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DELAND, Margaret (1857-1945)
Margaret Deland was an American novelist, short story writer, and poet. She is generally considered part of the literary realism movement and frequently portrayed small-town life. In 1926 she was elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

The collection consists of 12 items dating from 1895 to 1933, specifically, 7 letters (3 Autographed Letters Signed (ALS) and 4 Typed Letter Signed (TLS), 3 signed books and 2 Ephemera.
Content example;
* ALS to Miss Dennison, 23 September 1911: " - To be at once bold & old fashioned, was characteristic of Dr. Lavender, so of course I will write any name for you, with a great deal of pleasure." ...   Click for more information and photos; 
  This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,100 USD OR $ 1,425 CDN        #7828

RUSS, Carolyn Ernestine Hale (b1865)
Carolyn Ernestine Hale Russ of Boston, Mass. was an elocutionist, reader, and a popular figure that performed dramatic recitals during the late 1880s and 1890s. She was active with the Daughters of the American Revolution. Her parents were Richard Lunt Hale and Hannah Sewell Perley. Carolyn Hale Russ edited her father's journal of his trip to the gold fields of California from 1849 to 1854.

The collection consists of 21 items dating from 1887 to 1938, specifically, 17 pieces of ephemera, 3 letters to Russ (1 ALS & 2 TLS) and 1 book.
Content example;
17 Ephemera; Various printed cards, Testimonials, Poems, Recordings, Photo image related to Russ's early career as a dramatic performer and reciter.
...    Click for more information and photos; 
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 900 USD OR $ 1,165 CDN        #7830

LEIGHTON, Robert (1858-1934)

Robert Leighton (1858-1934) wrote many adventure stories for boys and was the first literary editor of the Daily Mail. His wife was Marie Connor Leighton (1865-1941) who wrote a large number of sensational novels. They had three children, Clare (1898-1989), Roland (1895-1915) and Evelyn (1901-1969). Their son, Roland Leighton (1895-1915), died tragically in World War I. He was the fiancé of Vera Brittain, immortalized in her heart-wrenching memoir, Testament of Youth.

Collection contains an unpublished novel circa 1903, "Sir James Bridges", with 2 readers' reports, including a report from the novelist Robert Leighton. Although deemed unsatisfactory as a work of creative fiction, this novel presents an interesting perspective of Victorian life among the upper class at the turn of the 20th century. ..   Click for more information and photos;
This collection is on consignment.

Price: $ 1,000 USD OR $ 1,295 CDN        #7831

MARTIN, Martha [1875-195?]
Martha Martin, born in 1875, in Montreal who later moved to New York City. She supported herself by her prolific pen, publishing ten volumes of poetry and one novel. Her poetry met the interests of others - one volume was accepted by the New York Board of Education for school use, while many of her love poems were set to music by well-known composers.
One of her song lyrics, "Slumberland," was accepted by Hollywood for the Picture Song Contest of 1948. Even her travel was connected to literature-out of her participation in the Canadian Authors Association overseas tour to Britain in 1933 came one of her volumes: Poets' Pilgrimage (1938). Quoted from Canada's Early Women Writers. SFU Library Digital Collections. Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada... Click for more information and photos;
This collection is on consignment.

Price: $ 900 USD OR $ 1,165 CDN        #7833

MURDOCH, Dame (Jean) Iris (1919-1999)
Iris Murdoch was an Irish born in 1919 English philosopher, author, literary critic and academic. She published her first novel in 1954, and would go on to publish more than 26 novels. The Sea, the Sea won a Booker Prize in 1978. She published one of her last novels, The Green Knight, in 1994, and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease that same year. She died on February 8, 1999.

She is considered one of the greatest British writers of the twentieth century.

The Iris Murdoch archive consisting of 28 items dating from 1963 to 1995, specifically, 12 Autographed Letters Signed (ALS) / ASN's; 5 Ephemera; 6 related items play "The One Alone" and 5 signed first edition books...    Click for more information and photos;  
Price: $ 2,500 USD OR $ 3,265 CDN        #7844

HUGHES, Rupert (1872-1956)
Rupert Hughes was an American novelist, composer, musicologist, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, military officer and film director. More than 50 movies were written and/or directed by Hughes or were based upon his stories and novels. He was also the uncle of Howard R. Hughes, Jr.

