• Oakland owners and the real estate community rally in opposition of the City's sidewalk ordinance.
  • Last call for our Friday, March 6 webinar that delves deeper into statewide rent caps and eviction controls.
  • Updated rent increase amounts for San Francisco, along with permissible fees to charge for rental screening, when adjusted for inflation.

After going through an infrastructure renaissance lately, Oakland has placed increased demands on owners to maintain sidewalks fronting their property, and it is not endeared to owners, real estate agents, and the trade groups that represent their interests.

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A friendly reminder for inflation adjustments

As an update to the maximum applicant-screening fee for 2020, this year's adjustment amounted to a CPI-adjusted increase of $1.52. Remember that application screening fees can only cover expenses incurred and not a penny more.

SF owners and property managers should also note that allowable annual rent increase amounts are reset each March. Effective March 1, 2020, through February 28, 2021, the allowable annual increase amount is 1.8%.