Volume 29, Issue 11 | November 2021
2021 Board of Directors
Celeste Rayne Chair
Derrick Elzey Vice Chair

Wes McCabe Treasurer
Olive Mawyer Secretary
Sarah Yonker

Laura Morrison

Allen Duncan

Ashley Sloan Haldeman

Nancie Corbett

Donna Frankowski

Rich Cropper

Steven Sweigert
Past Chair  
Tues., Nov 16 YPP Monthly Mingle and Food Drive @5

Wed., Nov 17 Ambassadors Meeting at 1pm

Wed., Dec 1 YPP Monthly Meeting at 8:30am

Fri., Dec 10 Board of Directors Meeting at 8:30am

Wed., Dec 15 Ambassadors Meeting at 1pm

Thurs., Dec 16 Business After Hours at Seacrets 5-7 ($5 fee)

Sat. Dec 18 Santa in the Sand 49th St 9am-11am
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President's Corner
Yes, I am late in getting this months edition out but I wanted to hold off so I could share the excitement from our annual awards banquet. The past year or so was a time when, understandably so, businesses had to go into self-preservation mode. Making our annual award recipient search more difficult than normal. However, once we looked a bit closer we had no trouble with our final selections.

We wish to congratulate this year's award recipient's once again. Our Ambassadors of the Year are Bill and Sherry McFarland. Nonprofit of the Year is Grace Center for Maternal and Women's Health. Our very surprised Volunteer of the Year is Crystal Heiser. Business person of the Year is Don Robertson of Seafloor Carpet, Hardwood and More, and our Business of the Year is Windmill Creek Vineyard and Winery. Each exhibit community centered compassion and dedication in their own unique way. Our community is strong because we have leaders such as these among us.

During our award banquet, we celebrated two long-time Board Directors as they stepped down, Wes McCabe and Sarah Yonker. Thank you both for your support, time, and dedication to the chamber, and don't stray too far! We were also fortunate enough to install four new Directors. Please make sure to introduce your selves to them at future events. Welcome to our Board, Tina Simmons of AGH, Don Robertson of Seafloor Carpet, Hardwood, and More, Tylor Lennox of Coastal Wealth Management, and Amy Hedger of Coastal Home Care.

We also were humbled by the many partners who joined us for our new location grand opening and logo reveal. Hoping to have more contact with our residents and visitors, we created the Ocean Pines Visitor Center which is not only the home of the chamber but for a few other businesses as well. We can be a great resource for our community and these are huge steps toward that goal.

As we head into the holiday shopping season, please remember to SHOP SMALL, SHOP LOCAL! We all have heard about cargo ships stuck in ports. Local businesses have what you want when you want it! Patronize them.
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Fresh Cuts

Barber's Alley opened this past summer on Nicholas Lane. The owner, Bernie Alferez, says the shop is a traditional walk-in barbershop offering contemporary style cuts for men and boys. They offer ladies trims and shorter cuts as well. The barbershop has a rustic vintage feel to it, usually listening to XM Classic Rock stations.

Bernie has over 30 years of experience in the barbershop business. He worked one summer on 139th Street waiting for his first shop to be built back in Olney, Md almost 30 years ago. He has been coming to the Eastern Shore since he was a young boy. Bernie's plan was to eventually move here when he retired. However, with the growth on the Eastern Shore, he has been able to make his dream happen sooner.

Bernie is a third-generation barber. His Grandfather had salons in Spain and moved his family to the US in the nineteen forties. Bernie's father became a barber in the late fifties in Montgomery County.

Bernie's father was an old-world kind of guy but Bernie wasn't interested in the hair business. His father felt he always knew better and left Bernie with no choice. He enrolled him in Barber's School during his senior year in high school. He ended up quitting college, saving money, and opening his first shop in Montgomery County when he was only twenty-six. He opened 2 more before moving to the beach. Since he had been coming to the Eastern Shore since he was a child, always dreading going back over the bridge, he decided his kids were going to live their lives at the beach.

