Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative News
August 12, 2014


The Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative (MRECo) of New England, Inc. continues to work to develop test infrastructure, help startups commercialize technology and share information with all stakeholders.  In that light, we wanted to share with all of you the outstanding series of conferences coming in the Fall.

We have a new web site: http://www.mreconewengland.org/


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Sept. 4-5, 2014 OWET Conference  Portland, OR


  Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) Conference, Portland, Oregon.  Oregon has become the center for wave development and deployment in North America.  This conference is focused and, therefore, status of product developments and deployments are often shared.http://oregonwave.org/2014-conference/ 


 Sept. 14-19 Ocean Energy Topics at Oceans'14


Oceans 14  


 Ocean Energy Track is Packed



Sept. 14-19, 2014 Oceans 14 MTS/IEEE, Newfoundland, will feature over 25 technical presentations related to Marine Renewable Energy.  


The Marine Renewable Energy Committee of the Marine Technology Society aims to bring the emerging challenges of obtaining energy from ocean processes into the Oceans 2014 conference to enable information exchange between the many disciplines of ocean science and technology.  


For information on the MTS MRE Committee: Contact Cliff Merz; Univ. of South Florida cmerz@usf.edu; Ken Baldwin, Univ. of New Hampshire Kenneth.Baldwin@unh.edu;
Maggie Merrill, Marine Marketing Services, maggielmerrill@gmail.com (Co-chairs).

Nov. 4-6  ICOE 2014 Register to Attend!


ICOE banner  ICOE is the premiere conference covering marine renewable energy.  It is held bi-annually and draws a large international attendance.  All of the major companies developing products for this industry as well as much of the supply chain will be there.  This is the first time this conference will be in North America.  http://www.icoe2014canada.org/ For more information visit:   http://www.icoe2014canada.org


Dec. 15-19, 2014  AGU Fall Meeting
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting:  "Renewable Energy: Marine, Hydrokinetic and Wave." December 15th - 19th at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center.  Profs. Scott James (Baylor University), Laura Beninati (Bucknell University), Betsy Weatherhead (University of Colorado at Boulder) and Martin Wosnik (University of New Hampshire) are convening this session. This is an excellent conference held at a great venue. AGU is addressing renewable energy in four separate sessions: Marine, Wave & Hydrokinetic; Wind Energy Wake Effects; Solar Energy; and Open Topics.  Please consider attending all four sessions! http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2014/scientific-program/


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