The collection consists of 17 items dating from 1913 to 1951, specifically, 6 signed letters, 2 signed notes, 2 photos, 2 programs, 1 b&w print of a painting of Hughes, 1 small color poster, 2 pamphlets, and 1 signed book.
Content example;
* ALS to Laurence Piobutsay (?), with envelope, 25 June 1922, "Sorry you were so considerate. My meals are so irregular that I never mind interruption, especially by you."....    Click for more information and photos;  
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,250 USD OR $ 1,625 CDN        #7834

LEE, Gypsy Rose [Rose Louise Hovick] (1914-1970)
Gypsy Rose Lee was an actress, author, playwright and ecdysiast, famous for her burlesque act (she featured the tease in striptease). Gypsy had something about her, an approachable, self-deprecating demeanor aligned with a quiet self-certainty. She was  perhaps the most singularly likeable stripper in the world in her time. The musical bearing her name guaranteed her lasting show business fame.

An unusual and interesting small ephemera archive of 8 Gypsy Rose Lee items, only one dated, 1941, specifically, 3 letters; 1 autographed letter signed (ALS), 1 typed letter signed (TLS) and 1 autographed note signed (ANS) ; 3 photographs and 2 B&w printed images.
....    Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 1,200 USD OR $ 1,555 CDN        #7848

WILLY, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (1873-1954)

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette was of the most famous of modern French writers and nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948.
She wrote over 50 novels including Gigi (1944), and "Cheri" (1920) She was also a mime, an actress, and a journalist. Colette was married three times and her first husband, Henri Gauthier-Villars was a journalist writing under the name of "Willy". Colette was elected to the Belgian Royal Academy (1935), first woman president of the Académie Goncourt (1945, and President in 1949), and a Chevalier (1920) and Grand Officer (1953) of the Légion d'honneur. Colette died on 3 August 1954 in her apartment in the Palais-Royal, aged 81.
She was given a state funeral.

This most interesting and scarce small Colette ephemera archive contains 7 items dating early 1900's to 1944 specifically, 5 Autographed Letters Signed (ALS), one with small photo and 2 unused post cards.... Click for more information and photos;

Price: $ 2,500 USD OR $ 3,200 CDN        #7849
13 BOOKS ...


1681. London, pinted for Benj. Tooke &
[Amsterdam, printed by Alexander Lintman.
This volume is a bound-with, 2 volumes. in 1. Full leather, probably pigskin and soiled, more so on spine and edges. 4 x 6 inches. ;

First book; Directions for the Latine tongue by the translator of Religio medici. [John Merryweather]
1681. First edition. London : printed for Benj. Tooke, at the Ship in St. Pauls Church-Yard. [4], 48p. (English text)
Latin language. Instruction and study. This book has an association with Sir Thomas Browne, the author of Religio medici (1642). Rare, only copy found at The Huntington Library.

Second book; Janua linguӕ italicӕ brevissima by Dominico Anthonio de Christiano, Alexander Jansz Lintman, [c1637-1718] printer, 30p. not numbered. First edition, Amsterdam. An instruction / translation book of Latin-Dutch sentences and phrases. The book appears to be unique - not in Worldcat or the union catalog in the Netherlands.
Price: $ 3,500 USD OR $ 4,530 CDN       #7835   

KAUDER, Christian (1817-c1877)


1866. Vienna, Wien Printed by the Imperial and Royal Printing Office


Book containing manual of catechism, prayer book and instructions, psalms and hymns, printed in Mi'kmaq ideographs.
The book's preliminary text and intermittent headings are in German; the title page is both in German and in Mi'kmaq ideograms; the text itself is in Mi'kmaq ideograms, such ideograms created by 5,703 pieces of type cut and cast especially for this book, with the characters representing words rather than sounds. Total of 4 engraved religious plates with original tissue guards. Overall, very good condition. 2,500 copies were printed however only the first shipment of some of these books ever reached North America, with the great bulk of them destroyed in a shipwreck.

