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The Obion County Joint Economic Development Corporation works diligently to attract retailers to our community. We offer several services to identify, support, and locate your business to our community.
2021 Retail Flyer:

The 2021 Retail Flyer includes the map pictured below along with a demographic snapshot, top employers list, schools, and tourism interests. 2019 retail sales in Obion County, TN totaled $489,499,344!

Retail Spaces Available:
1310 S First St
Union City, TN 
Property Type: Retail
Size: 5,750 SF
Obion County Opportunity Zone:

The UT Martin Office of Research, Outreach, and Economic Development has partnered with the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development (TNECD) to promote the Opportunity Zones (OZ) in West Tennessee. Click the button below to view a presentation on the Obion County, Tennessee opportunity zone investment prospectus.
Development Spotlight:

Discovery Park of America

Discovery Park of America provides a one-of-a-kind, transformational experience first envisioned by Robert and Jenny Kirkland. The location was chosen as a way for them to give back to Union City, their West Tennessee hometown.
When Robert Kirkland held his first public meeting to explore the creation of a museum in Union City, more than 250 members of the community showed up to declare their desire to be part of his mission to create a center of culture and education in West Tennessee. Eventually, more than 350 volunteers contributed more than 20,000 hours to the planning and construction of Discovery Park.

The combined efforts of experts, novices and volunteers were fully realized on Nov. 1, 2013 as Robert and Jenny Kirkland cut the red ribbon. The public was impressed from the start. Not only had there never been anything like this in Obion County, there had never been anything quite like Discovery Park in the world.

Although Robert and Jenny Kirkland have both since passed away, their vision has been realized, and since opening, millions of guests have experienced this 100-million-dollar masterpiece now sitting in what was once a quiet cornfield.

Since Discovery Park of America opened its doors in 2013, millions of children and adults have benefited from the big idea of Robert Kirkland and the community of Union City, Tennessee to create a place where inspiration would happen every single day. That means inspiration to learn, inspiration to grow, inspiration to consider new ideas and inspiration to see beyond wherever an individual is in life, regardless of age or education.
2019 Impact Video
I-69 Updates:

According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the section of I-69 that runs
alongside Discovery Park of America from a little northwest of the former Wingfoot Golf Course to Reelfoot Avenue was the first of three projects that encompass the I-69 loop around Union City. The section to the southwest down to US 51 was the second section. Both segments have been completed up to final grading which means they are ready for paving. Currently in the construction phase is the section a little northwest of the former Wingfoot Golf Course to US 45 and US 51 about halfway to Fulton, Ky. TDOT anticipates that all three segments will be completed and paved by fall of 2023. This will open the entire Union City loop. The remainder of the project, including the exchange in Fulton and the section south of Union City all the way to Dyersburg, are currently in various phases of development.
New Hotel Updates:
The new Hampton Inn off of Highway 51 is currently under construction. The tentative opening date is May 2021. This hotel will have 75 rooms and is in a prime location near the new I-69 project

Local Real Estate Agents & Facilities:
Alexander Auctions & Real Estate Sales:
Carpenter Real Estate:
Century 21:
Fuller Partners:
Reelfoot Shopping Center: Eric Everett - (901) 853-1250
Shea Riley Appraisers: (731) 885-0500
Variety Square Shopping Center: Josh Arnold - (731) 686-9899

The Obion County Joint Economic Development Corporation works diligently to attract retailers to our community. Obion County offers several services to identify, support, and locate businesses to Obion County. Contact us for further information, including available properties, and we will be happy to assist.

Local Point of Contact:
Lindsay Frilling, CEcD
CEO, Obion County Joint Economic Development Corporation
(731) 885-0211
Meet your staff:
Lindsay Frilling, CEcD
Chief Executive Officer
Obion County Joint Economic Development Corporation

Brooke Coffey
Community Relations Director
Obion County Joint Economic Development Corporation