigned Driver data field occasionally is left empty. If any vehicle in your fleet is driven by the same person 80% or more of the time, they are considered to be assigned to that vehicle and should be included in the database.

Please forward your list of Assigned Drivers to OVM for updating, including the vehicles to which they are assigned. Having Assigned Drivers on record should assist with clarifying discrepancies in monthly mileage reporting, accident reporting, violation notices, and many other functions that are processed through OVM.
Ongoing toll account management
Since the institution of All Electronic Tolling (AET) in Massachusetts, several Agencies have had questions regarding the ongoing management of their Agency E-ZPass accounts. To set-up a new E-Z Pass Account or get general information on invoicing and transponders, please refer to the April 2017 issue.

As an update to that information, please note that if an Agency needs to add vehicles and/or receive additional transponders to an existing account, the E-Z Pass Transponder Worksheet should be completed and submitted to E-Z Pass.
Remember that if a transponder is not recognized, the plate is photographed and existing accounts are reviewed to apply the toll appropriately. If a plate has not been included on an account or the vehicle does not have a transponder, an invoice will be issued to the registered owner, which is Administration and Finance (ANF) for Executive Branch vehicles.
OVM falls under ANF and receives these toll notices. Once the vehicle is identified, the notice is forwarded to the appropriate Agency, which is responsible for ensuring all tolls are paid promptly.  The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) tracks information on unpaid violations, including tolls, and may refuse a renewal for a registration or cancel an existing registration if violations aren’t paid.
Contact OVM with any questions on E-Z Pass Accounts, invoicing, or transponders, including how to list your plate number(s) with E-Z Pass so they are recognized by MassDOT.
Reminder: Contact OVM when transferring or reassigning a vehicle and/or driver
Recent reviews completed by OVM auditors have shown many instances where vehicles and equipment have been reassigned within the same Agency, either to a different unit code or a different driver, without notifying OVM. To keep the fleet database accurate and up-to-date, Agencies must notify OVM whenever a vehicle is transferred to another Agency or is reassigned within the same Agency, such as Unit Code or Driver changes. Agency Fleet Managers should refer to the Asset Reassignment Form for instructions.

Please reach out to OVM immediately for assistance if you discover that a transfer or reassignment occurred without the proper notification. As a best practice for your state fleet and also in preparation for your future fleet audit, OVM recommends you verify that all your active vehicles and plated equipment assets are listed with OVM under the correct Unit Code. This verification may be completed through FleetWave and/or by reaching out to OVM for assistance.
VEH98 Purchase of vehicles contract: Significant enhancements expected
  • More light duty vehicle models
  • Medium duty vehicles expanded
  • New heavy duty truck offerings
  • Category to accommodate any vehicle with a minimum of three wheels
  • Bi-annual Statewide bulk bid for vehicles
  • Send interim questions to Lisa Westgate.
  • Stay tuned for VEH98 updates in January 2018!
SWC Vehicle Handbook Updated
Be sure to download the recently updated Statewide Contract Vehicle Handbook to get latest information about vehicle-related products and services.
ICYMI: In Case You Missed It
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