3 volumes complete in one; Preliminaries; (1) plate religious engraving,(2),[10] ;
Vol. 1: Erster Band. Der Katechismus, (1) plate religious engraving,(2),[5]-144pp., and (2) index leaf [145]-146 ;
Vol. 2: Zweiter Band. Das Betrachtungsbuch, (1) plate religious engraving,(2),[5]-109pp., and (3) index leaf [111] ;
Vol. 3: Dritter Band. Das Gesangbuch, (1) plate religious engraving,(2),[5]-209pp., and (1) index leaf [210] ;
Price: $ 6,500 USD OR $ 8,415 CDN       #7763  

DICKENS, Charles [1812-1870]


1837. London, Chapman & Hall.
First edition. 5 x 8-3/8 inches. xiv (including half title page), (2 directions to Binder & Errata), [1]-609, (3 blank). Contemporary 3/4 leather with 5 bands gilt bands, gilt decorative symbols, red leather label with gilt title and  blind embossed olive green cloth boards. Worn corners and spine edges and light cracking of leather spine. Two previous owners with a W.H. Millen bookplate on the inside end paper and blind embossed 1-1/2 inch circle with Henry H. Pratt on the other front end paper.

A bound first edition of this title, each of the plates is a mixed set of first state, first plate, second plate etc. varieties of the plates.

Total of 44 plates in this book. Engraved frontispiece, vignetted title page, plus 42 plates all by R. Seymour (6 plates), Phiz [Hablot Knight Browne] (32 plates) and 4 plates with no illustrator name found on them  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 450 USD OR $ 580 CDN       #7803    

LAURIER, Sir Wilfrid [1841-1919]


1877. Québec, Printed at the Morning Chronicle Office.
First edition. 6 x 9-1/4 inches. vii,(1),[1]-44 p., original printed mauve wrappers, top wrapper faded in corners, internally clean and very good condition. Quite scarce and historically important Canadiana publication.

A landmark lecture in political philosophy....   Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 250 USD OR $ 325 CDN       #6650          

[1759]. London, R. Baldwin
5-1/4 x 8-1/4 inches. 686pp + 20pp index.  New cloth spine with red leather label and gilt type,  new marbled boards and new end papers. Black & white engraved frontispiece, vignette title page and 17 engravings. Internally some browning and some text offset. Good condition overall.

A number of maps and plans relating to the French and Indian war.
17 City Plans; Maps and Plates (29 called for): (many engraved by T Kitchin):-
(iv) A Fold Out Map of The Colonies of Connecticut and Rhode Island - a bit ruffled, one tiny hole,  entire and secure;
(vi) A Plan of The City Of Louisburg;
(vii) A Map Of The City of Louisburg;
(xiii) A Plan of the Fort and Bay of Frontenac and with adjacent countries.
Price: $ 725 USD OR $ 940 CDN       #1529    

BURKE, Sir Edmund [1729 - 1797]

1776. London, R and J Dodsley
4th edition of The Annual Register for 1763 printed in 1776. (4),[1]-216pp., Characters 1-307pp , 5pp contents.  Bound in full leather with new leather spine, 5 bands, red and black leather labels with gilt type, 4 gilt decorations. Original leather boars and end papers preserved. A handsome copy.

The Seven Years war had ended 1756-63. A new map of the British Dominions in North America with the limits of the Governments annexed hereto by the late peace treaty of October 7th 1763 by Thomas Kitchin. From Florida in the South to Hudson's Bay in the North (with inset of Florida).

Content relating to Canada in first Section from p. [1] to 216;
- Chapter V page 18 to p24
- Chapter VI page 24 to p.32
Appendix to Chronicle
- An account of the mutiny at Quebec
- A proclamation in relations to acquisitions in North America
Content relating to Canada in second  Section from p. [1] to 307;
An Elegy on the Death of Wolfe
Price: $ 625 USD OR $ 810 CDN       #2190          

TRAILL, Catharine Parr (Strickland Mrs. Traill C.P.)  [1802-1899]

1836. London, Charles Knight
First edition, second printing. 4 x 6-1/4 inches, viii, 351pp. with half-title, 21 wood-engraved plates & illus. (incl. frontis)
Contemporary 3/4 calf, with original marbled boards. Original end papers with some spotting and label removed.
Otherwise, a very good and attractive copy of an important book.

