The Pioneer Express! 
Your Community Brief from Oak Ridge High School
Friday, October 18, 2019

With this evening's dance we conclude what has been a wonderful 2019 Homecoming experience. This year's theme was "Pioneering in the Wilderness" and as the pictures below help to illustrate, our Pioneers and the community had a terrific time. Thank you very much to everyone that worked so incredibly hard to make Homecoming a memorable event for so many!

The campus is pretty quiet today as we have a student holiday. Our Pioneers will return on Monday, October 21 when we begin the second nine-week quarter of 2019-2020. This year has gone very well so far and I encourage all students to keep up their great work remembering that if any extra support is needed, to explore our free tutoring opportunities as mentioned just below.

Finally, congratulations to our varsity football team on their 35-0 victory over Windermere last night! Enjoy the weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone back on campus Monday morning for a successful on time start to the second quarter!

With Pioneer Pride,

Ms. Jennifer Bellinger

Pictured very top and just below: Oak Ridge's U.S. Air Force JROTC Unit FL - 91 assembled and then marching in the 2019 Homecoming parade (additional Homecoming pictures further below).

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Home of the Pioneers!
Dates to Watch ForUpcomingevents  
Friday, October 18
  • No School - Student Holiday
  • Homecoming Dance - Gymnasium - 7:30PM to Midnight
Thursday, October 24
  • Orchestra Invitational - Auditorium - 7:00PM
Friday, October 25
  • Varsity Football vs Dr. Phillips at Home - 7:00PM
Tuesday, October 29
  • LIFE Induction Ceremony - Auditorium - 6:00PM
Wednesday, October 30
  • JROTC Movie Night - Auditorium - 2:30PM
Friday, November 1
  • Varsity Football vs University at University - 7:00PM
Tuesday, November 5

Tutoring began on Monday, August 19th providing services to assist our students in developing their academic strengths. Transportation began September 3rd. Check the bus routes in the media center. Stops are "general areas" so you will need to choose the bus that has a stop closest to your home. See you there!
Performing Arts Department  
October and November performances  

Mark your calendars! The Performing Arts Department has an exciting line-up. All events are free and open to the public.

Homecoming '19 Highlights    

Movie Night

Character Day

Clique Day

Throwback Day

Chili Cook Off . . .

Who won? Stay tuned to find out in the near future!

Homecoming Highlights '19 - Part II (Parade) 

National Honor society marched in the parade and handed out school supplies, candy and small toys to the crowd.

Rigor in the Classroom
Agriculture Cultural Exchange Day with Mr. Funue

The activity was designed to give an overview of the history, traditions, heritage, culture, economy, educational system and/or other attributes of the teacher's home country who is teaching in America.  Mr. Louis Funue is from the Republic of Cameroon in West Africa. Cameroon borders the Bight of Biafra, between Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria.

Mr. Funue's presentation was centered on The Meaning of Given Names in The African Cultural Context. The participants were expected to learn how our beliefs are shaped by culture and how culture itself affects our perceptions as well as the way people value and uphold what they believe in.

Names are one of those tenets that many believe to have an influence on character and personality. Furthermore, Africans are always regarded as religious people and as such, most of their names are derived from religion or religious events. Whatever inspires them, these sweet African names are always beautiful, exotic and full of meaning.  

A West African name is much more than a simple, functional tag to identify someone, it is a symbol, an emblem. A name can shape a person's character, mold their social identity, and even influence their destiny. The meaning attached to a name will determine much about the present and the future of a child. It is believed by many that a good name is more precious than gold and silver!

School Start Times Survey
It's not too late - take the survey - let your opinion be heard.  
The OCPS School Board wants your input on school start times. This site includes a summary of how bus routes are created & four cost-neutral start time models developed for consideration.

Please take the survey and share your thoughts!

College & Career Center Update 

Way to show up! It was a full house for FAFSA Night!  Thank you to everyone who came out and filled out their forms - we are very proud of how many came prepared and ready to submit! You are one step closer to college - stay engaged Class of 2020!

College & Career Fair
A special thank you to the many organizations that participated in our College & Career Fair. It was a huge success and our students received a heap of valuable information and guidance.

Scholarship Opportunities

* OCPS Scholarship Bulletin (listing through July 2020)
* Coca Cola Scholars - application deadline is October 31st, 2019
* Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. Scholarship - application deadline November 30th, 2019
* Southern Scholarship Foundation: Rent free living at UF, FSU, FAMU, FGCU, TCC, Flagler College and Santa Fe College. Application deadline: November 1st, 2019

* College Board Opportunity Scholarships (click image above)
* MALDEF Scholarship Resource Guide for 2019-2020. Listed are many scholarships that do not inquire about immigration status.
* Comcast Scholarship
* CG Trader Scholarship
* Tiadex Scholarship - U.S. Citizens or permanent residents planning to major in Marketing, Business or Entrepreneurship
* Florida Retired Educators Foundation: This scholarship is for students interested in becoming future educators. Apply online by early December.
* Horatio Alger Association Scholarship Program: Application deadline is October 25th, 2019
* Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program: Application deadline is November 13th, 2019

Life Mentoring Group 
Save the date!  All are welcome to attend the new member induction showcase - you won't want to miss it!

District 5 Community Meeting with Dr. Gordon 

Dr. Kathleen "Kat" Gordon held a community meeting in the media center on Thursday, October 10th. There were many parents, faculty, staff, and community members present. Thank you to those that participated and to Dr. Gordon for her ongoing efforts on behalf of our school community. 

Dr. Gordon speaking about the new OCPS strategic plan and high school start times. 

Dr. Barbara Jenkins, Superintendent of OCPS, also presented and fielded any questions or concerns.

Upcoming OCPS Parent Academy  
Saturday, November 2 at Oak Ridge High School

* Title: "This is US: Our Family, Our School, Our Community"
* Saturday, November 2, 2019
* 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
* Oak Ridge High School, 700 W. Oak Ridge Road, Orlando

* On event day registration will be available during the hours of 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
* Free for all families (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
* Onsite registration will be available during the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. on the day of event. Pre-registration recommended.

Special accommodations provided to children of participating parents. Children of participating parents have an opportunity to attend the Youth Academy. The Youth Academy follows the same schedule as the adult sessions. The Youth Academy is for students ages 4 to 18. Registration required for children and parents must attend adult sessions.

We have 3 ways to register:
  • Online: Click "Register Now" located next to each event
  • Phone: Participants can contact the Parent Academy office to be registered online by staff members at (407) 317-3300.
  • Onsite: Participants can register on-site on the day of the event (pre-registration recommended).
Closing Images of the Week . . .    
NHS chapter pitches in to help the Mustangs of Sadler Elementary! 

Our National Honor Society, sponsored by Ms. Michelle Alvarez, went to one of our feeder elementary schools, Sadler Elementary, and volunteered their time to barcode books and computers, stuff letters and sort by teacher, and trimmed lamination items.

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