Oak Hills Newsletter Week #36
Walk to School Wednesday - THIS WEDNESDAY
Walk To School Wednesday 
April 18th 7:30 AM
You're Invited!
International Walk to school Wednesday the event that promotes healthy kids, cuts down on neighborhood traffic & pollution and builds community.

Meet up with some of your favorite teachers & friends for a morning trek to school. 

Wear your Spirit Gear and meet us here:

Mrs. Chobanian and Mrs. Redding: Kanan & Golden Eagle
Mrs. Novak: Rockfield & Hawthorne
Mrs. Lokitz: Kanan & Oak Hills Dr. (Duck Pond)

Walk to School Day

OHES Spirit Wear Is On Sale NOW
This will be the last order of the school year for Oak Hills Spirit Wear.  Get your students ready for the new year by getting their gear early!
Please print the form and turn it i n  to  your student's teacher or the office by Thursday, April 19th. No late orders will be accepted. Orders will be delivered to the classrooms during the last week of school.
We will be taking additional orders at registration, in August, and we will also have a few items available for purchase.
Click Here for a copy of the order form.

**If you are ordering a t-shirt please specify dri-FIT or classic cotton**

Any questions please email Jill Muñoz Bruinatheart2000@aol.com

The TIFA Ice Cream Flavor Challenge
A local business in our community is kindly sponsoring a special contest for Oak Hills.  A flyer came home in your child's folder which allows your child to create/conceive their very own ice cream!  If your child would like to participate they should provide a name for their flavor, a list of ingredients, and a picture of the ice cream if they choose, on the form sent home.  These forms need to be turned in by April 20th at which time TIFA will determine the 10 most viable flavors from those submitted.  The students will then do a blind vote in computer class and the winning flavor will be sold at both TIFA locations for the month of May with a small percentage coming back to Oak Hills.  This activity is totally optional and we hope a fun way to head into summer.  

Click here if you need another copy of the entry form.

Health Office News
A message from Mrs. Meredith
Happy Spring!
Please DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY around our school. Our students and parent's lives are more important than anywhere you might need to go.
There are some students coming back to school before they are ready. This is unfair to everyone. The student will be sent home if they do not follow these very important rules:
If your child has a fever of 99.6 or more they must stay home. They may return only if they are fever free- without the help of medication- for 24 hours.
If your child has thrown up - they must stay home at least 24 hours after the last time they threw up.
If your child has an illness that requires antibiotics-(ear infection, bronchitis, sinusitis, pink eye, etc.) they must stay home at least 24 hours after the first dose.
All students are REQUIRED by California law to be up to date with immunizations or they may NOT be in school.
I need a copy of ALL immunizations given throughout the year.  I don't need flu shot records.
If your child has new medical illness or diagnosis over the school year, please keep me informed.
The health office is in need of gently-used shorts, leggings, or pants for our students. Please bring in any clothes that your child has outgrown.
Please feel free to visit me at the health office, or call me at 818-707-4224. I'm always happy to answer any questions.
Stay healthy and don't forget to wash your hands!

Oak Hills Mother/Son Bowling Event

Big Sunday - May 6th

Big Sunday is just over a month away and Oak Hills has some amazing campus projects this year!  This is a great way for the kids to learn about community service and the benefits that go along with it.  More information to come after Spring Break on the exciting projects that will happen at Oak Hills on Sunday May 6th.  Registration is NOW OPEN!   Click here to register your family today.  

**The Oak Park Girls Basketball Team is collecting gently used shoes.   Please bring gently used shoes to Big Sunday .  All sizes and styles are welcome, boots, slippers, whatever.  Do not bring shoes with holes or broken straps please. These shoes will be donated to "Funds2Orgs" an organization who sends them to countries (Haiti, India, and Tanzania) to be re-purposed**
Legacy Tile Make Up Day
We still have a couple of Oak Hills families that have not painted their tiles.  Please contact Brenna Gutell at brennagutell@yahoo.com to make arrangements for painting. 
Earth Week - April: 16-20
April 16 - 20

"Caring for Our Oceans" is the theme for the EEAC's Celebration of Earth Week this year. Students will learn about marine debris and plastics pollution, how it affects our waterways and what they can do to help.  
Our activities will include:
  • Mr. Eco - Superhero Kick-Off Assembly Friday, April 13th
  • In-class activities and discussions for all students
  • Walk to School Wednesday
  • Scuba equipment demos at lunch
  • New library books
  • Coin drive to support the Friends of Midway Atoll (Monday, April 16th - Friday, April 20th)
This year our "Change for Change" drive will support restoration efforts to help numerous bird species, including Laysan Albatross on the Midway Atoll which is part of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands National Marine Sanctuary (FriendsOfMidway.org). The class that raises the most funds will receive an in-class hands on assembly with Captain Carl and his wonderful tide pool sea creatures.
Related links to check out:
6 Minute Video explaining the problem and actions we can take: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=DHg291KeFls
Live Bird Cam:

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Save the Date

16-20: Earth Week
18: Walk to School Wednesday
25-27: Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
29: Mother/Son Bowling Event -  Click Here  to Sign-up Today


6: Big Sunday - Click here
 to register today.

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