Mrs. Traill, who emigrated to Canada with her husband, a lieutenant in the 21st Fusiliers, also gives an account of her journey and settlement near Rice Lake, Upper Canada, August 1832-May 1835... Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 595 USD OR $ 770 CDN       #2247          

SAXE, Maurice, Field-Marshal Count de (1696-1750)

1757. London, J. Nourse, at the Lamb
First Edition in English. 4to (8-1/4 x 10-1/2 inches) full original calf, professionally rebacked, false spine bands, maroon leather spine label, gilt printing, pp. x, 195, (1) page advertisements for other books by the publisher, 40 copper plates on 34 pages. Good copy, top inch of title page trimmed without loss of text, some edge wear to binding, former owner's name inside front cover.
This is the first edition in English of a classic military work by one of the world's most famous soldiers. Observing that the art of war is a science with no certainties or absolutes...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 350 USD OR $ 450 CDN       #0826         

[HARRISON, Mr. James] author

1814. London, Printed by Macdonald and Son.
Two volumes bound as one. First edition. 5 x 8-1/4 inches.  273pp.; 264pp., Rebacked preserving period three-quarter leather with marbled boards and end papers.
Very good condition.
Scarce collection of letters from Lord Nelson to his mistress Lady Emma Hamilton.

The greater part of this edition is said to have been bought up and destroyed.  Scarce thus and even more so in this very good condition  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 550 USD OR $ 710 CDN       #1162          


1832. Philadelphia, Carey & Lea
First American Edition. vi, [2], 493 + [24] ad pp. 9-1/2 x 5-3/4 inches, modern morocco-backed marbled boards. Dampstained bottom half of last 50 pages or so, and ads at rear, moderate to heavy foxing, a few dampstains on title page; good internally; modern binding fine with fair insides condition.

Abridged from the two-volume English edition of 1831 (following that of octavo English edition), called by Hill "one of the most valuable of modern voyages and relates extensive visits to Pitcairn Island, Easter Island, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Society Islands, the Mangareva (Gambier) Islands, and Tahiti, Alaska, Hawaii, Macao, Okinawa, and the coast of California  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 275 USD OR $ 355 CDN       #2785    

1841. London, William Pickering
First UK edition. xxiv, 110 p. ; 18 cm.  Orig. cloth. From the Pickering Collection of Bernard Warrington, with his bookplate, believed only 500 copies of this printed and scarce.
The letter is addressed to the Marquis of Townshend who served under Wolfe in the Quebec Campaign. "The brigadier-general is Lord George Townshend, against whom the writer makes serious charges for incompetency in the campaigns in Canada. Written by Junius...."--Sabin, A dict. of books relating to America, no. 36903. Ascribed also to Charles Lee, and Henry Fox. cf. Dict. of nat. biog., v.57, p. 124....  Click for more information and photos;

Price: $ 225 USD OR $ 290 CDN       #4685          

[1929]. Macon, The J. W. Burke Company. First edition. 5-1/4 x 8 inches, (12), [13]-180pp. Medium blue cloth with gilt type on spine and front cover, very minor spotting, bit of corner bumping, otherwise a near fine copy. Frontispiece portrait, four other illustrations and a map.

None less than Robert E. Lee had remarked, after observing Pelham's skills at the Battle of Fredericksburg, where he used two small cannons to disrupt the entire federal formation for almost an hour, "It is glorious to see such courage in one so young."...   Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 175 USD OR $ 225 CDN       #1076   


1861. London, Charles Dudley.
First edition.  Octavo. 3 p.l.,[3]-59, 59-62 repeated with asterisk, 60-140 pp. Four plates (three tinted, one colored).
* Frontis: Horton Ryrs plate with facsimile signature tinted plate
* An Iceberg by Moonlight coloured plate
* "Now then what do you want" dog tinted plate
* Newport Crowded Beach tinted plate
Lacking the plate of his leading lady, Catherine Lucette as is often the case.
Original blue cloth over boards. Gilt designs to front board. Paper title label to spine. Bumping to corners. Fraying to head and foot of spine. Book label from previous owner on front pastedown. Overall in good condition.
Information  on Montreal, Kingston, Sault Ste. Marie, Detroit, Quebec, New York, etc  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 350 USD OR $ 450 CDN       #2892         



20 pages with blank on recto of docket p.20.  7-3/4 x 12-5/8 inches.
A unique, rare and important piece of Canadian military history.

This is the official 20 page 1810 report on the Court Martial of Private Alexander Waddle, at Fort George in Upper Canada, 'Brigadier General Isaac Brock' as President, presided over the hearings and and soon to become the 'hero of Upper Canada'.
Counter-signed by the Governor of Canada, Sir James Henry Craig.

