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A good mentor can help you complete a research project or pursue a line of study, but there are a number of important factors to consider in selecting one. Learn how to make the right choice.
College students who tried out an experimental study strategy ended up with higher grades than their peers.  Study the details.
The American College of Professional Neuropsychology is hosting two workshops highlighting the utility of neuropsychology in practice at the 2017 APS Annual Convention. The workshops are free for registered students, and each workshop is offered for 3 hours of Continuing Education Credits.  More.
Living an eco-friendly life takes considerable effort. Psychological science reveals the factors that motivate us to protect the environment.  This link has a low carbon footprint.
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From our greetings to how we take our coffee, everyday life is full of shared rituals that help us bond with each other. But new research suggests those rituals also may push us away from those who don't share the same practices. Read on, and share the experience with others.
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