Volume 31, Issue 11 | November 2023

2023 Board of Directors
Derrick Elzey Chair

Donna Frankowski Vice Chair
Tylor Lennox Treasurer
Ashley Haldeman Secretary

Allen Duncan

Nancie Corbett

Rich Cropper

Tina Simmons

Don Robertson

Amy Hedger

Stephanie Gamm

Diana Dovel

Don Boger

Nicole Zeien

Celeste Rayne Past Chair


16 - Ribbon Cutting Coastal Aesthetics and Wellness

23 - Thanksgiving

24 - Small Business Saturday


1 - Salisbury Chamber Annual Economic Forecast

14 - Chamber Connections Meeting

15 - Board of Directors Meeting

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The month of thanks. I am thankful that I have a job I love and that I get to work with people who are the BEST! I am thankful that our region is so beautiful, unique, and vibrant, I'd never want to live anywhere else.

We invite you to help us welcome Rachael Broderick, our new Executive Assistant. She has her own spotlight section below so read on to learn more about her. So, stay tuned for those answers and join us on this growth experience.

May you all have a restful and gratitude-filled Thanksgiving.

Don't forget about Small Business Saturday which is November 25. Get them in your doors!

This Month's Featured Partners

Welcome Rachael!

Temple Bat Yam

Small Business Saturday Tips

Eastern Shore ENT & Allergy

We are being featured for the first time in the December edition of the Business Report.

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Welcome Rachael!

Hi, I’m Rachael Broderick, the new Executive Assistant for the Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce.

It’s my pleasure to be here and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone! I have an extensive background in working for non-profits, event management, and all aspects of administrative duties.

My most recent position was the Event Manager at The Baltimore Station, where I organized large events for over 500 attendees. Prior to that, I was working as the Office Manager for the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation.  

My husband and I moved to Ocean Pines about a year and a half ago from Baltimore, which is where my love for non-profits and event planning started. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city certainly was an adjustment at first, however, I feel extremely blessed to call Ocean Pines home.  

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Feel free to snag this graphic and use on social media to celebrate Small Business Saturday, November 25

Temple Bat Yam

Stands Up to

Jewish Hate

According to 2020 FBI Hate Crime Statistics, Jews are the victims of 55% of all

religious-based hate crimes in the United States. Yet Jews make up only 2.4% of the American population.

In March of this year, a new organization was formed called the Foundation to

Combat Antisemitism (FCAS). Its mission is to raise awareness and to

demonstrate that there is a role for each of us to play in combating this problem. This is not a political organization. Their intent is to educate. Admittedly, they will ask for donations, but they are not required. You will not be asked to join anything. They provide a weekly newsletter and many other resources geared towards keeping you informed with suggestions and examples about how you can Stand Up to Jewish Hate.

The campaign is called Stand Up to Jewish Hate and has adopted the Blue Square as a “simple but powerful symbol of solidarity and support for the Jewish community”. The size of this icon is relevant – it represents the same ratio to the printed page as the number of Jews do to the American population. The Foundation will be displaying this logo on TV, billboards, and social feeds to call attention to the disturbing disparity between the Jewish population and the scale of hate the community faces, both online and in person. The Stand Up to Jewish Hate Blue Square will appear on major media networks and will be featured on numerous social media platforms in partnership with Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

Temple Bat Yam has received Blue Square lapel pins which are now available,

at no cost, for all members of the congregation. You can pick one up in the

entrance to the Temple or in the Gift Shop.

Below are several useful links that will introduce you to FCAS and other important resources that will provide information about current trends (good and bad!) in the fight against antisemitism. You can also find these links on our website and on the TBY Facebook page. Further, don’t be surprised when you see a little Blue Square in our newsletter, on emails, and on other communications from the Temple. You will know what it means.

Related Links:

info@fcas.org (main site with multiple useful links describing the organization, its purpose & mission, as well as other helpful resources)

https://www.standuptojewishhate.org/ (intro to the “standuptojewishhate”

project with great resource links to help educate and participate

https://www.standuptojewishhate.org/newsletter/ (subscribe to weekly

FCAS newsletter)

https://www.standuptojewishhate.org/how-to-post/ (how to use the

BLUE SQUARE on any platform)

https://www.standuptojewishhate.org/stand-up-videos/ (videos about

standing up to Jewish hate)

https://www.ajc.org/call-to-action/report - a call to Action Against Antisemitism

in America that provides U.S. leadership in all sectors of society with the

knowledge and tools to understand, respond to, and prevent antisemitism.)

https://jewishamericanheritage.org/toolkit/ (download and share graphics for

your use on your social media channels or in other materials, like your

community newsletter. Each tab has draft posts with visuals and/or additional

materials for download.)

