Thank you to everyone for making this year's "Pirate" Potluck and Scholastic Book Fair a success! To Mrs. Bailly for organizing the event once again and the staff for helping with the set up. Also, to Missy Hughes, Nic Sopher and other volunteer parents for handling the cash register for the book fair. For the amazing spread of food; it was delicious! Thank you to all of the parents who bravely and boldly shared their experience with MCS in the classrooms during the potluck. Next week, we will provide you with the results of this fundraiser.

As the soccer season concluded, we would like to extend our gratitude to both Coach Austin and Coach Soren. Your efforts, expertise, and guidance are sincerely appreciated. To the MCS Knights team and their parents, thank you for participating in this year's league tournament. Your support, willingness, and flexibility during games and practice days are appreciated. Thank you and c ongratulations!

This Friday, November 1st is Pizza Lunch Day! If you would like to pay in full for the entire school year, please refer to the following:

15 pizza lunches (1 slice) = $60.00
15 pizza lunches (2 slices) = $90.00

Please bring in-full payments to the office. Individual payments can go directly to the TAPP's table. Please note, any missed days will not be refunded. Thank you.
The scheduled pizza, popcorn and Yoforit dates can be found on this downloadable  TAPP calendar.

Don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour for daylight savings day on Sunday, November 3rd.

The teachers are looking forward to meeting with you on Wednesday, November 6th. Each conference is scheduled to be 15 minutes long. Please arrive on time so that you can receive the full benefit of this time set apart for you and your child’s teacher. If you find that you need more time with the teacher, please request an additional meeting time for a future meet.Thank you for respecting the 15-minute time slot so that teachers can provide the same individual attention to each child’s parents. If you have any questions please contact Lita Timmerman at

In keeping with our school's tradition, the students will be enjoying a Thanksgiving Feast together on Thursday, November 21st. Sara Peterson and crew will again plan and prepare a wonderful traditional meal. We ask that parents send $4.00 for each student, Kindergarten through 8th grade, to cover the cost. Please send the money to the office between now and feast time. Our thanks to Sultan Red Apple for supporting this great event.  

TAPP is holding its Annual Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, November 30 th here at MCS from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you are a crafter and interested in being a vendor and would like to be a part of this bazaar, we are still accepting applications. Please complete the attached application and return to the MCS office with a check by November 22 nd
Questions? Contact Kathlyn Hughes at
Our Christmas Program is coming soon! Remember to please save the date of Wednesday, December 11th at 7:00 PM. It will be held at Cascade Community Church ( 14377 Fryelands Blvd, Monroe, WA 98272.) Kindergarten through 8th grade students will be performing Angels Aware!

W hat can little kids learn when they are shopping with their parents in the grocery store? A huge amount!
They can learn about how to search for specific items and about what’s the best value. They can learn about quantity. They can learn about quality. They can learn about how much you love hanging out with them in the store and how helpful they are to you. They can also learn about boredom. They can learn about not getting what they want. They can learn delayed gratification and self-control.
They can learn a lot. That is as long as they aren’t watching a video on a phone or a tablet. Many parents of young children allow that. It’s understandable - it makes it easier in the short term. Nevertheless, Love and Logic is really big on what happens later in the kid’s life and about what happens later on with your relationship with the child. We are really big on paying now, rather than paying much bigger later on.
So… the next time you’re in the store, would it be healthier for the child to be helping you shop? How can you make that happen?
  • Before you go, the child can help you draw pictures of the items you need to find. Another idea is to print images of those items off the web. Now the child has something to hold in their hand as they help you on your mission.
  • When they find something you need, they can feel great about themselves. If they spot something that’s not quite right, you can say, “Oh, that’s really close! That’s almost what we want. Let’s look over here. Oh, look at that. It looks just like our picture. Look, it says ‘Beans.’ The word beans begins with the letter ‘B.’”
  • You can ask questions: “Are we going to get the small one for this price or the bigger one? I think we should get the bigger one. It’s a better value. That means the price is just a little bigger, but the quantity is a lot bigger. ‘Quantity’ is just a fancy word for how much you get.”
These things make shopping so much more fun - and think about the lessons learned with respect to vocabulary, math, and other essential skills.
Of course, they are not always going to be happy about this approach, particularly if they are accustomed to watching videos or playing games while you are shopping. This is okay because it is most important to give our children small opportunities to become unhappy or bored.
Do these feelings still come our way as adults? The healthiest people are those who learned early in life that these feelings are temporary… and that they can cope and get through them.
Dr. Charles Fay
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