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This Little Red Button Saves Lives
While we all rely on our cell phones for nearly everything these days, a VHF marine radio remains the most dependable communication device while boating. VHF's reliable power source and high transmitter power make it an ideal communication tool for all boaters, as it enables collective safety, collaboration, and assistance for everyone on the water.

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) has drastically increased the importance of the VHF radio. Now standard on devices made within the past 15 years, DSC allows boaters to quickly and easily relay essential information --- name of the vessel, its location, and the nature of the emergency --- to all vessels within the signal range radius. 

Read more about DCS here.
Avoiding Collisions

When one power-driven vessel  encounters another power-driven vessel what should happen? Below is a quick refresher on one of the rules of navigation . Remember, the first rule is to avoid a collision.

Safety at Sea

Kick off the summer boating season by taking a boating safety course! Find a course today at BoatU.S. Foundation .

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