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New Meetings:
Mon | 4-5pm | Charlestown, RI
Church of the Holy Spirit - 4150 Old Post Rd.
Contact: Lisa (401)447-3931 
Thu | 6-7pm | Bristol, RI
First Baptist Church - 250 High Street
Contact: Diane (401)573-3489 

Please check your meeting contact name and information on both the  local Ocean and Bay Meeting List (send changes to oceanandbayig@gmail.com) as well as the Overeaters Anonymous website meeting list and make any necessary changes.
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Updated Nov 2019*

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"I need no terms or conditions to exercise the power of life. All I have to do is live now. It is enough...Today is where the past has its meaning, and where the future is shaped."
- For Today, Jan 4 -

Newcomers & Returning Members,
Welcome/Welcome Back!
Join us for an open meeting immediately following the "Thursday Night Hope" meeting in Bristol (meeting at 6, fellowship at 7):  Fellowship, Intro to OA, Getting Started
Thu, Jan. 30, 2019 | 7pm | First Baptist Church, 250 High St.
Contact Diane with any questions: 401-573-3489

Unity Day:  February 29th
This day recognizes the strength of the Fellowship worldwide. At 11:30am, OA members pause to reaffirm the strength inherent in OA's unity.
Ringing in the New Year!

Another new year, another new year's resolution: This year will be the year I lose the weight. This will be the year I start exercising regularly. This will be the year I give up sweets. This will be the year I stop lying to myself, my friends and my family about what and how much I actually eat. Have you ever heard yourself make these promises, maybe even wrote them down and posted them on the refrigerator, only to be back in your old patterns within days or weeks?

LISTEN to OA members who have been there before and have found a better way.
Ocean & Bay Updates

Dear Fellow OA Members:
It's not easy to talk about finances, yet necessary - and that includes the "business" of Overeaters Anonymous. Ocean & Bay Intergroup (OBI) had a delegate attend the OA World Service Business Conference (WSBC) in 2016, 2017, and 2019. With the support of Region 6 and our local membership (you) via last year's appeal, we will be sending a delegate this year. This Appeal Letter explains why and how you can help through a special donation!
What is the WSBC?
  • WSBC is the annual international business meeting of Overeaters Anonymous held in April in Albuquerque, New Mexico, near OA's World Headquarters.
  • Committees meet in person throughout the week (and they work remotely all year), and delegates vote on motions for changes to by-laws and policies. It is all business - not a vacation.
How do OBI members & groups benefit from sending a delegate to WSBC?
  • We have a voice that represents the membership within our Intergroup and
    we receive first-hand information on what is happening with OA at an international level.
  • For four years our delegate has been serving on the Conference Approved Literature Subcommittee focusing on the revision of the Dignity of Choice and Plan of Eating pamphlets. (She uses her own vacation time to attend WSBC and personal time to do additional service.)
What is the financial situation of OBI?
  • On an annual basis, OBI expenses include maintaining its website and phone service; post office box; stocking literature; meeting space; workshops; public outreach and professional information campaigns; and attendance at Region 6 Spring and Fall Assemblies, and at WSBC.
  • Donations to OBI are not always enough to meet these commitments.
How much does it cost to send a delegate to WSBC?
  • The cost to send a delegate is can be up to $2,000, including airfare, lodging, meals, and supplies for seven days.
  • In the past, our delegate's trip was partially funded by scholarships from Region 6 and World Service. In 2018, with no scholarship help available, a delegate trip was not feasible.
  • Due to savings in airfare, we were able to set aside $367 of last year's appeal donations to fund this year's appeal.
  • In 2020, we have been promised a $1,000 scholarship from Region 6, however, we still need $633.
HOW CAN YOU HELP? -  PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN TO THIS SPECIAL APPEAL. While 7th Tradition donations support the local work of Ocean & Bay Intergroup, your special donation will ensure we are represented at this important business conference.  YOUR HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. Please pass this message (or a hard copy letter if your home group has received one) along to your home groups.
Yours in Service and Gratitude,
Ocean and Bay Intergroup Officers and Group Representatives

DONATIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS CAN BE SENT ASAP AND NO LATER THAN 3/31/20 -  Ocean and Bay Intergroup , PO Box 41273, Providence, RI 02940 (Please do not mail cash).  Indicate "WSBC Appeal" and group name/number (if applicable) on check or envelope.  Group reps can bring check and cash donations to the monthly Intergroup meeting on the first Tuesday of the month.
** Tell your Intergroup representative if you're interested in having coins at your home group! **

Step One
We admitted we were powerless over food -- 
that our lives had become unmanageable.
(Spiritual Principle: Honesty)
In OA we learn that a lack of willpower isn't what makes us compulsive eaters. In fact, compulsive eaters often exhibit an exceptional amount of willpower. But compulsive eating is an illness that cannot be controlled by willpower. None of us decided to have this disorder, any more than we would have decided to have any other disease. We can now cease blaming ourselves or others for our compulsive eating.

Clearly, if we are to live free of the bondage of compulsive eating, we must abstain from all foods and eating behaviors that cause us to eat compulsively. But this, too, has proven impossible for us to do by our willpower alone. Before we found OA, every diet or period of control was followed by a period of uncontrolled eating. This is because our malady was not just physical in nature; it was emotional and spiritual as well...If we were to stop eating compulsively, and stay stopped, we had to find another power, stronger than ourselves, for relief."

Once we honestly examine our histories, we can deny it no longer: our eating and our attitudes towards food are not normal; we have this disease...Only an honest admission to ourselves of the reality of our condition can save us from our destructive eating. The same principle applies to unmanageable lives. As long as we believe that we already know what is best for us, we cling to our habitual ways of thinking and acting.

In Step One, we acknowledge this truth about ourselves: Our current methods of managing have not been successful, and we need to find a new approach to life. Having acknowledged this truth, we are free to change and to learn.

Tradition One:
Our common welfare should come first; 
personal recovery depends on OA unity.
(Spiritual Principal - Unity)
Recovery began for most of us when we got out of isolation and into an OA group. Here we discovered we were not alone. As we opened our hearts to other OA members, we found acceptance, a sense of belonging, and unity with other compulsive eaters that satisfied us in ways food never could.

If we are to continue to live and recover, we must have the continued support of OA groups and the inspiration of our fellow OA members. What's more, we need daily opportunities to be of service to other compulsive eaters, opportunities the OA group provides.

Unity does not mean uniformity. In OA, we learn we can disagree with other people on important issues and still be supportive friends. We listen to others with open minds, and we learn to express ourselves without insisting that everyone must do things our way. As we practice these new skills we begin to better understand ourselves and others. It becomes easier to find ways of doing things that meet everybody's needs.
The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition
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