Volume 1, Issue 3 | October 2021
In this Issue:
COVID Resource Center • Florida's Latest Data on Safety, Health & Sustainability • Safety Means Success Video Campaign • OSHA Update • Importance of Mental Hygiene Training • Scaffold Safety Training Discount
A Message from Florida Chamber Safety Council
Executive Director Jason Mozo, J.D.
COVID Resource Center
The latest updates on the Biden Administration's
"Path Out of the Pandemic" Plan
Florida Chamber Safety Council Advisory Board Member, Fisher Phillips has created a 5-Step Plan for Employers for business owners to implement in order to quickly get in compliance with the Biden administration's "Path Out of the Pandemic" plan released on September 9, 2021. This plan will include a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for Federal contractors.

Read the full Fisher Phillips articles below and click here for more Florida Chamber Safety Council resources on the latest updates in safety, COVID-19 mandates and mental health.
Florida's Latest Data on Safety,
Health & Sustainability
Construction Fatalities by Event Types, 2011-2018
According to the Florida Chamber Safety Council's Florida Workplace Safety Report released in 2020, the construction industry was responsible for the highest number of workplace fatalities from 2011 to 2018. When industries are evaluated based on the number of fatalities per 100,000 workers, construction in Florida is statistically the third most dangerous industry behind agriculture and extraction industries.
Safety Means Success Video Campaign -
Construction Safety
We have launched the Safety Means Success Campaign - an educational video series focused on making safety and training a core value in the workplace. Our first video campaign is dedicated to Construction Safety.
There are two separate showcases: one presents construction safety from the employer's perspective, and the second showcase presents construction safety from the employee's perspective
We have created the Safety Means Success Partner Toolkit for this first series on Construction Safety to share with key partners and stakeholders and to provide multiple ways for you to share the Safety Means Success message and videos with your team and with your partners, vendors and other leaders. 

Please join the campaign and help us to share the message of #SafetyMeansSuccess with the first series of our video campaign - Construction Safety.
--Save the Date--
2022 Southeastern Leadership Conference on Safety, Health + Sustainability
March 30 - April 1, 2022
Disney's Contemporary Resort
Event Features:
  • World-class Keynote speakers
  • Earn CEUs
  • Live music & Door Prizes
  • Nearly two dozen breakout sessions including an exclusive Disney safety tour (space limited)
  • Exhibit hall of top safety products and services
Registration Opening Soon!
OSHA Update
On September 20, 2021, the U.S. Department of Labor announced the expanded efforts they are taking to address heat-related illnesses. This initiative is a part of an interagency Biden-Harris administration effort to protect workers.
Virtual Mental Hygiene Training
with Dr. Aaron Weiner
We have an odd relationship with our brain. On the one hand, we rely on our brain for just about everything: it is central to our ability to function and colors our experience of daily life. However, even though our brain and our mental health are absolutely critical, we act as if we can throw whatever we want at it (stress, lack of sleep, multitasking overwhelm, etc.) and it’ll just keep on chugging, as if it doesn’t need any care or maintenance.
We tend to give our mental and emotional health less attention than just about every other part of our bodies. Think about it: we brush our teeth daily to ensure they stay healthy, work properly, and don’t cause us pain. We bathe and wash our hair daily to make sure we don’t smell bad, develop skin infections, and get dandruff or tangles in our hair. 
But what about mental maintenance? Brain scans show that our brains function better if we engage in regular emotional and mental hygiene, and as little as 10 minutes caring for our mind can positively influence how we feel.
So what actually works as mental hygiene from a scientific standpoint? You have quite a few options, and some of the most effective ones are a mindfulness meditation practice, cognitive-behavioral strategies, and positive psychology exercises. 
Just 10 minutes per day can make a difference, but it’s important to perform these tasks in the right way. Just like brushing your teeth won’t work so well if you just rub the toothbrush once over your teeth from left to right, mental hygiene doesn’t work so well if you don’t go about it the right way.
The good news is that, with the proper training, these are easy skills to learn! And helping your employees improve their mental hygiene doesn’t just have a positive impact on their mental health, but also on your bottom line – depression, anxiety, and burnout are some of the most costliest chronic conditions for employers to manage. 
I’m partnering with the Florida Chamber Safety Council to offer a sequence of live mental hygiene training webinars that we can tailor specifically to your business’s needs. Your employees will learn actionable strategies about how to promote their mental wellbeing, improving their quality of life and improving their performance at work. If you’d like to explore working together, please reach out to us at safety@flchamber.com.
Up to 40% Off Scaffold Safety Training
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, scaffold related incidents account for 4,500 injuries and more than 60 fatalities each year. That averages to 12.3 injuries every single day and five fatalities every single month when working on Scaffolds. Join the Florida Chamber Safety Council as we educate organizations on the OSHA standards and requirements and best safety practices to lower workplace injuries and eliminate fatalities. The Florida Chamber Safety Council is dedicated to keeping Florida's workers safe and has declared October Scaffold Safety Month.

The Florida Chamber Safety Council is offering discounted Scaffold Safety Training during the month of October. *Book your group Scaffold Safety Training during the month of October to receive 30% off for trainings of up to 10 participants and 40% off trainings for more than 10 participants.

*Scaffold Safety Training must be booked in October and scheduled within 90 days of booking to be eligible for the discount.
Florida Chamber Safety Advisory Board
Thank You to the Visionary Companies and Leaders who are Working Together to Create a Culture of Safety, Healthy and Sustainability across Florida