If you need any help with the links provided above or if you have any

questions about FCAS, the use of the Blue Square, or the

StandUpToJewishHate program, please contact Martin Rosenhaft at


The Chamber stands with Temple Bat Yam and all of our Jewish neighbors. Hate will have no home here.


OC/Berlin Rotary

Masterworks Painting & Restoration

Delmarva Arborist

Chamber Partnership Exclusive Offer

Tips for Small Business Saturday success

1. Do something special.

Small Business Saturday is a big day, so you should do something to mark the occasion and entice more customers to stop by. You can offer special promotions, host an event (like a kid-friendly activity, a shop-and-sip or a food tasting), bring in local performers or artisans, or add an extra incentive to shop, like offering discounts or donating a portion of the day’s proceeds to a local charity.

2. Get the word out.

Now that the movement is in its 11th year, most Americans are aware of it, but your community may not know that your store is participating in the day.

“This is one day out of the year where you can tell your story and harness the publicity that naturally surrounds the day,” said Brian Mattingly, CEO and founder of Welcomemat Services.

Even if you’re not offering any special discounts or events, you can share your business’s story on Small Business Saturday. Post on social media with the hashtags #SmallBusinessSaturday or #SBS, send out flyers or newsletters by traditional mail or email or post an ad in your local paper. Let people know you’re there, tell them what products or services you offer, and mention your excitement for Small Business Saturday.

3. Treat it as the beginning of your year.

The start of the calendar year is a hectic time for small businesses. Use Small Business Saturday as an early opportunity to assess the state of your business, said Kevin Miller, director of product marketing at Cherry Road Technologies.

Do you need to hire seasonal help? Is there new technology you can implement to streamline specific business workflows? Use Small Business Saturday to complete a holistic assessment of your business operations, Miller said. This can help you prepare for the next wave of big shopping holidays and the actual start of the calendar year.

4. Stock up on potentially popular items.

The last thing you’ll want is to run out of your most popular merchandise before the season even begins. That’s why it’s critical to understand your product or service demands during the holiday season, said David Gilbert, founder and CEO of small business lender National Funding. Plan strategically in advance, he said, and stock up on popular items. Look at the purchase history for your biggest shopping days to get an idea of what customers want, and place them in easily accessible areas of your store.

5. Offer special discounts and promotions.

Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday is a great day to offer special deals to entice customers. A 2016 survey by Infusionsoft and Pollfish found that the most popular Small Business Saturday promotions in 2015 were limited-time offers (24%), free gift offers (21%), coupon discounts (20%), and “buy one, get one free” offers (19%).

6. Reinvest in social media.

When business gets busy, social media is often the first thing to get pushed aside. But you should consider it a critical part of your marketing plan, said Mattingly. “Creative and purposeful content can capture the attention of consumers, which, in turn, creates shares and engagement.”

Ideally, you should come up with a plan to promote your Small Business Saturday offers two to three weeks before it happens. (It’s not too late if you haven’t started yet, though!) Decide which platforms you want to post on, what you will post, and what you hope to achieve by posting. Are you trying to drive more traffic to your store? Are you trying to increase awareness of your product?

Continue to post once or twice a week leading up to the day, making sure to include all necessary information, like your location and any relevant promotion or event details.

7. Boost your other marketing strategies.

In addition to your social media marketing, take the time to rethink your overall marketing strategy and increase your advertising efforts, said Gilbert. With Black Friday marking the official start of the holiday shopping season, now is a good time to beef up your local marketing strategy and make sure it maximizes your chances of success.

Gilbert recommends creating a comprehensive marketing campaign to draw customers to your store. In all your marketing materials, be clear about what you offer and why those offerings are unique to your store.

8. Partner up.

Do any other businesses near you offer products or services that are complementary to yours? For instance, is there a cheese store near your wine shop, or an outdoor gear retailer near your boat trip company?

If so, consider a partnership for Small Business Saturday. You could offer special discounts for shopping at both stores, sell product bundles, or sponsor crossover events – like wine tasting while shopping for cheese. This is a great way to build relationships with other small business owners in your area and strengthen your sense of community.

9. Extend your hours.

If you have the staff available, consider extending your hours on Small Business Saturday. This can increase traffic by giving customers more time to come in, making it easier for them to stop by before or after they meet their previous obligations or complete their regular shopping.

If you do decide to extend your hours, make sure you put the word out along with the rest of your Small Business Saturday marketing materials. Include it in your social media posts, newsletters, emails or newspaper ads.

10. Personalize your customer experience.

Your company isn’t the only one on the market on Small Business Saturday. To earn the support of your audience and keep up with your competitors (including larger corporations, which tend to be more convenient options for many shoppers), you’ll have to find ways to personalize your customers’ experience.

