VOL 2, No. 9
Hope for Healthcare:
SLO Noor Newsletter
Pink Is the New Black
No one should be left in the dark about their health, and ask anyone--there's enough to be scared about this month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in partnership with the County of San Luis Obispo , Dignity Health , and the Center for Health and Prevention , SLO Noor is holding a free mammogram screening clinic this Saturday.
If you or someone you know hasn't had their yearly mammogram screening, give us a call at (805) 439-1797 or learn more about the clinic in the link above.

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Like What You See?
Let us know what you think about SLO Noor! We've been doing a lot of growing lately, and we'd love to get the feedback of donors and of patients.

If you're a patient with a SLO Noor story you'd like to share, reach out to Rebecca Liberatore at her email for more information. If you've donated to SLO Noor and want to let us know what you think, go to our page at Great Nonprofits or on our Facebook page.

Your feedback and stories will let us know how our progress has been while helping us spread the word about SLO Noor in our efforts to expand and reach out to other locals. With the effort and support of our community, we hope to see a growth of at least 50% at the end of 2018, and with your help, we can continue in our quest to provide healthcare to those in the Central Coast and beyond.▲
Of course, if you're ahead of the game and had a screening or if you just don't need one, (you know who you are) don't feel left out--you can think and drink pink this month, too!

Stephen Ross Wine Cellars is donating 20% of sales from every bottle of their 2017 Ros é of Pinot Noir sold this October to SLO Noor's women's breast health programs. At 25 bucks a bottle, we'll be able to provide more cancer screenings and treatment options to uninsured locals, ensuring that every woman in the Central Coast is able to obtain the women's healthcare they deserve.▲
A New Patient, an Old Back(pain) Story
To many, six years seems like a very long time to go without proper healthcare. To most, six years with intolerable and disabling back pain just seems downright unreasonable. But to Renee**, that’s just what she had to live with. “There were times I had to crawl through my house. My husband had to pick me out of bed.” Renee’s quality of life was becoming compromised. She lost her job. Spent days in excruciating pain. Managed day-to-day tasks as she was able. And it’s sad to say, but

a cycle like this isn’t unusual...

When faced with a serious illness or condition, people without insurance only make due within their limited options such as working less or trying over-the-counter pain medications.
As her condition worsened, Renee regularly turned to out-of-pocket visits to doctors that proved fruitless. She was running out of options, and that’s when she heard about the SLO Noor Clinic. “I found out about the Noor Clinic through my mom and dad.

They kept saying, ‘Go to the Noor Clinic. Go and they’ll help you...’ but I didn’t believe them for the longest time.”
During her appointment, SLO Noor medical staff were able to address six years’ worth of symptoms, finding through ultrasounds that Renee had been living with unknown thyroid lumps and multiple ovarian cysts. “They got me x-rays. Found out I have Degenerative Disc Disease and Osteoarthritis on top of Sciatica… The Noor Clinic believed me. Listened to me.” To assist in immediate treatment, the SLO Noor Clinic was able to offer physical therapy sessions and related education to combat those symptoms, and since then, Renee's pain has been relieved.

“Without SLO Noor, I not only would not have been able to find healthcare, but I wouldn’t know about any of these things that are causing all these problems.” After these diagnoses, Renee is able to stand again, walk again, and take the next steps. And of course, we'll be there for Renee when she returns for further treatment and follow-ups because at SLO Noor, we think everyone deserves quality healthcare. No one should have to ignore their pain in order to get by or live with symptoms because they can’t get a diagnosis.

With the help of our volunteer medical providers and staff, we've been able to reduce Renee's pain and increase her quality of life. At SLO Noor, healthcare is a right, and we’ll ensure everyone has that option as we move forward together.▲

**The actual name and identity of the patient are preserved and protected.
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