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Ocean Pines
Pickleball Newsletter
Week of December 15th
Pickleball Newsletter created by:
Julie Woulfe, REALTOR® 
 Co-Founder OP Pickleball Club in 2014
Club Officer 2014-2019

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2019 Pickleball Holiday Party Truly Was "A Night to Remember"
held Thursday, Dec 12th

The Pickleball Club held the 2019 Holiday Party at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club Ballroom. The 2nd floor venue was gorgeous, with beautiful flooring, enchanting ceiling drapes, holiday lights & decorations and great space! Thank you to Pickler Tom Flanagan & The Still Rockin' Band, who played lots of fun music during happy hour and after dinner!
Please make note of our wonderful volunteers who made this event happen:
  • A HUGE thank you to Teri Westbrook and Kathi Gottesman for once again stepping up with their amazing Party Planning talents and taking on the hostess roles of this Party!
  • Thank you to the following, for helping Teri & Kathi with decorating, set up, and clean up: Janis G, Roland, Nancy C, Skip, Joy, John H and Neil.
  • Thank you to Linda Horst for creating and donating two lovely pickleball wreaths - which were won by Janis Green and Paul Beckerman
  • Thank you to John Hanberry for once again spearheading the Toys For Tots Campaign at this event!
  • Thank you to Ron and Julie for coordinating the 82 Sign-ups and payments, and all the email questions in-between.
  • Thank you to Janice D, Neil, and Julie for taking pictures and then pulling them all together.

There were some talented people on the dance floor, but the prize dancers were Bobby and Jean Lewis! Watch this video to see why:
Click either link below to see over 80 pictures of this event:

 The Ocean Pines Pickleball Club is so very excited to announce:
Cathy & Darryl Noble have stepped up to be The Directors of the Ocean Pines Pickleball 2020 Summer Classic!
This is the Club's 3rd Annual Competitive Tournament in Ocean Pines, MD
Dates: June 6-7, 2020
Registration opens up soon after 1/1/20

The 2020 Summer Classic will be a Sanctioned Tournament , for the first time ever! This means many things, but most importantly it means that all of our medal matches will have referees!

Click here to read the many benefits provided to Players and to Tournament Directors by Sanctioned Tournaments:

Click here to read the benefits of becoming a member of USAPA (USA Pickleball Association). Membership is required to play in a Sanctioned Tournament.
Challenge Yourself This Winter!
Enter an Indoor Pickleball Tournament!
5th Annual Pocomoke Pickleball Tournament
weekend of Jan 25-26, 2020
Registration closes 1/20/20
Click here for details and registration:
How Has Pickleball Changed Your Life?

This Question was recently posed by Pickleball Pro Aspern Kern, on a popular nationwide Pickleball Forum. I got a big chuckle out of the following response, from an Ocean Pines Pickleball Player:
"I traveled for 25 years rotting away in hotels, I work nights, I would wake up every morning put my ear buds in, go run on the tread mill by myself, and and work out by myself in the hotel workout room then lunch outside the hotel with my work colleagues was my highlight, then nap then blah blah blah, for pretty much 25 years. Then I started playing pickleball, now I pop outta bed like a 9 year old on Xmas morning each day, find a place to play wherever I am in the country, have met 1000 great people who have become great friends. I used to think I could not wait to retire, now I’m completely rejuvenated, completely love my job again, and the days on the road before I have meetings in the afternoon and work at night go much quicker and it’s a lot of fun being around all the great people at Hermosa Beach, Ca, Santa Fe CC in OKC, Park City Marq, centerone in Orlando, pecos Park, az, Randolph tennis in NJ, and about 20 other places and of course all the people at YACTA, Ocean Pines and in HC and MC, PB has changed the way I live, it’s the best! "

I'm so happy to hear Scott is no longer rotting away in hotels!

Do you have a riveting story to tell about How Pickleball Has Changed Your Life? If Yes, please Email it to me!

Below, Scott and partner Jackie, competing in the 2019 Ocean Pines Summer Classic, mixed doubles event:
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Coastal MD
Indoor Drop-in Pickleball
Where to Play?
1) OP Indoor Pickleball (3 courts at the Community Ctr)
-Click to see schedule and Sign-up to Play:

For possible last minute "Open Time Play", call the Ocean Pines Rec & Parks desk at 410-641-7052 after 9am , and ask if there is any available gym time that day to play pickleball. ($3 fee all players)

2) Ocean City Indoor Pickleball (6 courts at OC Rec & Parks at 125th St)
-Mon & Wed, 1-4pm
-Tues & Thurs, 9am-12pm

3) Indoor Pickleball, Worcester County Rec & Parks (6 courts at 6030 Public Landing Road, Snow Hill, MD)
-Mon, Wed & Fri, 10am-1pm

4) YMCA Indoor Pickleball, 1900 Worcester Hwy, Pocomoke City, MD ( Drop-in play 5 days/week!)
-Click to see all the details,the schedule and Sign-up to play: