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Friday, September 7, 2018 

This coming Thursday, September 13th we will be holding our Annual Open House Showcase from 5:00-7:00 PM. We invite all members of our school community to attend this special event. Our faculty and students are quite excited about showcasing our campus for our guests. Please be sure to mark this date on your calendar.

Congratulations to Ms. Monteiro, 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year, and to Ms. Chandersingh, 2018-2019 Support Person of the Year (below). These annual awards are decided via votes from their colleagues and peers and we are all very proud of this achievement. If you happen to see either of these fine Pioneers around campus next week, kindly take a moment to congratulate them.

Best wishes for a safe and relaxing weekend. I look forward to seeing everyone back on campus Monday morning for the start of another successful week!

With Pioneer Pride,
Mrs. Jennifer Bellinger

Pictured very top: Orange County voters approved the renewal of the one mill property tax for another four years on August 28th by 83%. This was the greatest success rate thus far and these monies will once again be gradually invested across many high quality programs that benefit our students. Thank you for supporting our schools.

Orlando Sentinel (Aug. 29) - "Orange County schools tax passes easily, winning more than 83 percent of the vote"

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Dates to RememberUpcomingevents

Monday, September 10
  • Pioneer Bowling vs. Dr. Phillips at Sky Bowl - 3:00PM
  • Lady Pioneers Volleyball vs. Timber Creek at Timber Creek - 6:00PM
Wednesday, September 12
  • Pioneer Bowling vs. Lake Nona/East River/University/Colonial at Boardwalk Bowl - 3:00PM
Thursday, September 13
  • Open House Showcase - 5:00-7:00PM
  • Freshman & JV Football vs. Freedom at Freedom - 6:00PM
  • Lady Pioneers Volleyball vs. Colonial at Home - 6:00PM
Friday, September 14
  • Boys & Girls Varsity Golf vs. Cypress Creek at Grande Vista - 3:00PM
  • Varsity Football vs. Freedom at Home - 7:00PM
Tuesday, September 18
  • Lady Pioneers Volleyball vs. Cypress Creek at Cypress Creek - 6:00PM
Wednesday, September 19
  • Boys & Girls Varsity Golf vs. Colonial at Grande Vista - 3:00PM
  • Pioneer Bowling vs. Timber Creek/Freedom at Boardwalk Bowl - 3:00PM
Thursday, September 20
  • Freshman & JV Football vs. Timber Creek at Home - 6:00PM
  • Lady Pioneers Volleyball vs. Dr. Phillips at Home - 6:00PM
Friday, September 21
  • 1st Quarter Progress Reports go home (Report Cards issued October 29th)
  • Girls Varsity Golf vs. Timber Creek at Stoney Brook East - 3:00PM
  • Freshman, JV, & Varsity Football vs. Timber Creek at Timber Creek - 7:00PM (Varsity)


Plan Ahead: No Early-Release Wednesday, October 10, 2018
In order for all students participating in SAT School Day (October 10, 2018) to complete their tests without concern for running out of time, all OCPS students will be scheduled for a full school day instead of the normal early-release Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

Please encourage your students to attend tutoring should they need some additional support. Tutoring really makes a difference! Transportation is also available. Please note that bus stops are in general areas, so students will have to decide which stop is closest to their home.

Extended Media Center Hoursextendedmedia 

2018-2018 Teacher of the Year & 2018-2019 Support Person of the Yeartoy    

Congratulations to our 2018 Teacher of the Year, Rosina Monteiro, and Support Person of the Year, Leonie Chandersingh! Thank you for all that you do for #ORHS!!  

#pioneerpride #thisisoakridge #OCPS #education #teacheroftheyear #supportpersonoftheyear

Ms. Monterio, 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year (Media Specialist)
The Teacher of the Year program recognizes and honors the contributions of outstanding classroom teachers who demonstrate a superior capacity to inspire a love of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities. Out of more than 200 instructional personnel representing each school in the district, five finalists are chosen and one person is awarded the distinction of Orange County Public Schools Teacher of the Year. Congratulations and best of luck to Ms. Rosina Monteiro!

Ms. Chandersingh, 2018-2019 Support Person of the Year (Program Assistant)
The Support Person of the Year program honors educational support personnel for the contributions they make to their schools, district-level sections, units, and departments. Out of more than 220 support personnel, five finalists are chosen and one person is awarded the distinction of Orange County Public Schools Support Person of the Year. The district's Support Person of the Year represents Orange County to compete at the state level to be named at the annual Florida School-Related Employee of the Year. Congratulations and best of luck to Ms. Leonie Chandersingh!

New Teacher Spotlightteacherspotlight 
Mr. Caldwell, U.S. History teacher
Robert Caldwell started teaching U.S. History this year at Oak Ridge, but he is not new to our campus. Robert was part of City Year in the 2016-2017 school year and then substituted for ORHS last year. He grew up in the scenic hills of Eastern Tennessee, where country accents and oversized trucks are badges of honor. He joined the U.S. Air Force when he was 18 and immediately got sent outside of the United States. The constant movement to different places shaped him into a history enthusiast and sparked his entrance into the history program at the University of Central Florida. He began volunteering at Oak Ridge with City Year during his education and found that he enjoyed helping students achieve their goals. Those moments inspired Mr. Caldwell to combine his love of history with a degree in education.

Mr. Caldwell enjoys all things related to history, tennis, coffee, travel, and books! Mr. Caldwell likes to get to know students, so don't hesitate to pass by and say hi! ORHS is very pleased to have Mr. Caldwell as a member of our Pioneer Family!

Vital Signsvitalsigns 

Credit: Mrs. Laurene Householder
Source: Daily Absence Bulletin. Includes excused and unexcused absences as both represent lost instructional time that cannot be recovered. Figures are for the month of August 2018.

Rigor in the Classroomrigor
AP Research with Ms. McCool 

In Ms. McCool's AP Research class, students identifed the topic for their individual research papers that they will focus on for the entire school year. By writing their topic on the board, they invite their peers to be a part of the ongoing conversation, while gaining more attention to their issue as they progress through the various stages of writing (while gaining more attention to their issue as they progress through the various stages of writing).

Students from left to right: Matthew Augustave, Alana Torres, Ja'Tiauna Robinson, Jaleen Bedminster, Garrett Gank, and Christian Aguilo.

Choral Leadership Teamchoralleadershipteam 

Please congratulate the members of the Choral Leadership team, under the direction of Ms. Cara Lee, on representing ORHS while learning team building and leadership skills from the UCF music faculty last Saturday. Students reviewed team building skills, basic conducting, and other music leadership skills that will assist them in directing rehearsals and other activities, as well as setting long-term goals for our program.
Pictured above from left to right: Madeline Richards, Rayne Chase, Franchesca Joseph, Leedjy Etienne, Jasmyn Woods, Johanna Crespo, Ty'Jon Streets


Community Remindercommunityreminder 
We are coming up on the one year anniversary of Hurricane Irma . . . 

What Does Your Home Survival Guide Include?
In preparation for peak hurricane season - June 1st through November 30th - think about preparing your family for an emergency. What do you need to be safe and financially secure? Here are a few items to consider in helping to prevent a financial hardship in the future:

Bottled Water
Trim Low Hanging
Canned Food
Weather Radio
Clean Out Safe Room
First Aid Kit
Solar Lights
Cell Phone Charger
A/C Window Unit
Air Mattresses
Fill Bathtubs with Water
Well (no power = no water)
Gorilla Tape (for tarps)

Gas Grill
Plywood for Windows
Homeowners Insurance Policy
Check Septic Tank Coverage
Flood Insurance
Tarps for Leaks
Service Cars for Evacuation
Pet food/Cages/Leashes
Games for Kids
Hurricane Lamps/Candles

ORHS City Year 2018-2019cityyear 

Serving as a City Year member is a complex and challenging yet rewarding commitment! This role is designed to help students build the social-emotional and academic skills to achieve their goals.

College and Career Centercccnews  
Attention Freshmen and Sophomores
Think it's too early to start thinking about college? Think again...
Here are some things you can do as a freshman or sophomore to set yourself up for success -

* Only a partial image of the 9th and 10th grade list. Please click here or above for the full list.

Class of 2019

Pioneers already busy applying for college in August. It's never too early!

Dual Enrollment
The Valencia College Dual Enrollment (VCDE) application window opens this coming Monday, September 10. VCDE is an opportunity for rising juniors and seniors to earn FREE COLLEGE CREDIT. The window for VCDE is open from September 10 to October 8, 2018. In order to qualify a student must:
  • Have a 3.0 un-weighted GPA or higher.
  • Be responsible and self-motivated.
  • Apply between September 10 and October 8.
  • Have college ready test scores at Valencia (the Valencia Assessment office) by October 29.
  • Student can take the PERT at Valencia.
  • SAT and ACT test scores must be sent to Valencia by the testing organization.
VCDE Spring 2019 Dates:
  • Application Opens: Monday, September 10
  • Application Deadline: Monday, October 8
  • Test Score Deadline: Monday, October 29
APPLY EARLY! Click on the link:

Scholarships 360
Apply for all scholarships you may minimally qualify for! We know from experience that so few students actually follow through and apply (thereby raising the odds of being selected). Check out to get started!

Seniors! You can start completing the @FAFSA one month from today. Make sure you complete it soon after it opens to be considered for the greatest amount of #financialaid from federal, state and college sources. Learn more about when you should apply:

Parting Image of the Week . . .   
National College Colors Day '18 
Faculty and staff wearing their favorite college teams' colors or apparel to show support for higher education on Friday, August 31. Celebrating #NationalCollegeColorsDay at The Ridge! #BetterMakeRoom

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