There were thirteen other officers who were members of the Court Martial some of which which included; Lieutenant Colonel John Vincent, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Ellice and J B Clegg performing the legal role of Judge Advocate.

Alexander Waddle of the 100th Regiment was convicted by Brock's 2 day court martial for desertion... Click for more information and photos;

Price: $ 12,275 USD OR $ 15,900 CDN    #6664 


Autograph Document Signed twice, once in the text and once at the end, by Walter Butler as attorney for the defendant in a case before the County of Tryon Inferior Court of Common Pleas, 8-1/2 x 7-1/2 inches.
Walter studied law in Albany and was admitted to the bar in 1775 shortly before the start of the American Revolution in upper New York state. Very good condition.

And the said Hindwich by Walter Butler his attorney comes and defends the force and injury when ?? and says that he is not instructed by his client Henderich Mathys to give any answer...
(SIGNED) Walter Butler for def Lifferty  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 1,500 USD OR $ 1,950 CDN       #3647  


DE PUISAYE, Joseph-Geneviève, Le Comte (the Count) [1755 - 1827]

PUISAYE (Joseph of). Signed letter "Joseph cte D.P." addressed to the General Jean-Victor MOREAU. S.l., [probably 1793, and not on 19 Sept. 1796 as indicated by an old note]. 1 p. 1/2 folios, letter cut into two with the folding and repaired on the back but almost separated. Age toned paper with chipping and on the edges and a couple of small tears with one affecting the letter in the date. Nice hand-written letter. Condition otherwise very good.

The count Joseph of PUISAYE (1755-1827) was one of the burning defenders of the royalist cause. Outlaw, he took refuge in 1793 in the forests at Rennes, where it reorganized bands of chouans. Then he shared his activity between London and the continent, organized  landing of Quiberon in June 1795 as well as many military operations...   Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 1,400 USD OR $ 1,800 CDN       #3521 

6-1/2 x 5-1/4 inches. One page Autograph Document Signed, dated Marblehead April 14, 1761: "Whereas Malachy Salter, Esqr Stands engaged to the Government of Nova Scotia in the sum of on Hundd pounds that Currency wch he gave his note for, in Lieu of a note for Sd sum given up to Bourn & Freeman wch they originally gave for so much in behalf Eziekiel Gilman Esq bearing Date...

I hereby promise to account & pay G. Bourn & Freeman Fifteen pounds of the currency aforsd whenever the Government...." Signed "Jos.Gorham.", reinforced heavily on verso with archival paper, Very good condition.

LT. COL. JOSEPH GOREHAM (1725-1790) Fought in the French & Indian Wars and gained fame with his brother John of the noted Goreham Rangers. He was said to have distinguished himself at Louisbourg and Quebec, and in 1782, was appointed as Governor of Newfoundland  ... Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 600 USD OR $ 780 CDN       #3081         

1744. Paris, Chez Rolin
First edition. Copper engraved map.

This map of Hudson Bay and Labrador depicts the coastal features and includes the forts of Rupert, Monsoni, St. Germain, and Bourbon. Inland, detail is limited to rivers and a few places names. A  title cartouche incorporates two distance scales. Engraver's imprint, Desbruslins Sculpsit at lower right. An uncommon issue.

Condition: Was folded now flat. Three tiny pin holes on right inside neat line and some loss of paper on the left margin both not affecting the map. Faint image offsetting, otherwise good condition.  ..  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 145 USD OR $ 190 CDN       #7579   


Two silver gelatin photos, 19cm x20.5cm (7-1/2 x 8 inches) both signed by Arnold Genthe. Photos probably circa 1911 and the Belasco signed print is dated 1922?. Overall very good condition.
One with an inscription poem by the well know playwright impresario David Belasco, to important listed artist [William] Haskell Coffin [1877-1941] (famous WWI poster with Jeanne D'arc); a poem of revelatory nature. Belasco, inscription reacts to Haskell Coffins remark about him having bedroom eyes. (underneath the dedication says: a boy of terrible ideas...)

The other photo is signed in the bottom right by Genthe.
Quite a nice Genthe silver gelatin signed photo with the incorporation of the Belasco inscription and Coffin ownership. Three very well known people all linked in this  intriguing  photo!...   Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 750 USD OR $ 975 CDN       #4785          

DENNIE, Joseph [Oliver Oldschool] [1768-1812]

A fantastic collection of 19 Port Folio prints in very good+ to near fine condition from the Port Folio Magazine. Very early and in some cases possibly the first publishing of the subject. Each engraving has been washed and deacidified. Each B&w engraving is approximately 5-1/4 x 8-1/2 inches. List;                                                                               * 1810 Copy Medal to Commodore Preble
* 1813 Capture British Sloop of War Frolic
* 1813 William Bainbridge,
* 1813 James Lawrence Esqr.
* 1813 James Lawrence Esq.
* 1814 Peacock & L'Epervier
* 1814 O.H. Perry Esqr.
* 1814 Wm. Henry Allen Esq.
* 1814 Capt.' M.C. [JD] Elliott
* 1815 Battle of Niagara (Lundy's Lane)
* 1815 South-east view of Sackett's harbour
* 1815 Attack on Fort Oswego
* 1815 A View of the Port of Buffaloe
* 1815 A Plan of Fort Sandusky
* 1815 Lt. Col. Croghan
* 1815 James Biddle, Esq.
* 1815 Major General Harrison
* 1816 Battle Monument in Baltimore
* 1816 Major General Brown
Price: $ 695 USD OR $ 900  CDN       #3584     

COCKBURN, Major-General James Pattison [1778-1847]


18  x 25 inches. An aquatint lithographed etching of Niagara Falls titled "This General view from the English Ferry is by Special Permission Dedicated to Her Most Excellent Majesty Queen Victoria". This image is taken from a drawing by Lt. Col. Cockburn, and was engraved by Edge and published in London in 1857 by Ackermann & Co., 96 Strand.

This print is mounted to an acidic cardboard backing and a window mat is adhered to the recto.  A long vertical scratch with some loss is present near the right edge. A few other small gouges/scratches are scattered throughout.
Some toning/browning to sky region. Overall, good condition... Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 325 USD OR $ 420 CDN       #2675      


Circa 1840. Residence of John Maude Esqre. Magistrate & Deputy Lieutenant. Author of "A Visit to the Falls of Niagara in 1800".

Rare larger lithograph [c.1840.] view in vibrant original colour, J. Whatman paper watermarked 1838, sheet 245 x 300mm. 9-3/4 x 11-3/4 inches. Stain spots.  Watermark in paper of 1838.
Price: $ 225 USD OR $290 CDN       #3642          

MALLET, A(llain). M(anesson). [1630-1706]


1719. Paris.
6-1/2 x 8 inches sheet (engraved image size is 3-3/4  x 5-1/2 inches.
In very good+, clean condition with attractive full hand colour.

A fine 18th century [1719] birds-eye view of Quebec, by A.M. Mallet. Mallet was a well traveled military engineer and geographer who worked in 17th century Paris under King Louis XIV. ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 245 USD OR $ 315 CDN       #1191          

BOUCHETTE, Joseph [1774 -1841]

1815. London, Published by W. Faden
First edition. Plan of York Harbour, printed Aug. 12, 1815, London
Paper size: 4-5/8 x 9-1/2 inches
Image size: 5-1/8 x 8-3/4 inches
Engraving has been cleaned and de-acidified and now in fine condition. An attractive and historic detailed early map of York (Toronto). York is shown as it was around 1797. The York Garrison  is shown for the first time in any map.
...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 175 USD OR $ 225 CDN       #5605          

ND. Toronto, printed by The Hough Litho Co. Limited. Paper size: 17-3/4 inches ; Image size: 11-7/8 x 16 inches
Duotone with dark brown and black printed  image of  Robert Laird Borden
Condition: Agetoned paper with some wrinkling in background.  Otherwise, overall condition is good.

Imprinted in brown type at the bottom of the print: R.L. Borden (printed signature, not personally signed) ;
...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 145 USD OR $ 190 CDN       #2406         

Circa 1916 World War One (WW1) two photos and 4 maps.
* Two WW1 Group Photos of Canadian Officers and enlisted men;
Each photo size is approximatley 5-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches. Each photo has a number of men identified with names neatly written on back. Both in very good condition.
1) Photo of 10 Officers Grouped together. 10 names written on back including Lt. ? Pratt whom is the assumed person with the front of the France, St. Quentin map.
2) Photo of 20 Enlisted Grouped together. 17 names written on back including Lt. Pratt whom is the assumed person with the front of the France, St. Quentin map
Searching found a Thomas Alfred Pratt of the 177th Batt. whom may well be the Lt. Pratt referred to...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 575 USD OR $ 740 CDN       #7840  


A bill to Enable His Majesty to grant to a Company, to be incorporated by Charter, to be called "The Canada Company," certain lands in the Province of Upper Canada, and to invest the said company with certain powers and privilege relating thereto. [London, 1825]
6pp., folio, stitched as issued, caption-title, near fine condition.

