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Ocean & Bay Intergroup Meetings
First Tuesday of every month
6-6:30p: Literature Sales & Fellowship
6:30-7:30p: Intergroup Meeting
*New Location: 19 Foster Rd. Cranston*

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Please check your meeting contact name and information on both the  local Ocean and Bay Meeting List (send changes to oceanandbayoa@yahoo.com) as well as the Overeaters Anonymous website meeting list and make any necessary changes.
* Please call ahead to verify meetings are taking place, especially during holidays. *

Update Jan 11, 2019*

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Please note that every effort has been made to adhere to OA's policy for newsletter publications.  Opinions and experiences expressed within are those of the individual writer and not OA as a whole. 

REMINDER: This is your newsletter, so please feel free to submit your writing contributions to: oceanandbayoa@yahoo.com.

You are also invited to be one of the members who provides answers for a Q&A. Again, just send us a note to: oceanandbayoa@yahoo.com.
The autumn is a gipsy, when the frost is in the air;
A joyous, tattered wanderer, with sumac in her hair.
She passes field and meadowland, and hangs her banners there;
At night her crimson campfire wafts it perfume everywhere.
The autumn is a priestess, when the leaves are brown and sere;
She takes her forms of worship from a faded yesteryear.
Her robes of mist float round her as she burns an incense sweet,
And bows before her woodland gods who do not know defeat.
She plucks the flaunting banners down that once she hung so high,
And sets their blazing colors on her altar in the sky.
- Hattie Anundsen -

Ocean & Bay Updates

The Greenville Meeting on  Oct 5th
will b e held at  The Village at Waterman Lake
715 Putnam Pike.

Service position: Webmaster
Ocean & Bay Intergroup is seeking a new webmaster to periodically update the Ocean & Bay website. While not time consuming, this service position is critical to ensuring that we spread the message!

Save the date! - November 16-17th
International Day of Experiencing Abstinence
Make use of the telephone on this day & reach out to your fellows! Celebrate your abstinence with one another! 
Here are some suggested messages:
- Nothing tastes as good as abstinence feels
- One day at a time
- Progress not perfection
- Don't quit before the miracle happens

Does your home group have an Intergroup representative? 
Are you interested in being involved at the Intergroup level? 
ALL ARE WELCOME AT INTERGROUP MEETINGS! Please come to share your ideas and Intergroup news with your homegroup! 
Next meeting: Tue. Nov 5th @ 6:30-7:30p (19 Foster Rd. in Cranston)

Ocean & Bay Meeting Updates:


Monday  |  4-5pm  |  Charlestown, RI:
Church of the Holy Spirit
4150 Old Post Rd
Meeting contact: Lisa (401)447-3931

Thursday  |  6-7pm  |  Bristol, RI:
First Baptist Church -  250 High Street
Meeting contact: Diane (401)573-3489

Updated Meeting List:
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Food for Thought :
Being True

Without rigorous honesty, we do not recover from compulsive overeating. We need to be honest about what we eat and honest about how we feel. In the past, we covered up pain with sugar frosting and tried to drown our inadequacies in carbohydrates. The time has come to deal with truth.

Alone, we are not perceptive enough to see the truth, nor strong enough to bear it. It is through our Higher Power and the OA fellowship that we are able to become true to the best that is in us. We admit that we have been living falsely, and we turn over our muddled lives so that God may straighten them out. His spirit is truth, and the light of that truth is what we need for our recovery.

Our Higher Power shows us how to be true step by step, as we are ready to progress. Each day we become more in touch with our real selves and each day our strength increases. Being true sets us free from compulsive overeating and free from the false values, hopes, and expectations, which have inhibited us.

Lead me into truth.

From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations for Overeaters by Hazelden Foundation.
Step Ten:
Continued to take personal inventory 
and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.
(Spiritual Principle: Perseverance)
"Step Ten calls for daily repetition of the actions we took in the first nine Steps. As we do so, these actions become patterns for us to follow in the future -- patterns that will enable us to thrive, grow spiritually, and be happy without excess food or compulsive food behaviors.

Now we need to be stubborn about working our program, even during those times when we feel as though it isn't working or we aren't recovering quickly enough. Stubbornness turned to such good use becomes perseverance as we continue -- day after day -- to apply to our lives the same Principles we learned in Steps Four through Nine.

As we repeatedly act on Step Ten, we begin to see the remarkable way the Steps can, from now on, continue to remove unnecessary turmoil and pain from our lives.

Tradition Ten:
Overeaters Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the OA name ought never be drawn into public controversy.
(Spiritual Principal - Neutrality)
"We live in a world that thrives on controversy...this organization, so supportive of our recovery from compulsive eating, will not be moved to throw its moral weight behind other good causes...Our members come from many areas and backgrounds, and we have many shades of opinion on every issue.

By allowing controversy over outside issues to drive away people who need the recovery OA has to offer, we would take a step backward from our primary objective of carrying our message to the compulsive [eater] who still suffers.

As individuals, we are free to believe in, and work for, any cause we choose. The Tenth Tradition asks us to leave these issues outside when we walk through the doors of OA. Even the most worthy of other causes has no place in an OA meeting."

The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition


Rooted in Recovery

October 18-20, 2019

Crowne Plaza
White Plains, New York

Tools of Recovery - Don't Forget 'Em!

  • A Plan of Eatinghelps us abstain from compulsive eating. This tool helps us deal with the physical aspects of our disease and achieve physical recovery.
  • Sponsorship -  We ask a sponsor to help us through our program of recovery on all three levels, physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Meetings -  give us an opportunity to identify our common problems, confirm our common solution through the Twelve Steps, and share the gifts we receive through this program. In addition to face-to-face meetings, OA offers telephone and online meetings.
  • Telephone -  Many members call, text, or email their sponsors and other OA members daily. Telephone or electronic contact also provides an immediate outlet for those hard-to-handle highs and lows we may experience.
  • Writing -  Putting our thoughts and feelings down on paper helps us to better understand our actions and reactions in a way that is often not revealed to us by simply thinking or talking about them.
  • Literature -  We read OA approved books, pamphlets, and Lifeline Magazine. Reading literature daily reinforces how to live the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.
  • Action Plan -  the process of identifying and implementing attainable actions that are necessary  to support our individual abstinence. Just like our plan of eating, it may vary widely among members and may need to be adjusted to bring structure, balance, and manageability into our lives. 
  • Anonymity -  guarantees we will place principles before personalities  and assures us that only we have the right to make our membership known within our community. Anonymity at the level of press, radio, films, television and other public media of communication means that we never allow our faces or last names to be used once we identify ourselves as OA members. Within the Fellowship, whatever we share with another OA member will be held in respect and confidence. What we hear at meetings should remain there.
  • Service -  Any form of service that helps a reach fellow sufferer adds to the quality of our own recovery.  Members can give service by getting to meetings, putting away chairs, putting out literature, and talking to newcomers. Beyond the group level, a member can serve as intergroup representative, committee chair, region representative, or Conference delegate. As OA's responsibility pledge states, "Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this, I am responsible."
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