According to Bernie, he feels Ocean Pines was the best location to open a shop because it's a large community with a need for a new barbershop. He says the community has been more receptive than any shop he's ever built and the shop has had a great start. He hopes with time and patience this shop will grow just as his others have. 
After cancer battle, local woman chooses Unstoppable Joy

When local business owner Tonya Agostino was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, her world was rocked. Life soon became a whirlwind of doctor's appointments, treatments, and decisions that she was ill-prepared to make. She found comfort in her family, but like her, they were under extreme duress as they supported her through her cancer journey.

Tonya sought out organizations that could provide resources to help heal her mind, body, and spirit, and allow her and her family to find joyful experiences in challenging times. When she could not find anything, she began researching ways in which she could help herself. While chemotherapy killed her cancer, the products, and services she found provided relief, relaxation, and peace of mind as she underwent treatment.

When she got the news that she was cancer-free, Agostino was determined to make sure that other local cancer warriors had access to the same resources that helped her to cope with the mental, physical, and spiritual trauma she experienced. She founded Unstoppable Joy Co, a 501c3, to provide natural, positive support to warriors diagnosed with cancer of any kind, and to let them know that they are not alone.

Unstoppable Joy Co (UJC) helps cancer warriors in multiple ways. UJC is currently working with the Tidal Health System to deliver healing bags to cancer warriors across three sites in the community. These reusable totes are
full of feel-good products like bath detox, arnica gel, relaxing shower melts, and more. Recipients are also given an inspirational book entitled Laughing Through The Ugly, and other beneficial items such as nutrition information. In addition to its partnership with Tidal Health, they regularly receive requests to ship healing bags to people outside of the local community and happily oblige those inquiries.

The Berlin/Ocean City community is blessed to have many compassionate and caring service providers who have offered their services to local cancer warriors at free or discounted pricing. Unstoppable Joy Co schedules these Self-Care appointments for massage, sound healing, wellness counseling, hair, nails, among others, and will pay for up to two services on top of the free services offered by UJC partners. They also make these services available to caregivers so that they, too, can have a respite from dealing with cancer.

Cancer can be all-consuming; In addition to being physically draining, it also takes a significant mental and emotional toll. Everyone deserves a break. Unstoppable Joy coordinates customized Zen Time activities for cancer warriors and their families, including meals prepared by a personal chef, picnics on the beach, a day at the spa, and more. While they have been providing these services for several months, Unstoppable Joy’s mission was originally funded by Tonya and her family, and they are now seeking continued contributions so that they can extend their services and help more people in the surrounding community.

Agostino says, “I started Unstoppable Joy to help my neighbors. Having experienced firsthand what they are going through, I want to be able to assist anyone who is seeking out our services. Cancer is something that touches just about everyone in one way or another. I have faith that this caring community can come together to make sure that we are there for those who need us, and to help lift them up during their darkest hour.”


Next Meeting
December 1, 2021
8:30am - 9:30am
at the Chamber office

The Young Professionals of the Pines (YPP) aims to unite the next generation of professionals. YPP creates opportunities for emerging business leaders to build relationships, expand their leadership skills, and develop their careers while paving the way for the future success of the Ocean Pines community.

The group is designed for professionals between the ages of 21 and 35. 
If you can’t make it to our meeting in person, the option to join us via Zoom is also available. Keep an eye on our Facebook page (Ocean Pines Chamber YPP) as well as our LinkedIn Group for more information on upcoming events! 
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Our partners renew their support on their anniversary months. The below list are those who renewed since the last edition of the Chamber Chatter. Thank you for your continued trust and support!
1 - 4 years
Shollenberger Farmers Insurance
Trimpers Rides
OC Power Squadron
5 - 10 years
Seaside Christian Academy
Poole Contracting
11 - 19 years
West OC Injury and Illness