(At Head: 18 April, 1825) This is the earliest reading of the Bill to create The Canada Company, predating the passage of the final statute on June 27, 1825 by nine weeks. Cf. TPL 1353 for the final version of the Act... Click for more information and photos;

Price: $ 495 USD OR $ 640 CDN       #4527      


1828. [London], [Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan]
This bill, present here was the first working version for the use of Members of Parliament, when passed into law, this amended version of the 1825 original Act passed, dictated the procedures for selling lands in Upper Canada and for hiring workmen.
It names the members of the Canada Company, a corporation of London investors, and it frees the corporation from various duties and taxes. This bill was an early encouragement to settlement in Upper Canada and development in the future province of Ontario... Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 475 USD OR $ 610 CDN       #4600          

Goad (Charles E.) Insurance Plan (FIP) of City of Montreal, fire insurance plans, on a scale of 50ft to 1 inch, detailing street names, building numbers, stories and usages, 5 plans only;
#4 (Victoria Square, Craig West, St. James, Notre Dame West, St. Antoine)
#8 (St. James, Notre Dame West, De Bresoles, Leroyer, St. Paul, Commissioners)
#19 (Clarke, Ontario East, Montreal East, St. Catherines East, Ave de Hotel de Ville)
#40 (Lachine Canal, St. Patrick, Manufactures Lane, Richardson)
#47 (Wellington Basin, Mill, Bridge, Riverside)
with sheets of title and index, lithographed maps in original hand-colouring, each sheet c.635 x 530mm., right sheet edges affected by wormholes and dampstaining, with some loss, particularly to title and index sheets, loose as issued... Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 350 USD OR $ 450 CDN       #2924     

1863. Québec, Province of Canada
19-3/4 x 14-1/2 inches, was folded now flat, typed and handwritten manuscript and transfer document with docketing information handwritten on verso. Faded seal, agetoned, some spotting, and creases, otherwise very good condition. Some content and detail...
William O. Fessenden of the Township of Bolton in the County of Brome. The West half of Lot number Three in the First Range of the Township of Bolton aforesaid...March 14, 1863
signed by J.O. Bureour?? Secretary, Russell & Monck...Click for more information and photos;

Price: $ 245 USD OR $ 315 CDN       #3125          


Sept. 12, 1874, edition of Harper's Weekly
A 1/2 page baseball line drawing (Image size: 9 1/8 x 6 3/8 inches)  illustrating nine players and president (and owner), brewer George Sleeman shown in the centre. Captions the line drawing; Above image, R. Emery (Centre Field), W. Smily (Left Field), G. Sleeman (President), W. Jones (Short Stop), G. Keerl (Second Base),  and below image, H. Myers (First Base), J. Smith (Right Field), C. Maddock (Catcher) W. Smith (Pitcher) H. Spence (Third Base)
The Maple Leaf Base-Ball Club of Guelph, Ontario, Canada "H. Myers (First Base), J. Smith (Right Field), C. Maddock (Catcher) W. Smith (Pitcher) H. Spence (Third Base)
The Maple Leaf Base-Ball Club of Guelph, Ontario, Canada"
Good condition...   Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 200 USD OR $ 255 CDN       #3606          

PRIDHAM, The Rev'd George and his wife to G.M.P. Pridham'
(approx 450 x 305mm.) Being a deed of Land and duplicate Mortgage of 'The Rev'd Geo. Pridham and his wife to G.M.P. Pridham' relating to the Parish of St. John in the Province of Manitoba. (Some soiling and folded.) The mortgage with silk-ties.
A legal document on vellum dated '2nd November 1882'. (approx 450 x 305mm.) Being a deed of Land and duplicate Mortgage of 'The Rev'd Geo. Pridham and his wife to G.M.P. Pridham'  in Manitoba...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 125 USD OR $ 160 CDN       #2425          

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