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Welcome back to work and daycare! The summer months have flown by and even though Buddings is a monthly childcare option, there's something about September that always signifies the start of a new chapter. 

Preschools are starting up after the summer holidays, and while they can offer up to 3 hours of care per day, the programming they offer is very similar to what the kids at Buddings do all day long. Fittingly, our September newsletters are all about curriculum and programming, and getting back to school.  

Speaking of hitting the books, we're also pleased to introduce our 3 wonderful internship participants, whom you'll be seeing at the centre from now until December. 

September is Oceans Month at Buddings, so you'll be seeing lots of fishy crafts and hearing plenty of tales from the 7 seas, and it's all explained in the articles below. 

Read on!

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Sept. is Oceans Month
Introducing the Interns
Key Card Confusion
Thanks for Spreading the Buzz
Bellies to Babies Fair - Sept. 30
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September is Ocean Month at Buddings

Did you know that Buddings follows an Emergent Curriculum in our program? That means exploring topics that kids love in lots of different ways, through all 5 senses, art, music, and especially the imagination. Plus, by devoting the whole month to the topic, we'll be building on, and reinforcing every new discovery until it really sinks in. :)
The Oceans are a big topic, covering 70% of the Earth, and all, so we've got a lot to cover. We could even use your help. We're looking for a couple of kids life jackets to use as props for the month, and if you have sea animal stuffies that your family could live without, we'll take super good care of them while they're with us
 If you'd like to follow along with the kids, and check in on their progress through the month, we'll be posting updates on the Projects Page of our website. We'd love to know what you think. 
Introducing our Training & Experience Interns


Last month, we told you about the Daycare Training & Experience Internship, and after reviewing almost 20 applications from great candidates, we're pleased to introduce the 3 finalists: Angie D'Amato, Johanna Peters, and Sofy Vasquez.
The ladies are all lovely and we think you and your kids will really like them, but their backgrounds are so diverse it's hard to sum them up as a group. Instead, we'll feature one of them in each of our next three newsletters. It will give us a chance to get to know them better, too, and a chance for them to get started with the internship.

Watch this space next issue for our Q + A session with Angie.

Reprogrammed Key Cards 
At the end of August, a little power surge threw our key card system for a loop and all but the most recent entries were lost. We're reactivating the cards as families come in, so please ring the bell and we'll get you set up.
Alternatively, if you can take a moment to email Talia the key card number, we can get it reactivated right away. 
Sorry for the confusion, but it should be sorted out very soon. 

Thank you for Spreading the Buzz with us all summer!


We had so much fun with our August contests, and we're keen to keep up the conversation. Be sure to find us on Facebook, and follow on Twitter for random prizes and fun events. If you made it to our Slip 'N Slide party this summer, you know we throw a good party! ;) And if you missed it, check out the video, and be sure to connect with us so you get there next time.
We had tonnes of great feedback on our survey last week, and thank you so much to all the people who provided comments. We came so close to meeting our Facebook goal, nearly doubling our followers this summer, and connecting with over 200 people on Twitter. 
We know that families value recommendations from friends over all the advertising in the world, and when you've made us the most highly ranked listing on, it's the biggest compliment we could have. 
Congratulations to Jana Wiltsey for winning the 10 hours for the whole Spread the Buzz contest. We hope you had as much fun as we did. 
Keep in touch!
Spot Light


It's Ocean Month at Buddings, and by coincidence, our favourite ocean movie, Finding Nemo, is coming out in 3D! We gave Michelle Mariano a sneak preview family pass for completing our Feedback Survey, but if you want to revisit the film, too, it's opening on Sept. 14.

Find us at the Bellies to Babies Fair - Sept. 30, 2012
If you've never heard of this bi-annual celebration of children and mothers, let us be the ones to introduce you: The Bellies to Babies Fair at the Croatian Cultural Centre is your one-stop shop for all your pregnancy, baby, and child needs. From cloth diapers, kiddie trends and activities, to sleep schedules, fire-proof pjs, and just everything you never knew you needed for kids under 6. We attended the spring show and learned so much our heads almost exploded. 
Buddings is exhibiting, we're at booth #29, and if you stop by you can enter our draw for a Melissa & Doug Art Easel, just like the ones at Buddings! We're also running special promotions for any applicants on the day, and some other fun attractions and sneak peek previews of some upcoming announcements. 
There are informational talks happening all day, and admission is a donation of goods or cash to Basics for Babies, with door prizes and gifts for attendees.
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