The Other Barn and Oakland Mills Community Association Office will currently be closed through March 29, 2020

March 16, 2020

The Other Barn and Oakland Mills Community Association Office will be closed through March 29, 2020. Please remember that circumstances may change as the fluidity of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis determines openings and closings. The most important fact is that we want EVERYONE to remain healthy and safe.

If you need assistance or have questions that need to be answered, please email the appropriate staff members or Board of Directors member. The staff will not be in the office but will assist you by email. Staff emails and the Board contact information is as follows:

Village Manager - All general questions, Resale Packet orders, village election information, all financial and personnel questions. Everything else that my staff can not assist with (see below)
Sandy Cederbaum

Facility and Event Coordinator - all rental contract related questions, village events and programs related issues, all questions related to renting the Other Barn
Brigitta Warren

Covenant Advisor for Applications - Exterior Alteration Questions, Resident Architecure Committee, upcoming RAC meeting information, Letter of Compliance requests and related information
Carrie Wenholz

Covenant Advisor for Property Concerns - property violation related issues and property covenant complaints
Karina Caico

Oakland Mills Board of Directors - contact email on the Oakland Mills website

We appreciate your understanding as we navigate through this period of uncertainty. Continue to visit our website, check emails, social media sites (Oakland Mills Village and The Other Barn) for up-to-date information regarding village operations and procedures.

Our thoughts and best wishes remain to everyone.

Sandy Cederbaum, Village Manager

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