National Action
OYUnited Leaders on Capitol Hill
Leaders of The Reconnecting Youth Campaign from dozens of coalitions met again in DC on January 25 th to plan their strategy and meet with key staff on Capitol Hill. The mission is to get the federal government to invest in one million opportunities each year for 16 to 24 year old young people to reconnect to education, employment, service, and leadership. 

This will cost an additional $4.5B to get from the current 330,000 opportunities to one million. This is an achievable objective that has been mapped carefully by the Bridge to Reconnection written by Civic Enterprises.  Elected officials just raised the cap on domestic spending; they need to invest in America’s youth who were born into poverty and raised in under-resourced communities through no fault of their own and are seeking a chance to build a stronger future.

The National Council of Young Leaders has made investment in expanding all effective pathways out of poverty its priority low-hanging fruit for breaking the cycle of poverty for millions.  

The Campaign is led by the Forum for Youth Investment, CLASP, YouthBuild USA, and Opportunity Youth United. Over 30 coalitions have joined forces. Please contact OYUnited’s founding member Shawnice Jackson if you would like to get involved:  [email protected]. We will need grassroots action to win this one.
Young Leaders in Florida SPEAK OUT for Policy Reform
We are deeply saddened by the tragic event that took place in Parkland, FL, which claimed the lives of 17 students and faculty. Our hearts and condolences go out to everyone who was impacted by the event in any way. Despite their anger and sadness, the young people of Parkland are standing up, speaking out, and taking action against gun violence, calling for policies and action that will prevent a tragedy like this from happening again.  

Local Action
LA Community Action Team (CAT) Members SHOW UP at " State of the State" Event at the Advancement Project\\k
Young leaders of the LA Community Action Team (CAT) attended the  State of the State event , hosted by the Advancement Project (AP). The event focused on racial tensions and issues within communities and government, followed by a conversation about solutions to move communities forward. The young leaders joined other dynamic leaders like Congresswoman,  Karen Bass; The Advancement Project, Executive Director,  John Kim; Actor/Activist,  Jesse William, and many more.
Stay tuned for more action from the LA CAT! They have recently hired Luis Bautista-Morales (at the front of the photo above) as a full-time organizer thanks to the support of the California Endowment, and they are ready to engage more young people
OYU Hosts Local CAT Retreat in Atlanta
OYU hosted its first CAT retreat with the Atlanta CAT at United Way of Greater Atlanta. The core goal of the retreat was to set a solid foundation for the CAT to thrive. Over the course of three days, OYU staff worked with the young leaders of the Atlanta CAT to build relationships; create their own policy recommendations for ending poverty and increasing opportunity, compare them to the national OYU Recommendations, and propose additions to those; provide some civic education; and prioritize actions for the next period.

The Atlanta CAT is working closely with the 100K Initiative in Atlanta to promote its Jobs Fair, and working to mobilize young voters in South Fulton County to take their votes seriously. Many thanks to State Farm for supporting the Atlanta CAT.

Lots of fun, love, and planning. Thank You Atlanta CAT!
Leadership In Action
OYUnited National Leader Appointed by Mayor
OYUnited National Council Member, Kimberly Pham, was appointed to serve on the Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney’s, selection committee to appoint the new, incoming school board officials. This is a wonderful acknowledgement of Kim’s deep engagement in Philadelphia as a young leader caring for her community.

Congrats Kim!

Seattle CAT Leader Receives the 2018 Transforming Lives Award

 OYU Leader of the Seattle CAT, Omar Osman, received the 2018 Transforming Lives Award from the Washington State Association of College Trustees. The award was established in 2012 to  recognize current or former students whose lives have been transformed by pursuing higher education at a community or technical college. Omar was one of five young leaders to receive the award and he was chosen as the keynote speaker!
Resources & Tools
Get Ready for the 2018 Mid-term Elections
2018 is an important election year. All federal Congresspeople are up for re-election, plus many Senators, Governors, Mayors, and local officials at all levels. Just because there is not a presidential election doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention, choose the people who represent your views, and then VOTE!!!!  We want you to be prepared to have your voice heard!  

Please get prepared now by checking out our Turbo Vote tool and signing up. It will notify you when your elections are happening, and give you the information you need to vote with confidence. You can sign up to receive election reminders, get registered to vote, & apply for your absentee ballot!
In Solidarity,
Lashon Amado
National Coordinator of the Community Action Teams of Opportunity Youth United
Lashon Amado