Bite-Size Blog #77 -- Feb. 6, 2017

The Obamas ask, "What makes a good citizen?"
by J. Morris Hicks

I responded on Groundhog Day. Now I wonder if Barack and Michelle will see their shadow and crawl back in their hole or if they will get serious about implementing my idea. They asked:

What makes a good citizen?  Democracy is all about showing up, diving in and staying at it. But how? Here at the Obama Foundation, we're just getting started on what good citizenship in the 21st century means.

My Answer.   A good citizen of the planet lives sustainably with nature. Unfortunately, we have four huge problems that individual citizens cannot solve. They are:
(1) Overpopulation (2) Over-consumption (3) Reckless burning of fossil fuels needed to power our wasteful lifestyles (4) Our unsustainable food choices, loaded with meat, dairy, eggs, fish and highly processed foods.
Realistically, the ONLY one of those four problems that can be solved relatively quickly is #4. It will take many decades, if not centuries, to solve the first three; whereas any "good citizen" can switch overnight to eating mostly plant-based foods.
The folks at Global Footprint Network report that our planet can only support a total of two billion people at the lifestyle of the average European. It gets worse! Mother nature can only support ONE BILLION at the consumption level of the average American.
Let's face it; the way we eat pretty much determines how the entire planet is used. If you, the Obama family, puts your global influence to work on solving our grossly unsustainable food problem, we just might be able to buy ourselves enough time to solve the more challenging three problems listed first.
Putting our idea into action. We have developed an automated system that will enable large, self-insured corporations to save billions of dollars on healthcare. With that kind of financial incentive, the world's business leaders can collectively force the complete overhaul of our global feeding model in less than ten years. How's that?
Conveniently, the same diet-style that can prevent or reverse most chronic disease is the same diet-style that can reverse climate change, end world hunger and enable us to return billions of acres of farmland to nature. What is that diet-style? It is one based on deriving the vast majority of our calories from whole, plant-based foods.
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The "system" that I alluded to earlier is based on our 4Leaf Survey, a dietary assessment tool that we developed in 2012. See survey at

Want to submit an idea? Take a look at  this Obama Foundation  link.  You may want to submit an idea of your own or maybe tell them that you like the idea submitted by J. Morris Hicks. 
In closing, Barack and Michelle, I look forward to discussing all of the above with you in the near future. Best regards, 

J. Morris Hicks

PS: The photo that I submitted with my "idea" is the sailing picture at the bottom of all of my BSBs. 

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