Dehab's Diamond - Ethiopian Natural Arrived
Aerial view of a Cargo vessel.

SHIPPING UPDATE: Fresh crop Dehab's Diamond Natural Ethiopian arrived in NJ Sep. 29! We have some issues with customs, but expect to have samples to ship very soon.
Microlot Rwandans expected Oct 27, with availability for pick-up (NJ and CA) in November.

Tasting notes from the famous cuppers at Coffee Review (Ken Davids and Jason Sarley) and reviewer Kim Westerman:

Richly bittersweet, harmoniously fruit-forward. Dark chocolate, dried black cherry, lavender, fresh-cut oak, tangerine zest in aroma and cup. Integrated, pleasingly bittersweet structure with gentle acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. Theh finish consolidates to notes of dark chocolate, dried black cherry and cedar.

Congratulations Durango! Congratulations to the women of the Agasaro group at COCAGI cooperative in Rusizi district, Rwanda!
Aug. 25 - 28, Ruth Ann immersed herself in roaster life at the first Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat since 2019. The challenge of roasting a single-origin coffee for both espresso and pour-over was the focus for each of the 12 teams in the weekend competition. Ruth's team, the "Reactionaries", chose a Guatemalan, Huehue. Using a Dietrich IR12 and an Arc sample roaster, we tested a few different profiles. Our fav (after cupping all) was: 300 charge, 10:55 roast; 380 degrees at 1st crack.
We won second place!

CLICK HERE for our blogpost, including a review of the class where Ruth was station instructor: “Distinguishing Defects in the Cup: Green vs. Roast” with lead instructor Todd Arnette.
We received our certification to the RFA 2020, 1.2 standard, valid until Sep. 2025.

CONTACT US TODAY about our RA certified, Rwandan coffee!

Rainforest Alliance with its famous green frog symbol has been rolling out its new Sustainable Agriculture Standard. The new standard is designed to deliver more value to the more than four million farmers and workers and thousands of businesses that use Rainforest Alliance certification to drive more sustainable agricultural production and responsible supply chains. 
Special Farmer Dividend Paid on"UMUGANURA Day"
For the first time in the cooperative's 19 year history, Dukundekawa paid a flat fee 7000 Rwf (~ $7.00) to each of their 1400 members as a dividend. This per member payment is in addition to the traditional per kilogram second payments the cooperative also paid to members at a special "Umuganura Day" celebration on August 5.

The per kilogram payments to farmers (for 2021 harvest) were:
Regular cherry: men 30 Rwf/kg (~ 30 US cents); women 55 rwf/kg, thanks to Artisan's premium
Organic cherry: men 40 rwf/kg (~ 40 US cents); women 65 rwf/kg, thanks to Artisan's premium.

Did you know?
  • "Umuganura" is a Kinyarwanda word that translates directly as a "sheaf" as in "a sheaf of barley." The holiday is like Thanksgiving Day in the US.
  • Rewards like these to farmers are why Artisan buys from cooperatives (not private washing stations) in Rwanda. Cooperatives are farmer-member owned, and second payments are one of the main member benefits.
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