2020 OakPAC Voter Guide
Every election cycle the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce’s political action committee - OakPAC - conducts an endorsement process through its independent Board of Directors to determine which candidates for local office they believe will be thoughtful stewards of Oakland’s economy. This is perhaps more important than ever as Oakland experiences the greatest economic and public health crisis of our lifetime.

Oakland is blessed with a plethora of candidates who care deeply about its future. OakPAC's Board of Directors were unanimously impressed with the candidate pool's devotion and passion to our great city. Nevertheless, the following candidates most clearly aligned with the mission of furthering a robust and vibrant Oakland economy.
City of Oakland Candidate Endorsements
City Council District 3 - Lynette Gibson McElhaney

Incumbent Lynette Gibson McElhaney has been a constant and passionate voice for justice, opportunity, and action during her time in office. The founder of the Equity Caucus, Councilmember McElhaney is serving a second term representing Oakland's Council District 3 – the area that includes West Oakland, Downtown/Uptown, Jack London, Pill Hill/KONO, the Lake, and the Port of Oakland. A 20-year leader in affordable housing with experience as an executive director for a housing nonprofit, she is known as a bridge builder and advocate that balances neighborhood needs with the need of the local economy to create jobs, expand opportunities, and increase access to retail and services for local residents.
City Council District 5 - Noel Gallo

Incumbent Noel Gallo is a community leader and lifelong resident of Oakland. For close to 30 years he has worked to represent and advocate for District 5 - which encompasses the Fruitvale and other parts of East Oakland - on the Board of Education for 20 years and the City Council for the past seven. He has made illegal dumping, community safety, and equitable economic development priorities during his time on the Council. Councilmember Gallo continues to implement an “actions speaks louder than words” work ethic as evidenced by the familiar sight of the council member picking up trash during his weekly community beautification gatherings.
City Council District 7 - Treva Reid

In this open seat for East Oakland's District 7, Treva Reid is the clear choice. A lifelong community leader, advocate, and public servant, Reid was raised in a family of educators, entrepreneurs, civil servants, and laborers with a deep respect for hard work. Treva’s passion to serve stems from growing up in a large civically engaged family. A former staffer for State Senator Nancy Skinner, Treva is deeply involved in the Oakland community as a pastor, community advocate, and business leader. Her vision for East Oakland is centered in bringing resources to the district for residents, jobs, and economic opportunity.
City Council At-Large - Derreck Johnson

Derreck Johnson is uniquely qualified to guide Oakland's economy to emerge from COVID-19 a more equitable and thriving place. A third generation Oaklander, Derreck was raised by a single mom in West Oakland’s Acorn housing projects, one of our city's most underserved neighborhoods. Derreck went on to become a successful small business entrepreneur as owner of the famous Home of Chicken and Waffles, but never forgot his roots. As a community advocate and member of the Workforce Investment Board, Derreck is dedicated to creating jobs and pathways for Oakland's most vulnerable residents. Throughout his career, 70 percent of Derreck's employees have been formerly incarcerated people, fellow Oaklanders who needed a second chance. His deep roots, passion for justice, and business experience are critically needed during this challenging time.
City Attorney - Eli Ferran

A longtime staffer in the Oakland City Attorney's Office, Eli Ferran is well-positioned to create an efficient office that moves the ball forward for the City of Oakland, residents, and businesses. Eli understands that the Office of the City Attorney serves Oaklanders best by giving their government excellent legal advice and representation while not getting lost in the realm of politics. Originally from New Orleans, Eli came to Oakland after Hurricane Katrina to start over. His passion and love for the city are evident in his community involvement and dedication to public service.
City Council District 1 - No Endorsement
The OakPAC Board of Directors has chosen not to endorse a candidate in the District 1 City Council race. The Board felt that all candidates brought strengths worthy of voters’ attention this election cycle. We thank all the candidates for your willingness to serve Oakland in elected office and look forward to working together.
Oakland Unified School District Board of Directors
With no incumbents running for re-election, the incoming OUSD Board Members will need to be able to hit the ground running immediately, which in Oakland means making hard but necessary decisions. The OakPAC Board of Directors believes the following candidates can meet that moment.

State and Transportation District Endorsements
While Oakland's representatives in Sacramento are all up for re-election this cycle, they remain very popular in their districts and continue to do important work on behalf of Oakland. Oakland's need for state funding assistance during the coming economic downturn makes their knowledge and experience all the more important. Additionally - as a city that is the crossroads for the Bay Area's regional transportation system - the institutional knowledge, passion, and judgement are critical to maintain in Oakland's BART and AC Transit representatives.
Additional Oakland Voter Resources
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