Ask yourself why consumers should choose you over similar businesses, then use that as leverage to attract customers. For instance, add a personal touch to your packaging, extra treats in customer orders, a handwritten thank-you note, customized items, or special deals.

11. Support your customers so they support you.

Good customer service is crucial – especially for small businesses looking to make a lasting impression. Make sure you have a solid team of workers to help answer phone calls, address questions or concerns, offer live chat support, and provide guidance when placing orders. By prioritizing your customers this way, you’ll show them you genuinely care and appreciate them, which is much more than most large businesses offer. Additionally, most sales will take place digitally this year, so it’s important for your customers to feel as much support from you virtually as they would in person.

12. Tweak your SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important strategies for a small business to implement, as it helps consumers find your website and learn more about your business. Without good SEO, you won’t be as visible to your audience, which can hold you back from making many sales. SEO is especially important this year, as many consumers are going to shop online rather than in person. In other words, a large chunk of your sales will rely on your SEO practices.

To improve your chances of showing up in search results, focus on using the right keywords for your business, publish blog posts with relevant content, create promotional content, and make sure Google shows where you are located so you can recruit members from your community.

13. Take advantage of resources from American Express.

American Express provides various resources to help small businesses gain visibility. For instance, their Shop Small Studio offers free materials to help you create posters, social media graphics, email newsletters, and more. Then, you can use your creations to promote your business across all channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, email, and your website. American Express also lists other resources, such as participating businesses where you can save on shipping and other services, and a PDF e-book with advice to help your customers practice pandemic safety.

Article source: https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7354-small-business-saturday-tips.html

The Young Professionals of the Pines (YPP) aims to unite the next generation of professionals. YPP creates opportunities for emerging business leaders to build relationships, expand their leadership skills, and develop their careers while paving the way for the future success of the Ocean Pines community.

The group is designed for professionals between the ages of 21 and 35 (ish). 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page (Ocean Pines Chamber YPP) as well as our LinkedIn Group for more information on upcoming events!

YPP Facebook Page
YPP LinkedIn Page
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The Chamber of Commerce has partnered with nationally recognized energy management experts and consultants, CQI Associates, to run the cooperative. The Chamber Energy Co-Op program provides competitive electric and natural gas rates for your business and your home.

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Maryland passed the Climate Solutions Now Act requiring a 60% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2031. Any business with a 35,000 sq. ft. or more facility, schools, and municipalities that do not comply will be assessed a penalty of $51 or more per ton. Penalties could start as early as 2024. This could cost a small facility, school or municipality thousands of dollars.

Can You Hear Me Now?

The Eastern Shore ENT & Allergy office welcomes all for routine hearing and balance exams. But did you know our ENT practice also has hearing aid options? Our office offers a 2 week no cost demo trial.

What is a hearing aid demo trial?

After seeing the ENT and receiving a hearing test we can set you up an appointment to discuss hearing aid options with the Audiologist. At that appointment the audiologist can set up hearing aids you will get to try out for two weeks. When you come back after the two week trial you then make the decision if hearing aids are the right choice for you. 

What type of hearing aids do we sell?

We work with two of the top hearing aid manufacturers on the market.

Oticon and Signia

How to recognize it is time to try hearing aids?

If you are not sure if it is time to try hearing aids, a hearing test is always a great place to start. Since we are an ENT office, we will recommend hearing aids if appropriate.

A few examples that suggest it might be time to get a hearing test:

  • Asking others to
  • repeat themselves constantly
  • Isolate from social
  • activities
  • Turning the TV up high
  • Trouble hearing over
  • the phone

Who is the Audiologist?

Matilda Kennedy-Butler, Au.D. CCC-A is from Bel Air, MD. She went to Nova South Eastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL for her doctorate in Audiology. Matilda loves working with all ages and was inspired to pursue the career of Audiology through her little brother who was born with hearing loss. 

To get scheduled for a hearing test please call 410-641-4582


Welcome to the
Ambassador Corner! 

Want more exposure for your business while advocating for the community and chamber? Become an Ambassador! We welcome all new partners to the chamber and ensure that they get the most out of their partnership.

Our partners renew their support on their anniversary months. The below list are those who renewed since the last edition of the Chamber Chatter. Thank you for your continued trust and support!

1 - 4 years

MAC, Inc

Peninsula Home Care

Ocean Pines Handyman

Nikki West/Melaluca

5 - 9 years

Seacrets Distilling Company

10-19 years

Poole Contracting

Spicer Bros

Farmers Bank of Willards

Over 20 years!

Copy Central

Custom Mechanical


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