Oakland has availed its newfound police powers to usher in considerable protections. While the City has been a little delayed in enacting an eviction moratorium, what it lacks in timeliness it makes up for in teeth.

We look forwarding to convening at 1:00 Friday, April 3 to discuss two menaces to the health and safety of tenants - COVID-19 and occurrences of hoarding.

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Daniel was quoted in this piece on the ethical conundrum landlords face when balancing public safety against privacy when tenants test positive for coronavirus. Landlords have to communicate "in a manner that doesn’t cause panic and that doesn’t create greater risk than is necessary. Those types of issues are very tricky and we are in uncharted territory. It’s new for us,” he told CBS San Francisco.
These are eerie times, and just as novel as the virus itself are the many questions rental housing providers face. We have weathered many storms, and this, too shall pass. All of us our not not only fighting a pandemic - we are fighting fear.

This fear will be overcome with reliable information and proper guidance, and we will do our part towards that end.