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April, 2020
April 19, 2020: 8:30 am
A Vision for You:   Sunday Special Meeting
"The Family Afterward"
Dial: 712-432-5210  Conf. ID: 876148#

April 26, 2020: 8:30 am
A Vision for You:  Sunday Special Meeting 
"Attitude of Gratitude"
Dial: 712-432-5210  Conf. ID: 876148#

May 2020
May 2, 2020: 10-11:15 am
SE CT Speaker Meeting
Dial: 605-313-5857 
Access Code: 658766#

May 5, 2020: 6:30-7:30 pm
Ocean and Bay Intergroup (via Zoom)
Zoom link    Meeting ID: 394 212 047
Password: 247365
Call in:  16465588656
Meeting ID: 394212047

May 10, 2020: 3-4:30 pm
OA Virtual Region Workshop
"Utilizing OA Toolkit in a Virtual World"
Meeting ID: 557 696 207
Password: 120912
Call in:  720-707-2699
Meeting ID: 557696207#


Please check your meeting contact name and information on both the  local Ocean and Bay Meeting List (send changes to oceanandbayig@gmail.com) as well as the Overeaters Anonymous website meeting list and make any necessary changes.
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"Bit by bit, I turn my over my will and my life as I become conscious that I am not in a position to control a particular person, place, thing, situation, circumstance, or event. As trust builds, I experience increasing peace of mind and a new reaction to stress, fear, anxiety, frustration, and disappointment: the desire to ask for help."
- Voices of Recovery: Oct. 5 -  

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Ocean & Bay Intergroup meeting: 
Tue, May 5th: 6:30-7:30pm 
Please consider joining us (via Zoom) to give us an update and learn ways that Ocean & Bay Intergroup can support you! 

or, call 646-558-8656 
(Meeting ID# 394 212 047)
*Meeting will open at 6:15p 
for fellowship and tech support*

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Step Four
Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
(Spiritual Principle: Courage)
How we choose to look at and deal with our lives and the world lies at the core of the disease. We need to consider such things as self-centeredness, anger, resentment, fear, pride, dishonesty, and negative thinking as well as our sexual attitudes and behaviors. The self-analysis we do in Step Four is essential to our recovery from compulsive eating. This Step continues the transformation process that began with our admission of powerlessness in Step One, a process of increasing honesty and self-awareness that will gradually free us from our bondage to self. Our past problems have been controlling our actions and feelings for years, often in ways of which we are not aware. As we face our problems, they lose their power to overwhelm and control us.

Tradition Four:
Each group should be autonomous 
except in matters affecting other groups or OA as a whole.
(Spiritual Principal: Autonomy)
As individuals, we are responsible for ourselves free to work (or not work) the Twelve Step program however we wish. The same principle holds true for OA groups. Tradition Four - the Tradition of autonomy - gives OA groups the right and responsibility to operate as they see fit, free from any outside influence. There is only one limit to group autonomy in Tradition Four: Groups should not do anything that will injure other OA groups or OA as a whole.
The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition
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