Last Friday, October 4th we had a rocking good time with our guest speaker, Rhonda Rhockound. She wants us to remember that our God is so big, so strong, and so mighty.

MCS picture day starts tomorrow by Kayla J Photography ( See below for daily schedules:

Tuesday, October 8th - Preschool, K-5th
Wednesday, October 9th - PreK, 6th-8th
The first TAPP meeting will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, October 8th, at 7 pm in the school library.

We will not have school on Friday, October 11th.  Our teachers will be attending a Northwest Christian School International event at Shoreline Christian. Our teachers along with other CSI (Christian Schools International) educators will be meeting to find out more about: Teaching for Transformation, Project-Based Learning, and Every Student Belongs.  

We will have school on Friday, October 18th.  November's calendar remains the same.

Since we will not have school this Friday, Pizza Lunch Day will be next Friday, October 18th . One slice of cheese or pepperoni is $4.00, two slices for $6.00. This includes Capri Sun and a treat. If you would like to pay in full for the entire school year, please refer to the following:

17 pizza (1 slice) = $68.00
17 pizza (2 slices) = $102.00

Please bring in-full payments to the office. Individual payments can go directly to the teacher. Please note, any missed days will not be refunded. Thank you.
The schedule pizza, popcorn and Yoforit dates can be found on this downloadable  TAPP calendar .

The Scholastic Book Fair will be lining our halls and the library on October 21st to 25th. Stop by before and after school to browse and make your purchases. It's a great opportunity to get started on Christmas shopping! Shopping hours are Monday to Friday from 8:15-8:45 AM and 3:00-4:00 PM. See below for more details.
Alongside the opening of the Scholastic Book Fair on October 21 st , we will begin a raffle for the bicycles that are currently located in our hallway. These bicycles were donated to encourage our students to read. For students to earn tickets for the raffle, they need to read their assigned class minutes. Those minutes must be signed off by parents and teachers. For each week that the assigned minutes are read, then tickets will be issued. On November 22 at Chapel, winners will be randomly chosen. Each student has 4 opportunities to put their names into the prize tumbler. To qualify students must read or be read to as follows:

Preschool and Prekindergarten- 10 books for the month 

Kindergarten- 25-30 books for the month

1 st : 5 minutes per night

2 nd : 20 minutes per night

3rd-5th: 125 minutes per week

6th-8th: must read 60 minutes per week in addition to their assigned homework

We are gearing up for our annual auction being held on April 4, 2020! As the end of 2019 approaches, n ow is the time to ask for donations while the spirit of giving is strong, and people are ready take advantage of tax benefits before the new year.

If you would like to be part of the committee and didn't get the chance to sign up, no problem . Contact Becky Werkhoven or Lita Timmerman at the MCS office @ 360-794-8200 or email and we will be happy to add you to the list.

Additionally, do you love to shop?

We would love to have you on the team as well!  Use your love of shopping to help the school by visiting businesses and asking for donations for the auction! We are in need of volunteers to hit the streets and also complete online corporate donation forms. 

Attached is a digital copy of the Procurement Form . Be sure to attach a copy of the form to the donated item, and leave a copy with the donor as their tax receipt.

Thank you for helping to make this auction our best yet ever!

Is there anyone in your life who seems to fly off the handle at the slightest perceived insult? Do you know anyone who throws verbal barbs and biting accusations your way any time you try to engage in conversation? If you have vital signs, the odds are very high that you do.
Success with occasionally angry people… as well as the chronically ticked-off variety… involves remembering these three essential truths:
Anyone who angers me controls me.
The person who talks the least has the most power.
Questions create thinking… statements create resistance.
The first truth reminds us that we maintain our personal power only when we choose to separate ourselves from the other’s anger. Empathy provides a powerful tool for accomplishing this. That's right! When we perceive the other person as hurting… rather than as obnoxious… we are far less likely to find ourselves being triggered by their ire.
The second truth reminds us that ears are mightier than the mouth. Some people remain angry and confrontational regardless of how well we understand their point of view. Most, however, calm significantly when they see that we care enough to listen.
The third truth reminds us that thoughtful, sincere questions cause others to think. Examples include:
How long have you felt this way?
What do you wish would happen here?
Can you tell me more?
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. 
Dr. Charles Fay