Maritime Fun Fact: There are approximately 55,000 merchant ships – tankers, passenger ships, container ships, fishing vessels, bulk carriers and general cargo ships – plying the seas carrying 90% of the world’s commodities.
The Port of Redwood City is floating into summer with a couple of great articles featuring our small but mighty waterfront. 

Climate Online featured the Port for introducing a mini-Fisherman’s Wharf featuring fresh fish sold by Pioneer Seafoods Friday through Sunday. 

If you missed our KTVU Channel 2 news story about how we used creative solutions to reinvent our waterfront during COVID, check the story here.
As our community re-opens for in-person business, the Port encourages you to “think local!” Get some on-the-water exercise with California Canoe & Kayak to learn how to kayak, paddleboard, canoe, or surf ski. Have you ever wanted to learn how to sail? Come visit Spinnaker Sailing for sailing lessons and boat charters. As we welcome summer, we hope to see you on the water. 
Warm Regards,
Kristine A. Zortman
Executive Director, Port of Redwood City 
Navigating waters
Did you know large cargo ships have pilots just like airplanes? Both ship and airplane pilots alike transport goods or people from one destination to another. To perform their duties, pilots need safe departure and landing destinations. For airplane pilots, a clean and safe tarmac is necessary for their job. For ship pilots, sufficient channel depth and waterways are critical for the local region's goods movement.  

When a channel isn’t dredged, sediment builds on the creek bed which decreases the channel depth and leads to difficult conditions for boat pilots to navigate. The continued maintenance ensures large cargo ships can bring in materials needed for regional projects and serves the recreational community creating safe conditions for all vessels, crews and visitors. 

We recognize the San Francisco Bar Pilots who diligently traverse our waterways, piloting the vessels that visit our Port.
Sequoia Yacht Club offering summer youth camp
Located in the heart of our waterfront, the Sequoia Yacht Club is offering a summer youth camp to teach kids ages 10 to 15 how to sail. The camp emphasizes safety-conscious sailing, considering weather, tides, traffic and learning general seamanship, like knots and equipment care.  

The Yacht Club is offering two sessions in July and one session in August. Follow this link to learn more.  
Redwood City ferry terminal project update 
As California reopens, the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), the Port and the City will work closely on the next step of the future ferry project, the business plan development.  

The proposed ferry service will connect Redwood City to San Francisco and/or Oakland. The ferry service will serve as an asset to local economic growth and support the City’s goal for emergency preparedness.  

The ferry service will provide Silicon Valley residents an excellent alternative transportation option and better mobility around the Greater Bay Area. The ferry is projected to initially accommodate 2,100 passengers per day, with that ridership expected to double by 2040.  

Stay tuned for upcoming stakeholder engagement as we move forward with the Business Plan. To learn more click here.