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 October 2014
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Obesogen refers to the effect of chemical compounds that disrupt normal development and the balance of lipid metabolism that can lead to obesity, or at least fat accumulation in specific areas of the body. Chemicals such as PCB's, secondary smoke, HCB's (hexachlorobenzene), POP's (persistent organic pollutants), and many more are part of the problem.  When I grew up, people ate a massive amount of junk food, sugar, deep fried foods, and high carbohydrates, yet only a small percentage of adults were obese and children were very rarely obese. So it can't be just food that is the issue.


Through my experience of 47 years as a nutritionist, these are my conclusions of what is causing the epidemic in obesity:



1.  Excessive use of fluoride in water and toothpaste.  Fluoride        displaces iodine and disrupts the thyroid.


2.  Excessive use of pharmaceuticals to the point that children        and young adults have become dependent upon taking meds      for the simplest conditions.  Even the use of

               anti-depressants will cause weight gain, as do antibiotics.


3.  Eating chemical foods, canned foods and certain sodas like        Mountain Dew.


4.  The replacement of high fructose corn syrup for cane sugar.


5.  The excessive use of vaccines.  The vaccines have multiple        chemicals additives.


6.  The excessive eating of chicken and turkey instead of beef.       25 years ago and before, everyone ate mainly beef, chicken         about once per week, rarely fish, but some. Then the                     government and medical established proclaimed that they           knew best and proclaimed that beef was bad, protein was bad,     high carbs were good, low fat was good, high fats were bad.         Amazing anyone listened after telling us for 50 years that diet     had nothing to do with health, but they did. The result has           been obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, fatigue,                     fibromyalgia, hormonal failure, depression and anxiety, and       more cancer than ever.



Not only is our medical profession and government education system wrong, but nearly every health book also.


There is really only one way to do this right and that is to be kinesiologically tested to see what is good for the individual and stick to it.  Secondly, be on a supplement program designed for you to cover your unique individual requirements.  Remember, you are only as good as your weakest link.  No one is better at finding the missing link as Wagner Holistic Center.

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